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Stay-At-Home Mom Discovers How Antibiotics Hidden In Our Food Supply Destroyed Her Gut, Causing Her To Gain Weight Against Her Will.

Product Name: Stay-At-Home Mom Discovers How Antibiotics Hidden In Our Food Supply Destroyed Her Gut, Causing Her To Gain Weight Against Her Will.


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Lauren & ChaseStay-At-Home Mom

After I had him, I lost complete control over my body, my mind… and my food choices… down to how much I ate.

And no matter how bloated or full I got, I couldn’t stop eating all of the BAD foods that packed on the pounds… day after day… week after week… month after month.

I just couldn’t be present.
I always felt tired, distracted, and just straight up moody as heck.

I couldn’t keep going this way; I couldn’t continue becoming THIS person. But I didn’t have the mental or physical energy to change my behavior.

Everyday was a constant up and down battle. My weight and my emotions were out… of… control. I was light years away from looking and feeling my best.Light years!
My negative self-talk was overwhelming,

I was lost in the story I was telling about my body. Thinking I’d be a overweight for the rest of my life. It got so bad that I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

“Why bother?” I wondered.

It wasn’t only me I was hurting.
I became distant from my husband — feeling distracted by the way I felt and looked.

I wasn’t the least bit interested in being intimate.

And it devastated me to see how I was affecting him.
I was just never, ever comfortable inside of my own body.
I wasn’t the least bit interested in being intimate.

oh my gosh, the bloat was physically painful and obvious.

It would push my stomach out sometimes 2 extra inches than normal.

I even had special pants for my gnarly-bloat days.
I’m not even talking about during that time of the month.

I had to hide all the time to fart in another room.
My farts smelled really bad.
Who wants to be known as that gassy girl?

I wasn’t in-control of my body.
I’d go from being constipated, to having
diarrhea almost overnight.

I had that IBS-like urgency to sit on the toilet,
but barely anything would ever come out.

I got super uncomfortable around others, and incredibly insecure about what they thought of me.

And while I’d wake up, every single day…
100% committed to changing my habits…

Once and for all;
I just couldn’t control what I ate.

“All of these weight loss systems are just gimmicks.
Even if I lose weight, I quickly gain it
all back, and usually a little more. I didn’t
know WHY those programs were
never going to work. But I did know…
they were all failing to address
WHERE weight-gain
begins.” (3)(4)(5)

I was driving in San Diego traffic and got rear-ended.

The accident wasn’t big, but the effect it had on my body was crippling.

And chronic inflammation reduced my quality of life to the lowest I’d ever experienced.

I stopped believing I could make the simple lifestyle shifts to transform my body.

This brought upon some wicked depression.

But I NEVER felt in-control of WHAT I ate. Or how much I ate either.

It was like there was something inside of me…

Forcing me to eat the foods I KNEW I shouldn’t.

I’d emotionally beat myself up more and more…

Making me lean on food… more and more.

I’d especially eat lots of those fatty, chemical-laden, fake-foods:

Pastas, pizza, baked goods, chips, deserts; pretty much everything bad.

Did you know that most of the farm-raised meats are chock-full of low-dose antibiotics?(6)

It’s so bad that it could even make us resistant to antibiotics — when we actually get sick. (6)(7)(8) Can you believe that?!?! Seriously, there are so much low-dose antibiotics in our meats that it could cause a major health epidemic. When does that make sense, ever?

The Campbell’s Chicken Noodle I ate, and gave to my son Chase? It’s loaded with MSG.(9)

That’s WHY it supposedly tastes good. But the reality is, all of that MSG just manipulates our taste buds and addicts us to their foods. (10) It’s criminal. I mean that, as a mom, it’s truly criminal.

Or how about just plain old processed foods? You’d be amazed at how much science there is that spells out, clear as day:

I felt like the answer was, yes.

And no matter what I wore, or how I tried to make myself look better with makeup…

I couldn’t conceal that I was obviously insecure, overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy.

I didn’t want my baby boy — watching his mother struggle so horribly with food, sugar, weight, and the emotional ups and downs of BEING unhealthy and unhappy.

And WHY I couldn’t break my worsening food-addiction.

But I promise you’ve never heard food addiction talked about like this before.

Likewise, you too will understand, by the end of this free presentation, WHY none of those gimmicky weight loss programs, including mainstream ones, like Jenny Craig, were simply never going to work. (3)(4)(5)

So, if you’ve ever felt like you’re not in-control of what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, or how badly it all affects you…

Because unless you have the discipline of freaking Bruce Lee…

Or the courage of Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games…

You’re almost guaranteed to fail. (15)

I just wish someone told me that years ago, so I didn’t have to suffer for so long.

Like me, you have to discover WHO’S really in control of what you crave, eat, and feel.

Otherwise, it’s like you walk around always feeling some sort of fat failure.

And that’s not a put-down; it’s how I personally felt.

That’s when God sent me Erin.

She’s a top health expert, weight-loss specialist, and Holistic Health Coach.

And she just so happen to move-in next door to me.

She caught me on a day that my bloating and discomfort was written all over my face.

