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What is Passive Residual Income?


There's a famous acronym, attributed to science fiction grandmaster Robert Heinlein: TANSTAAFL.
It stands for: "There is not no such thing as a free lunch".

That may not be true in every aspect, but this article is about passive income. It is certainly a clever idea to have multiple streams of income and the internet gives you the opportunity to put much of the work involved on autopilot, but – it will be never produce hundred percent passive income! There is always work involved – especially at the beginning!

When you set up your system right and do your homework, you will earn passive income. That's your harvest – but there will only be something to harvest if you did some sowing before!

There are many ways to earn some extra money – offline or online:

– network marketing
– affiliate programs
– royalties
– rent
– stocks and bonds …

but still, you have to know what you do. No guesswork!

Affiliate programs are a great concept to make money with relatively little effort.
Basically, they work like that:

Companies are looking for new ways to make their products known. One way to accomplish this is to find affiliate partners who put links to these products or services on their own websites or other advertising media.

When someone interested in the product clicks on such a link, he or she is taken to the merchant – and you get a commission. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. You may wish to check out my website for a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to evaluate which affiliate program to choose.

Be prepared to learn and implement whatever you've learned.
If you only put a little bit in, you will only get a little bit out.

It is highly probable that you will make no money at all during the first months. Keep on investing in yourself – even if the benefits are not yet visible.

Here's where the TANSTAAFL quote comes in. Once you have set up the channels, passive income will come your way.

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Source by Ben Norca-Vega

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