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The Most Common Negative Perceptions of Business Fear for Solo Entrepreneurs


When I looked back at my journey as a solo entrepreneur, I did have business fear. I'm managing my fear in business from time to time. I often encounter people asking me the same questions. These questions happen to be the most common perceptions for their business fear.

The word business itself can cause fear.

Many people are comfortable with the word job. They say, "I'm looking for a job, not a business." They imagine that doing business means doing something big: from company registration, doing administration and taxation, create products or service, marketing and so forth. Today, people are building home-based businesses on the internet in every second. Most people have the fear of making investment in business. They have the attitude of getting paid first, how I can earn money without investing. They need to learn what is business itself. The rigid definition of business according to Wikipedia

Business is an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers

Today, business does not have to be an organization; a person can build a business. One-man show is called solo entrepreneur. Another definition of business according to Wharton University of Pennsylvania is

Make things happen and affects every part of our society.

Whatever you want to do, understanding business will help you achieve it. I prefer the business definition from Wharton University. If you have a purpose or mission in business, you will feel the excitement, will not you?

What if I fail.

Do you have a tendency to think from the negative perception? Make a list of your positive and negative feeling. The consequence of what if you fail and what if you succeed. Do not you see the greater benefits of what if succeed? What if you succeed leads to unlimited possibilities. How to tackle the feeling of what if I fail. The word fail or failure can cause fear in business. You should think the way to minimize the failures. Think more of the consequence of what if I succeed.

How can I get a guarantee for success?

Life itself is no guarantee. Who is the most influential person in your life? YOU. You can guarantee your success; none else will. If you stop believing in yourself, who else will? So, do not lose faith and belief in you. Be careful with what you said to yourself. If you think you can not, you will not take actions. Your action is controlled by your mind. Your thinking and perception influence your actions, so affect your results. Many people blame the failure outside of themselves, but they never blow themselves. There is no fail-proof program that can guarantee your success. The program itself is non-living things. You're the doer, to execute the program. Program is only a tool, to help you and to make your work easier. There is no instant success. Success comes from your desire and your skills. Do not stop learning and growing to increase your values. There is only 3% population in the world who are willing to do what it takes to be successful. When you are improving your skills, your fear in business will subside, and you gain confidence and discover your values. What makes solo entrepreneurs unique is a mix of their past experiences, interests, core competencies and values.

Do not let the three perceptions above become the roots of your fear in business . Focus on what you want in life and in business. You can always change your perception, from negative to positive. Make yourself happy and get yourself excited about your business. If you feel that you have no courage to face your business fear alone, get a help from a coach to be your accounting partner. A coach can help you to identify what is the root of your fear in business.

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Source by Viviana Widjaja

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