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Your Best Investment Opportunity EVER


Imagine receiving huge dividends year after year for life…

How would you feel if you could do that?

And what if those dividends were 100% tax-free

Wouldn’t that be great!

And what if you didn’t need to invest a single cent to the full benefits…Are you interested?

Okay, so you’ve heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is” On most occasions I’d agree. But, for this very special investment I make an exception.

You see, in my view, this is the best investment opportunity ever… and what’s more nobody will be refused entry!

I’m guessing that you can hardly wait to find out more about this sensational offer

So what is this “too good to be true” investment? It’s in your health and, in particular, in the health of your brain.

Sadly, at this point people will sigh – “is that all” – and many will feel let down that I’m not offering a golden pathway to financial wealth.

So why has the level of interest suddenly collapsed? Why don’t people value health ahead of wealth?

One reason may be that people find it difficult to put a monetary value on health.

Think about this for a moment: most people readily accept the ‘wisdom’ of investing in assets such as property, shares, business ideas and so on. In fact, people who manage to do those sorts of things ‘successfully’ are quite often respected, even touted as role models.

Why is that so?

Well, it’s a simple matter to get your home valued; to value your shares as they have a market price; to calculate the profits of your business; to count box-office takings and that way have a yardstick to measure and compare financial wellbeing.

But how do you put a value on being able to greet the new day full of optimism, alert and vital. A few would say “priceless” while others might say “show me the money”.

Let’s be honest – when presented with someone in perfect health we might manage to say something like he/she is fortunate or they must have good genes. In short, it is not seen as an achievement and therefore is given low value.

Contrast that with our reaction to a successful business person or a film-star… where our response is more likely to be along the lines “shrewd entrepreneur” “brilliant actor”. In both these examples we are quite ready to recognise a sense of achievement and award a much higher value.

Because we can measure achievement in terms of company profits and box-office takings, we feel much more comfortable about embracing the ‘success’.

What we tend to overlook is that you can’t buy health – many rich people will attest to that!

However, if you are healthy, vital and alert there is no reason why you can’t acquire great wealth if that is what you desire… and be able to enjoy it.

Finally, here’s a little test:

In the left corner is a tired looking property tycoon with dollars literally falling out of his pockets. In the right corner is a smiling man in a crumpled suit, simply brimming with vitality and life.

Who would you rather be? Your honest, spontaneous answer please, no deliberation!


Source by Michael Coleman

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