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What Makes An Effective Business Logo?


Have you ever played the game Logos Quiz? The phone app displays parts of popular logos and you have to guess which company the logo belongs to. If you play it, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you’ll recognize incomplete logos. These visual elements that show up daily on our televisions, on street signs and in our mailboxes have made such an impression that identifying them is as easy as identifying the face of a friend.

While there are a variety of different elements that go into creating and building a business brand, the logo is the most recognizable element. It’s the cornerstone of a company brand. Take your time when designing a logo and heed the advice of our experienced graphic designers.

What things should business owners think about when designing their logos?

First, determine what message you want to center your brand around. Do you want it to center around your name or the name of the company? The community where you do the business? The products and services you offer? Determining a focus will help you create a simple logo that concisely communicates that focus.

You’ll also need to decide what type of look you want. Do you want something frilly and scripty or would you prefer something more modern and minimalist? Are there specific colors, fonts or images you want to use? If you’re an independent contractor, don’t be afraid to let your individual personality show through in the brand design. If you own a company, really think about your company culture communicate that with your brand.

Are there different types of logos?

There are thousands of different types of logos. But generally speaking there are logos with just text, logos with just an image (either concrete or abstract) and logos with text and images.

What makes an effective business logo?

When it comes to logo design, simplicity is key. The logo needs to be easy to remember and easy to understand. If it’s complicated or cluttered, people will simply ignore it. Look at the Apple logo. It’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world and it’s simply a piece of fruit. Genius.

Is it ever a good idea to change a logo?

That depends on the client and their business. It is always important to keep the logo design relevant to the company and to the target audience. If the company or the audience changes drastically then it’s a good idea to change the logo as well.

A company may also want to consider reworking their logo if it isn’t working as a marketing tool. If the company isn’t established, and the logo isn’t recognizable and isn’t building brand recognition, it’s time to change it.

Sometimes companies tweak their logos slightly to stay modern and relevant. Minor changes keep the logo recognizable but also send a message that the company is growing or changing.

In short, an effective business logo is one that is simple but clearly communicates a focused message and portrays the company’s personality.

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