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Which Is Best WBV, Vertical or Pivotal Vibration?


There is no one style of vibration that is the best or superior and one size does not fit all. Every person's experience with WBV is different.

One of the most common questions I'm constantly asked is, "Which style of vibration is better?" To which I always reply the only way I know how, honestly, by saying, "It depends!" I do this not to frustrate or confuse anyone but because it's the only real truthful answer. Neither style of vibration is better across the board; the answer to this really depends on each user.

Naturally I continue to answer this question by discussing what it depends on through asking a few simple questions. The following is the exact process that I have used to help hundreds of confused customers determine which style of vibration they need and find the device to meet those needs:

– The first and most essential factor to evaluate is the single most important goal desired to be accomplish by using WBV ? – This answer will determine the class of vibration to use because every desired result will fall into one of the two classes either training or therapy.

– Now that we know which class of vibration device to use, we can get into the style of vibration that will be best.

– Even though each style has been shown to produce maximum results in specific areas, either style of vibration will deliver similar benefits within most areas of each class of vibration.

Here's a quick reference guide for the most common uses of vertical and pivotal vibration for both training and therapy:

Vertical Vibration Training

– Improving Strength & Speed

– Toning Muscle

– Increased Flexibility

Pivotal Vibration Training

– Weight Loss (10 lbs. Or more)

– Core Strengthening

– Explosive Power
Both are excellent for: pre-exercise warm up to wake up cells in the body; post-exercise cool down to flush lactic acid from muscles; improving lymph drainage; releasing growth hormones; reducing cortisol secretion; and stimulating bone density growth in cases of osteopenia and the beginning stages of osteoporosis.

Vertical Vibration Therapy

– Postural Correction

– Muscle Memory Response

– Increasing Proprioception

Pivotal Vibration Therapy

-Improving Mobility

– Reducing Low Back Pain

– Knee & Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

Both are excellent for: detoxification; improving lymph drainage; reducing secretion of cortisol; increase production of growth hormones; relaxation; stimulating bone density growth in several cases of osteoporosis; and treating other medical conditions.

There you have it! You just discovered in minutes one of the most listened answers and it's taken me years to learn what I've just shared. Remember, these are just the most common uses for each style and class of vibration. This information is intended for use only as a general guideline, not as an end all, everyone responds differently to each style and class of vibration. It's a good idea to use these as benchmarks to aid you in your decision. But in the end, the final choice really comes down to your personal preference in whichever wbv features the best and most comfortable to you!

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Source by James Pyle

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