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The Health Benefits Of Knitting With Addi Turbo Needles


Over the last decade, knitting has become extremely popular. Over 53 million Americans know how to knit, and many of those do on a daily basis. There is great news for these millions of knitters: it has some surprising health benefits. Knitting is a very effective stress reliever. As 90% of conditions are exacerbated by stress, it is very important to have a stress reliever. Millions of people around the world are living with chronic pain, and knitting can be a powerful self-help tool.

The most important health benefit is this stress relief. It is often compared to yoga, as the repetitive motions of knitting create a similar brain wave state as meditation does. A third of Americans have high blood pressure: knitting can help this condition without any medication usage.

Knitting can improve your self-esteem and be a creative outlet for you. You just need to know the basic knit stitch to be able to make something beautiful, so achieving this self-esteem is fairly easy with knitting. Repetitive motives are also proven to alleviate depression and anxiety, so you are a calmer, more relaxed person. Knitting is known to improve cases of ADHD because it is such a great source of focus.

Knitting exercises your mind! In knitting, you are working the logical side of your brain as well as the creative side. There is a lot of basic math involved with knitting. Calculating the number of yards of yarn you will need for your pattern, figuring out the gauge of your knitting, and following knitting charts all exercise the logical side of your brain.

Even though knitting has a lot of wonderful benefits, you should make sure you protect yourself against problems that knitting can cause. Make sure you knit in good lighting and with the proper glasses to protect your eyes. Take focus breaks by looking up and focusing on objects of various distances. This way you can continue to knit for many years!

Stand up and stretch every our or so, as knitting can put strain on your back, fingers, and wrists. Although repetitive motion is relaxing, it can put stress on muscles and joints. Take a break from knitting when you feel anything getting sore, and remember to stretch!

Picking the right knitting needles for relaxing knitting is very important. Try the Addi Turbo knitting needles, as they are the most versatile and high quality knitting needles in the world. The nickel content make the needles feel light and comfortable in your hands, and will move the stitches from one needle to the next with ease.

Learning how to knit can be the first step to a calmer and more relaxing future. The Addi Turbo knitting needles can help with this, and are the perfect needle for any of your projects. These also come in an interchangeable needle set, so you will always have the right size needle at your fingertips.

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