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Using Greeting Cards in Your Small Business


People are hit with advertising messages everywhere they go. Even the White Sox game I went to had the foul balls sponsored by a company. Anything you can do to know that feeling of bombardment will help you stay at the top of your clients 'and prospects' minds which will build relationships that last.

An effective way to keep that top spot in your clients' minds without advertising is greeting cards People send only about 12 cards per year on average (outside the holiday season), so getting one is a memorable event. This gives your greeting card an automatic leg up on the competition.

The company I'm familiar with (I am a distributor for them) is Send Out Cards, but you could either buy or make your own cards instead. Hiring an assistant to complete this duty may help streamline the process. Send Out Cards, by way of example, offers postcards, greeting cards and tri-fold cards that are customizable, high-quality, and inexpensive. Whichever method you find, the message should be from you, heart-felt and sincere, without advertising. Send them for birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous, promotions, and other meaningful times in your contacts' lives.

If you must advertise, greeting cards can help distinguish your piece from others your client may receive. By customizing the cover and the content, your card could highlight a product or promote a service or seminar. People often sit greeting cards up on their desk, giving your client a reminder of the event or product every time he looks up. I think that a tri-fold card would make a great mini-catalog and would be a lovely advertising piece.

Another use for cards in business are business thank yous. Businesses often need to thank other people for business, referrals, leads, and help, and greeting cards are a classy way to say Thank you in a memorable, heart-felt way.

You can also send greeting cards for no reason. Sending someone a picture of themselves at a company event or party (especially if you hosted the event!) Along with a handwritten message about how it made you smile, for example, is a nice way to tell your business contact how much you care.

Whatever cards you send, be sure you write a personal, heart-felt message, include personal touches such as a photo or news article, and be sure to sign it. Add your company name or business card if you are not sure the receiver will recognize your name.

Greeting cards are a great way to build your business and contacts!

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Source by Kimberley Ward

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