And after I caught her up on my journey…

“Lauren, you’re actually not in-control of what you eat. You never were. They were. They are. The bad bacteria and candida living inside of your gut… and brainwashing you into being their slave.” (16)

“The worst way to lose weight… is focusing on losing weight, calorie counting, and just exercise. You have to focus on THEM; the ones MAKING YOU ADDICTED. Because anything you eat, THEY eat. (17)(18) The more refined sugars you eat, the more good bacteria get killed off, and the bad bacteria’s population can grow. (19)(20) So, Lauren, if you want to look visibly thinner, and get on the path to feeling great… you have to starve… THEM. But you absolutely don’t have to starve yourself.

“Lauren, it’s not about “losing your gut”, like the old cliche goes. It’s about repairing the gut, so you CAN slim your tummy, thighs, butt, arms… your whole body. (20)

Clear away the bad bacteria and candida. You have to focus on the delicious foods you CAN eat to feed the good guys, and reduce the foods that fuel bad bacteria and candida. That’s literally HOW you CAN lose weight, and keep it off.

In other words, food addiction starts in the gut… which is actually called your 2nd brain. (20)(21) It functions separately from your main-brain… your 1st brain… and it’s the brain that’s REALLY controlling things.

Not the brain in your head. I’ll explain that more, because it’s really empowering to know what’s really going on inside of you. Lauren, the bottom line is, weight gain, and the food addictions that cause it MUST be addressed at the gut-level. That’s what makes the majority of systems and programs out there totally worthless… if you ask me.”

“I mean, I knew the gut was important. I’ve watched it get more
popular on TV, but nobody ever explained why the gut
is important, especially for weight loss.”

She answered, “Lauren, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, We’re just getting started.

But to answer your question…

Honestly? This information threatens virtually every diet and exercise program out there. The truth is, when you address and start repairing your gut, or I should say, the ratio of bacteria living inside of your gut, everything else becomes exponentially easier. And everything you DO can become infinitely more effective, as in seeing results, fast, once the 2nd brain is working more optimally. (22)(23)(24)(25)(26)You’ll probably even wonder why you’re getting such rapid results, doing the SAME stuff as before. Just imagine what happens when you add-in a few extra, easy diet changes… without even necessarily changing the foods you like to eat.”

Well, without Erin, I wouldn’t have control over my weight, happiness, health, and life the way I do right now. I owe so much to her, it’s ridiculous.

My drive is back, my desire between the sheets is back, my marriage is thriving, and my son is getting all the love, attention and energy he needs from his mom.

It really was like a dark cloud lifted, and the sunshine was finally shining back through.

Erin became my close friend, my gut expert, my health coach, and my accountability partner.

And every day, I was blessed with her knowledge, guidance, and support.

Towards the beginning of my transformation journey, Erin told me,

Let that one sink in. Most of us have no clue how incredibly “alien” our bodies are. We also don’t realize how intimately tied our health, happiness, and appearance is to choosing WHICH bacteria we feed. (22)(23)(24)(25)(26)

Your body doesn’t lie. It’s always telling you… and showing you… exactly WHO you’re feeding. You can see it in the way you look.

You can feel it in your energy and drive… or the lack thereof. You can watch it play out in your relationships, and how you show up in life… for yourself, and the people you love and appreciate.” She concluded.

I felt a little overwhelmed.

The gut… or 2nd brain is always communicating with the brain in your head. In truth, just about everything that makes you feel good… begins in the gut. (28)(29)(30)(31)

For instance, did you know that around 95% of Serotonin is produced in your gut? That’s your main feel-good, happy chemical. Imagine what happens to your emotions when your bad bacteria are running things: Rollercoaster emotions, depression, anxiety, stress, and panic; that’s what happens. (28)(29)(30)(31)

What about Leptin? It’s one of your main satiety hormones. It starts in your gut, and takes between 12-20 minutes before it ever even reaches your brain to say, “I’m full. Stop eating Lauren. Imagine how much food you can eat in 20 minutes — when you’re really hungry. It’s WAY more food than your body can use. (32)(33) And what YOUR cells can’t use… feeds the bad guys. (34)

Now, as women, our hormones are key to our health and happiness. And the gut-brain largely controls our adrenals, which means stress hormones can also go rampant — when your bad bacteria are winning the war over control of your inner-ecosystem. (35)(36)

This all tends to trigger massive amounts of Cortisol, your main stress hormone. (37) I’m talking loads of this stuff. What’s scary is, in a roundabout way, Cortisol can really pack on the pounds. And the more Cortisol you produce, the more stressed out you tend to get… triggering more cortisol. And well, you get the idea.

But you asked me HOW this works, right? Well, there’s a special communication system between your 1st and 2nd brains called The Vagus Nerve. It transmits Serotonin, Leptin, and other hormones from your 2nd brain… to your 1st brain. It’s through this special nerve that bad bacteria can brainwash you into feeding them with the foods THEY want.” (38)(39)

I remember staring at Erin with my jaw dropped. I had so many questions. But the only thing I could get out of my mouth was…

“We’re not there yet Lauren. There are a few more things that us women especially have to deal with, and that’s candida. This might sound strange, but let me see your tongue.” Erin asked.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. She looked for about 3 seconds and said, “Your tongue is absolutely coated with white stuff. That’s candida. It’s biofilm. It’s what the candida and bad bacteria secrete to hide themselves in, and colonize, fully protected. (41)

Remember Lauren, your gut starts in your mouth. So, just by taking a glance at your tongue, you can get a real sense of what’s going inside of your 2nd brain.”

