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Types of Business Insurance to Consider


When starting a business, you may think about putting together an investment plan, creating a marketing strategy, and developing the right products and services. These are all very important to success, but so so is one thing that you may overlook in the initial planning stages: business insurance. The type of coverage that you have can help protect against serious losses that could threaten the future of your operations. By choosing the right policies, you can protect your investment, your products, and your employees.

Here are a few popular types of coverage to consider:

Worker's Compensation

Most states require that your company carries worker's compensation insurance, but it depends on how many employees you have, what type of business you are in, as well as other factors. You must check with your state's governing body to learn about the exact requirements as they apply to your company. However, even if you are exempt from carrying this coverage, you should consider getting it anyway. Even in so-called "safe" environments like corporate offices, employees can still be hurt from slips and other accidents. Having this policy can ensure that you protect your employees and your bottom line.

Professional Liability

Professional liability coverage is an important type of business insurance to have. This covers against loss or damage if you make an error in providing services that results in injury, property damage, or some other type of loss for your customers. For example, it may cover you if you are fixing an air conditioning unit and a piece of equipment is broken off. It may also cover bad advice given during a consultation that results in loss for the customer. The specifics depend on the type of policy and company you own.


Property coverage is a basic type of business insurance that every company should have. This policy may cover you if your property is damaged, including both the physical building and the equipment inside. It can also prevent lawsuits if your actions cause damage to another person's property. As with all policies, the exact protection received will depend upon specific details of the plan. Make sure to read through the full list of what is covered to ensure that the plan will provide adequate protection.

There are many more types of business insurance plans available, but these are some of the most popular and the most necessary. Of course, many companies also buy several types of policies to provide them with the most comprehensive coverage. After spending time and money building up your company, you do not want to lose it all as a result of accident or negligence. Get the right insurance to make sure that your investment is protected.

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