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The Power of Your Mind in Financial Trading


I met a lady some years back which gut and belief in herself caught my attention. She spoke passionately with total conviction of what she wanted out of life without any atom of consideration in the face impossibilities or difficulties. I glance at her graciously while I allowed her to express herself proudly. Ultimately we became friend and today she is my fiancee. Her emotional chemistry and belief system became contagious and recently she just returned after physical separation following her sojourn outside the state, she is intelligent and adroitly in question about past event and likely future decision on certain subject related to finance, relationship etc, a strong believer in mindset, positive thinking and self-affirmation. While she engaged me in discussion about issue bothering her mind, the most insightful topical issue raised the possibilities of our mind in shaping our destiny – having financial success, wonderful marriage, enviable family and satisfying job.

Our discussion focused on the mindset of an individual who deve decent car or lived in fabulous mansion coupled with an array of businesses but started as a trader or broker trading for a living. They had gone into the business because of what had been earlier told by friend or promise in seminars only to find out something much more. I can name few people who are traders today whose motivation for venturing into the business was for wrong reason like making tons of money at theception, but later discovered that making money in trading alone was never enough reason to trade for living. Now they have reason to stay in the business even when the money is not flowing as expected initially. Until you as an individual possess mindset of such person, financial success or trading success will be elusive. Success is significant because its inner process will make little change in your life that will significantly revolutionize all other aspect of your life. You have not achieved what you set your mind at in trading because of lack of the factors I will be sharing …

It's part of normalcy of human behavior and attitude to initiate argument with reality of trading, but I am only writing not from theory point of view but pragmatic. Desire is a focal point of all achievement. It is the master key to unlock ingenuity and unfathomable success in any field of endeavor in life. It's this desire that will make you think trading as a business, sometimes it will make your ultimate monetary dreams a reality. You think trading can fulfill your dreams; desire is part of what you need to succeed. A desire for anything is the beginning of financial independent, career transition, marriage commitment, lofty achievement, academic excellence and fulfillment of life mission. It's the beginning of new you. What you do not desire, you do not posses.

Great authors such Napoleon Hill, Denis Kimbro, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and host of others from generation to generation have written life-transformation books about desire. We all have dreams, wishes, hopes, but never enough without strong desire. It's a prevailing factor in the society today. For instance, a desire for woman as a wife sometimes pushes men beyond their natural potential in acquisition of the needs of the woman or any resource to please or satisfy her. Same goes to trading and any business, if you have a strong desire for trading you would not mind all you will go through in accumulation of knowledge that will make you succeed in the long run.

The most painful thing is most of us all lie about our desire. What we desire is not what really want or need but what we see other doing. At a point in your life you would love to achieve a particular goal that emanates from desire. You will achieve those goals if you tap to power of desire.

The Power of Desire in Trading
In order to understand the power of desire in trading you have to live in future. For instance picture yourself what result you would like to obtain from account statement, and assume for moment that such things might be possible. Arouse a deep desire for these things and how you feel when you achieve it. Become enthusiastic about it. Dwell upon it and keep going them in your mind. Your present negative belief was formed by thought plus feeling. Every losses you have achieved in trading are things of the past now. Now, generate enough emotion or deep feeling and your new thoughts and ideas will cancel them all – I mean it will erase all emotion of losses in your brain.

I got to know about this process, I have stopped trading for a while focusing on working on my emotion and discipline. Follow through all my outline process of the discipline including putting into practice what you have just learned. As intensity of picturisation in your mind progresses, it becomes so real that you tend to believe you can achieve them. Winning trading always, you will see trade hitting your target profit more often than your stop loss. You can say to yourself good affirmation. Talk to yourself. You would start feeling more positive about the achievement of your desire. You are using you mind because what is more significant is invisible to the eyes. You see winning trades in your mind before you enter them and while you do not see them you do not enter all. This is the beginning of new beginning in your financial trading, you start to believe yourself. As you continue your level of adrenaline increase, your target goal becomes so real to your mind. This principle could be used for anything you desire in life.

