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The Health Value of Lemons


At a recent meet-up the guest speaker brought up the idea that to be healthy one must have a balanced pH level and alternately to balance that level properly they could use a lemon drink to achieve their goal. This fascinated mew because the solution was so simple and inexpensive that I had to conduct further research into this.

Potential hydrogen or as it is commonly referred to as pH level is actually the ratio between the acid to alkaline level contained in your body. Naturally the ideal pH level would be a number between seven and 7 1/2 from the scale of one to fourteen. If your body contains too much acid it will interfere with the blood cells task of transporting oxygen around your system.

Most of our daily food containers of acid forming foods which contribute to our cells being too acidic. As mentioned at our meeting-up, by drinking certain drinks which contain lemon we can easily increase our pH level and bring forth a healthier life style.

Lemons like related citrus fruits are high in acidic substances as water with lemon added acts as an excellent drink for raising ones pH level. Most restaurants will serve you water with lemon and if they do not you can generally request the drink. One of the key points with lemon and water is that it does not matter whether the water comes from a tap or if it is filtered. Because the lemon contains so much citric acid it will rapidly transform the body's acidic condition into an alkaline environment.

Making lemon water is as straightforward and simple as merely grating a frozen lemon, nothing could be simpler. The real beauty of drinking lemon water is that it is not only tasty and refreshing but also alkalizing. The resultant lemon drink raises the bodies alkalizing effects. For the full lemon water effect one would expect to have to use distilled water with pH drops added however lemon alone will crate the ultimate alkaline water.

A simple trick which I found out about during my research is use water which is lukewarm rather than being too hot or too cold. If either of these extremes are reached the human body will expend extra energy trying to process the drink. In addition, lukewarm water tends to have a comforting feeling to it such as when drinking a cup of herbal tea.

The benefits of drinking lemon water on a daily basis is as follows:

1 Lemons act as antiseptic
2 Lemon water displays excellent digestive properties
3 The water can readily ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion ailments
4 Lemon water will cleanses and stimulates the bodies liver and kidneys
5 Lemon water is rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium
6 Lemon water has been known to offer some tieve to asthma sufferers
7 Lemon water when served hot relieves the negative effects of colds and flu

An additional benefit of lemon water is that a daily glass first thing in the morning will eliminate water retention and aid in weight reduction.

An important note that I would like to present here is an error that is often made by many people. They will make a glass of lemon water but leave the lemon indefinitely in the water. Do not do this as the water will become much too lemony. Make sure that you wash the lemons well as you never know if pesticides and chemicals have been used in its growth and these hazardous chemicals could potentially leach from the rind and into your water.

The average human body's pH will range from a low of 6.4 to a high of 7.5. anything lower than 6.4 indicate the body is acidic while anything higher than the 7.5 would lead us to believe the body is alkaline.

To further inform you of the value for the lemon water we discover the tenets by which we become ill. All disease is acidic while invaders such as bacteria, viruses or parasites will die when exposed to a high alkaline environment.

Wondering what your pH is? A simple means by which you can find out is by way of a litmus paper test. Think back to you school days in science where you dipped a small slice of paper into a container of lemon juice? Litmus paper can be purchased at you local drug store under the name of pH strips. These tests can be conducted by testing the saliva or the urine of the body. Due to time I will only cover the saliva portion of the test. You would do better to run this test an hour prior to eating or several hours after you have ateen.

To conduct the saliva pH Test follow the steps below.

Wet the paper strip with your own saliva. Prior to eating a meal the saliva should have a pH level of between 6.4 and 6.8. Any lower reading would a low alkaline level. If measured after eating the pH should increase to approximately 7.5. The level between 6 and 7.5 indicates that the body is functioning well.

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Source by Joseph Parish

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