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Top Five Small Business Tips For Success


There are plenty of small business tips for success that are not necessarily dependent on having a lot of money or technology savvy. In fact, tens of thousands of small businesses are using the multitude of free and very low cost tools that are available on the Internet to manage their business, increase revenues, and reduce expenses. These tools are easily accessible, easy to use, and downright cheap if not free.

#1. If you a business that is local to a specific city then you can use Google’s free service called Google Places to advertise your business whenever someone keys in a search for your type of business within that city. This service is free, and is increasingly being used by many people searching for a product or service.

#2. Create flyers for free using the multitude of free templates that are on the Internet. For example, if you go to Microsoft website you’ll see that there are plenty of people who have offered free templates for flyers. These flyers have already been preformatted to give a professional look and feel. No need to hire an expensive graphic artist to create a flyer for you. Once you’ve created your flyer, put them in every place imaginable such as the local Starbucks or Jamba Juice bulletin boards, your local private mailbox boards, or even some Chamber of Commerces.

#3. Save time and money by using small business tips for success and a free service provided by Google called Google Docs. This is service allows you to upload all kinds of documents into an area where people can share and collaborate on them. No need to buy expensive hosting service to share documents between people. These is a great service, especially if you are tracking and sharing lots of documents between people and have a hard time managing, who has the latest revision.

#4. Want to work with a number of like-minded people, but don’t know where to go? How about creating your own group that has common goals in mind? You can create groups/communities in both Facebook and LinkedIn. These two social communities were designed to help people get connected with other people to share ideas, to collaborate, and to generally stay connected.

#5. Set up a virtual phone system and create your own advertising channel, as well as save money. There are a multitude of virtual phone systems available today that are downright cheap, very easy to use, and extremely flexible. Many people shy away from a virtual phone system, but if you leverage it correctly. You can reduce the need for a full time answering service, create multiple extensions that advertise your product and save on support issues for your clients and customers.

These top five small business tips for success are just a fraction of what you can do by using many free and cheap services available on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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