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Why Women Hate Small Penises?


When it comes to your penis size women usually have three categories which are:

Small – (short and thin)

Average – (not so short and not so thin)

Big – (long and thick)

Now which of the following categories do you fall into? If you have a small penis size then you have got a lot of work on your hands to do. Why is having a small size so bad? It’s not like you created your body. Yes I know you didn’t create your body, but let’s be real the whole world is superficial. To an extent everybody judges a book by its cover. Here are the main reasons why women hate “tiny male organs”:

1. A small penis size is disappointing to most ladies

There is no woman alive that loves a tiny penis! Most women are usually very disappointed when they find out the man that they have been dating has a small “thing”. Let’s say you are dating a pretty and voluptuous lady and the moment comes for you to finally have sex. You start with some little romancing and foreplay and later it becomes time for the two of you to remove your clothes. The moment she sees your tiny penis, she would either be disappointed or pissed off at your small size. Your small “male sex organ” is enough to turn her off – for her it’s “what’s the point of having sex when I wouldn’t be satisfied.”

2. A small penis size cannot stimulate a woman’s G spot

I am sure you must have heard of the G spot in women and how it is the most sensitive spot in a woman’s vagina. The G spot is situated at about 2 inches deep under the top of her vagina. When you stimulate this spot in women you can give her multiple orgasms. Some women even experience female ejaculation when the G spot is stimulated properly.

A big penis is capable of stimulating a woman’s G spot easily, but a small one can never stimulate this spot. No matter the sexual positions you try if you have a small “male sex organ” you cannot stimulate the G spot well enough to give your woman orgasms and female ejaculations. And let me tell you a little secret, if you can’t satisfy your lover fully in bed, a guy with a big penis would gladly satisfy her and take her away from you.

3. A small penis size gives very little pleasure to women during sexual intercourse!

There are pleasure spots that are located around the walls of the vagina starting from the entrance to deep into the vaginal canal. A big penis is capable of stretching a woman’s vagina walls and penetrating into her vaginal walls. What these means is more pleasure for a woman during sexual intercourse. With your small “male sex organ” you would just end up frustrating most women. So you would have to resort to using your tongue and your fingers to satisfy your woman.

4. Men with small penises usually have low sexual confidence!

Every guy with a small or an average “male sex organ” wishes he had a big penis. Even some men with big penises wish they were bigger at times. Not to talk of guys with small members, that constantly worry about their small size and whether it is big enough to satisfy their lover. When you keep worrying about your penis size, your sexual performance would be very poor! Men that have a big penis know that having a big member has given them more power, more respect and more everything than guys with small “male sex organs”.

These are the main reasons why women totally hate small penises. But wait! If you have a small “male sex organ” does that mean that your situation is totally hopeless? No! There are methods that you can use to enlarge your penis. The best method of enlarging your penis safely and effectively is by using a combination of natural penile enlargement exercises and herbal penile enlargement pills. This double combination method of penile enlargement is what I used in increasing my penis length by 2 inches and penis girth by 1.5 inches.

Applied knowledge is power, so you now know that women hate small sizes and you now know how to enlarge your penis. But just don’t go using just any natural penile enlargement exercise program and herbal penile enlargement pill. Ensure you only use quality products to get you the big penis that you want!


Source by Temitayo Olatunde

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