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The 2 Most Effective Money Making Industries


I can not think of any two industries better suited to making the average person rich than real estate and internet marketing. Blend these two disciples together and you have a money-making locomotive.

But do not get fooled by all of the hype.

You do not believe in leprechauns; magic wands; or magic potions, so do not believe that you are going to become rich by doing nothing and spending no money.

The truth is: success in these are any other industry takes time and money. It's that simple. Here's what is so attractive about both of these industries:

They do not take a lot of money and they do not take a lot of time.

I can not think of any other businesses that require so little up-front cash to get started; and which generate so much cash.

Most businesses require an up-front investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars with the goal of sometimes earmarking some profit in 3-5 years!

Real estate and internet marketing are so profitable because the fixed costs are so low and the profits so high. You can be making a profit in months not years.

After that it is almost all pure profits.

The key to real success in these industries is the willingness to invest in marketing; and to keep investing in marketing to grow the business.

Do not expect to be a millionaire in your first year …

You'll likely be disappointed. But it is realistic to expect to be on track for at least 6 figures within your first 12 months. After that, growth is exponential because you have both the knowledge and the cash flow to grow quickly.

If you're looking for a way to get out of the daily rat race and have your own business where you are making significant profits, then real estate investing and internet marketing are your best industries.

What I teach my private clients is how to focus their efforts at first, and then expand into multiple profit streams to create significant monthly cash flow that is semi-passive; along with a wealth building machine to ensure your wealth retirement.

At first the focus should be on low risk real estate transactions. What I am referring to here is wholesaling properties where you secure great deals, but never purchase them; opting instead to flip the contracts to other investors who absolutely buy the properties. On average you can make $ 10,000 from deals like these.

These transactions become the initial cash engine of the business and afford you the opportunity to increase your marketing expenses. As you build your list, you'll be able to also offer affiliate marketing products to your list which is almost a completely passive process.

Blending the profit potential of real estate transactions with the speed and automation of the internet allows you to blow the roof off your business without having to spend a fortune or work full-time hours.

If you are looking to create a six figure – even a mid-six figure revenue stream from your home based business, you really need to consider real estate with internet marketing!

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Source by Lou Castillo

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