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Why Women Fail in Business


Feminists may appeal the fact, but it really is undeniable that women fail far more in businesses and leadership than men. Why is this so? There are several factors actually so let's tackle them one by one.

Feminine Principle

Women are, by nature, nurturing beings. This means that they are very sensitive to and nurturing of their surroundings. That does not only extend to human beings but to the workplace as well. Their responsive nature allows them to keep track of all changes in the workplace be it bickering among employees, unpleasant workplace conditions and the like. Because of their nature, they immediately react to implement changes and care for those afflicted. It is this good characteristic, however, that sometimes lead to their downfall.

How? This makes them slaves to their environment. Whenever there are changes that are deemed needed, their responsive and adaptive nature will take over which sometimes dissuades them from focusing on the important things.

Female Traits

In an article on Forbes, female exercises were linked to succeeding and failing businesses. The study showed that the dominant female habits of fearfulness, passiveness and nervousness were closely linked to failing businesses. Why is this so? While these hits may exist in both men and women, it is typically destructive when combined with the emotional intelligence of women. The combination of these can result in poorly drawn action plans and initiatives which halt productivity and bring the business to its downfall. Coincidentally, the study listed the male attributes of dominance, assertiveness and decisiveness as key management practices.

Treading Into Unknown Waters

Men and women also differ in their goal orientations. Take into account the advent of the internet. At that time, women engineering and science graduate numbers well overwhelmed that of men. However, it was still the men who pioneered and took advantage of the internet. Based on past research, women actually do better when taking over or operating existing businesses. Should they decide to vent into new things, history tells us it does not always bode well. Instead, women are more apt in fields that already exist. Why? Going back to the nurturing habits of women, they always have an end-goal in mind. Why should I put up this business? So I can put my kids to school … so I can save up for the family's future … so I can earn more money. That's usually how it goes with women. Men, on the other hand, have different goals. They'd put up a business to support a different one. They're setup businesses to inherit and retain knowledge. They've even put up a business just to offer their services to the world. Do not get me wrong though. Men do think about money but it's more or less on the lines of making a profit to keep the business sustainable.

It is this difference in goal orientation that identifies how men and women manage their business.

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Source by Lakeisha B McKnight

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