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Why Barriers ARE the Progress in Your Fitness


Did you know that every challenge, frustration or obstacle in your fitness holds the key to your progress?

As quoted by Napoleon Hill, "Every adversity has within it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit." It's true in life and its also true in your fitness.

If you've ever had a broken limb or a sprained ankle of any sort, then you probably remember the tendency to favor the strong side or the uninjured side. And as a result, you develop some strength in those muscles and learn some ways of moving that were unfamiliar. In fact, people who have lost a limit or 2 are perfect examples of this. Like the paraplegic athlete that can not run track but instead has developed the ability to wheel himself across the finish line with some pretty godly arms. Or the individual that has just one arm and as a result knows how to use his / her body for leverage, added strength and nimbleness in the remaining arm and possibly also skilled at using his / her mouth to manipulate certain objects and tasks.

Whatever physical limitation, barrier or frustration faces you, it's never the dead end that it appears to be. Even if it looks like your losing something or can not do something you wanted to do, there's actually something of equal value to the loss to be gained in your fitness or with your body. It's only a matter of discovering it.

Because the challenge, frustration or obstacle is in fact a landmark to your progress or transformation in your fitness, its worth embracing and engaging in the challenge. Even when you think you've hit a plateau. Frustration is a sign that there is something of value to be discovered.

If you look at all of the obstacles that show up for people in fitness and their physical body, you'll find that there is always a form of compensation, in their movement patterns, their muscular composition, the way they exercise and the skills they develop. That means that for every injury, disability or dysfunction that can happen to the human body, it has the intelligence to not only find a way to make up for it but also excel in that compensation.

I find that pretty fascinating. I want to leave you with one final thought to consider.

If through challenging conditions, the body naturally finds and develops strengths to take the place of where there are weaknesses, why not do it consciously? Why not consider your payments so that you can have results that you choose rather than opportunities that just happen?

Inspired by fitness,

Clinton Boucheix

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Source by Clinton Boucheix

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