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The Surplus To Invest In Futures Market


The purpose of investment is to maximize the profit and minimize the risk and to maintain the existing capital all at once. One of the very promising investment forms in an investment in futures exchange.

This Futures Exchange is a very promising business or investment instrument for the investor, among other due to the capital needed in this Futures Trading is usually only on the everage of 5 up to 10% of the value of time contract and give much more beneficial potency than all other forms of investment.

1. Two way opportunities.

Advantage (opportunity) can be obtained through two kinds of transactions. However the price moves (“Ups or Downs”) the investor may take advantages form the existing difference of price

2. Easy to withdraw funds ( Liquidity) / T + 1 (Usually withdrawing funds may be performed anytime-pursuant to working hours – as long a no open position is available in the market)

3. Professional risk management (Hedging, Cutloss, Swicthing, Average, Cut and Swicth)

4. Investor can control his / her investment directly, moreover can manage own investment after getting advice from

5. The broker/agent representative

6. The growth of the investment may be found out through the financial report in transaction.

7. Code of ethics and secrecy of the investor are fully guaranteed.

8. Efficient Fund Management, in relatively small transaction cost and capital.

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Source by Maia R Hakim

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