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What Are the 2 Activities That Actually Make You Money and Add Prospects Into Your MLM Business?


The 2 activities that actually make you money and add prospects into your business are: # 1.Customer orders. # 2.Complete and signed distributor applications. This is it, nothing else. These are the activities that should have your undivided attention, and must govern over all your other efforts. When your complete focus is on these 2 important tasks, you will be on your way to produce your profits.

Autoresponders are great tools that can help you prospect online automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be able to prospect to thousands upon thousands of people literally at the push of a button. Your online presence as a leader is imperative for your success and that of your organization. People will look to you as the expert, the person to go to. This is key for your business to grow and succeed.

You need to create a pipeline of prospects that you consistently get in touch with over time; not in person but through marketing and technology, this allows you to lease all of your hard work.

You have to build rapport first, and ever a relationship with those prospects not in person, but through technology, and the internet.

An autoresponder is a program that will automatically gather your prospects contact information and send different messages to each prospect at a predetermined point in time automatically. It allows each one of your leads to get the proper messages at the right time automatically.

You must effectively market your products and services to those prospects in your pipeline, so that sales can be made and profit is created.

All 3 of these activities bought to be achieved on autopilot if you want your production to increase. Technology and autoresponders are critical for the success of your business, because they can accomplish 3 things for you.

1. They help you build a relationship with your leads automatically

2. Market your business opportunity or products to your prospects automatically.

3. Leverage your efforts so this process occurs hundreds of times each and every day.

These activities could not be accomplished effectively and successfully if they were to be done manually, especially if you have thousands of leads in your pipeline. It would be impossible to followup efficiently. But with technology, the internet, and autoresponders the work is much easier, it is practically effortless.

Autoresponders are a must have. It is one of the secrets of every top performer in network marketing.

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Source by Rosa Peralta

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