In this regards, vast majority lack enough desire to propel their inner drive into action. They have low desire, they dream small, have small goals, and achieve low. Aside trading, having in life generally impotent goal result into laziness and procrastination of most important activities that matters to us. For propensity of desire you need to catalyze it. The catalysts to desire include:

Oxford Dictionary defined self-awareness as conscious knowledge of one's own feeling, character, moods, and desire. This awareness of your conscious thought within yourself causes mental and emotional stimulation of positive outlook of trading. If you have self-awareness you can direct your two minds (rational / emotional) towards the trading result you want. Do you know your mood and feeling control the result of your trading? May be, if your answer is no, then your self-awareness is low. Moods and feeling control your trading result and these elements are borne by desire. Self-awareness will enhance your desire because it sticks your mind on the result you want

Expandability (Expand-Ability)
In my own opinion I explain expandability as expansion of one's ability – 'expand' your 'ability'. This is the ability to push yourself outside convevional belief system or stereotype. Let me explain better, I was not fortune to trade during difficult time of using simple calculator for calculating moving averages, pivot point and other mathematical illustration used in the analysis of financial market but I have read times without number that the New York Stock Exchange or Prices of the world is averaged at 12-15 percent per annual. You would be held to this believe that nobody can outperform the market. Today, many stock traders and currency traders have outperformed general market performance. George Soros, Warren Buffett and hundred of thousands of traders have done this.

When you expand your scope of understanding your desire increased. For instance, when I saw an account performance of an individual who has been trading forex for a few years, I was amazed to see over 100 trades in a row without a loss. It's an indication of discipline trading, then, my desire to learn and be more discipline increase. Had I not had seen such a statement; I would have striven for similar result if not the same.

Warren Buffett and George Soros performance will have push the conventional understanding of traders and investors when they posted profit of over 30 percent on investment. You are pushing yourself for better when you see these results and it stirs your desire to strive for excellence because you now believe in the possibility. Shallow desire is caused by lack of expandability. Expandability can catalyse your desire If you have desire and you are still struggling then work on …

The drive is the driver of desire. Whatever you desire is only achievable if you have the drive to carry it through Drive is force compelled to move in a specific direction or the urge to move in a specific pathway. Emotion of drive makes man walk towards his goal everyday, wake at the middle of the night thinking and researching from goals
A man who intends traveling to another city of about 200,000miles away from his current destination and he has never traveled more than 20,000miles at a time driving on his own. Even if his car is in good working condition, completely fueled for the journey he could travel as scheduled because he has never traveled this far, he put off this for some time. Why? He desires to travel but he lacks and discipline. His inner drives is enervating, the drive for overcoming initial resistance of starting. The way of breaking this pattern is seeing himself doing it right in his mind. This goes for trader who lacks drive for doing the right thing during trading. He lacks drive to push himself forwards and overcoming fears of loss, fear of missing out, and other forms fear in trading.

Ask yourself this question. Why I am in trading business? What are your answers? Do you have more reasons for going into the business than just making money? Do you see it beyond making all the money on a single trade? Your reason is your drive, it drives you certain accomplishment and personal life desire. This is building foundation of your success in trading. This drive will also be catalysed certain factor:

If your ambition is becoming a successful trader, you will get there with strong ambition that ignites your inner drive. Lack of ambition is an enemy of drive. The power to succeed in your endeavor depends on the ambition and drive caused by it. Great numbers of people have ambition of becoming great trader. Their drive functions optimally because of desire to achieve financial success. They strive for excellence, do what is necessary and ever record great success in trading business. While those who have ambition but have not achieved need aptitude to drive them higher.

The aptitude is skill and talent requires in getting the job done. A man with ambition is a step below achieving his life ambition without skill and talent. A trader can not become a great trader if he lack skills and education for surviving in the business. A great trader has ambition coupled with skill and may be talent; he gets this from practice, training, mistakes, and educating himself. Aptitude knows what is being required of him, learn it and do it until becomes your ability.

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Source by Abiodun Babalola

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