Needless to say, every day was like a classroom. And I was the all-too-willing student — listening to every single word Erin said about my gut health. Fortunately, she gave me some simple instructions and tools to start with.

Over time, my “diet”… or the foods I regularly ate were feeding my HUMAN cells, instead of letting the bad bacteria engorge themselves on what I used to eat.

Now, mind you, I’m no saint. I still go out to eat, have a glass or two of wine, and get to be just as festive and joyous as I used to be. Except now, I mostly eat the foods I know feed ME, not THEM. I even have a handy-dandy food-list, in case I’m ever feeling unsure.

Just an easy-to-follow plan that gave me HUGE gains in the way I felt…

And even bigger losses on the scale.

Now, I’m no Barbie, but I’m healthy-feeling, happy, energetic, and more confident than I’ve experienced in years.

What amazed me the most was how fast I started feeling and looking better.

Because for the first time ever…

I started addressing WHY I crave the foods that made me fat, bloated, fatigued, negative, and STOPPED me from truly living my best life.

Once I opened attack on THEM; the bad bacteria and candida, the way I looked, and felt, changed dramatically.

Then… literally out of nowhere…

I began feeling real, sustainable, natural energy; the kind of energy that doesn’t take coffee or Redbull to get or keep. It’s just reliably there. Erin coached me to a level of natural energy I never felt before, not even in my 20s.

It’s almost jolting — when you’re used to quickly running out of energy, and never even need that 3pm jolt to get through the day.

It’s was like, “Okay Lauren, who is this woman you’re becoming?”

I was brimming with creativity.

I felt able to show up for people again; friends and family, instead of feeling exhausted and resentful every time anyone needed something from me.

I developed a deeper sense of purpose.

And I rediscovered a feeling of drive that I thought I lost.

And that was in just the first TWO WEEKS.

I felt blessed from above for Erin showing up in my life. And as my personal program developed, and we saw how across the board this worked… when you address the gut the way Erin teaches…

I knew WE needed to get this into as many women’s hands as possible.

It couldn’t be reserved for a select few — just because of being in proximity of Erin.

It’s that life-changing.

Now, I bet you’re wondering WHO this Erin woman is?

Well, the surface stuff is how Erin attended NYC and became a Holistic Health Coach. She’s devoted her career and life on the crusade to help people, just like you and me, address WHY “symptoms”, like weight gain, are so prevalent. To say she’s passionate about helping us repair our guts, and slim our bodies would be a gross understatement.

Now, I’ve been to a bunch of medical doctors, not just because of my weight, but dealing with the consequences of being so overweight. I had to figure out what was going on with my body. The gas. The bloating. The urgency. The food sensitivities. The inflammation. The fatigue. All of it. But they could only prescribe pills. One doctor recommended eating Cheerios in the morning. I’m not kidding… Cheerios! So when Erin came into my life, it wasn’t just a blessing, she was literally a gift from God — answering my prayers. Again though, that’s just the surface stuff.

That’s not where Erin’s journey started. Like me, Erin’s life, and interest in health, was changed forever by having a child. Her daughter was born via c-section, and didn’t get the critical good bacteria she needed to have a strong, healthy immune system.

This led Erin to ask questions. And more questions. Until the questions started leading her to the RIGHT questions; the questions that hit the core of OUR problems: Humanities growing problems with our American… go, go, go… way of life. It’s taken its toll on us. On our guts. On our 2nd brain.

As Erin said, “The writing is definitely on the wall: With the abuse of antibiotics, both in pills, and in our food… these bad bacteria are going to become stronger, more intelligent, and harder to get rid of. And everyone is going to end up missing out on their lives. I didn’t want that for my daughter. And I already saw what happens to a little girl — when she doesn’t get the essential bacteria from birth. I couldn’t for the life of me let it get worse for her.”

Erin told me, “In my pursuit of truth… I didn’t expect to discover so much about how we’re basically made of aliens; non-human bacteria that breathe, mate, have babies, eat, digest, fart, and poop. They’re even why our farts smell. And when they overeat, WE bloat. It’s like an alien invasion.

These aliens… or bacteria… are basically terraforming our bodies to become THEIR ideal home. But MY body is MY home. My little girl’s body is HERS. So, if her looking and feeling healthy was about supporting the good guys, I knew that was my mission. I didn’t want my little girl falling prey to all of these new, scary, mysterious health conditions and emotional problems — popping up in practically everyone I know.

Autoimmune dysfunctions in over half the American population alone. (44)

Weight gain and obesity on the rise. (45)

Type II Diabetes more prevalent than ever. (46)

Cognitive disorders affecting everyone and their mother. (47)

Chronic fatigue that’s so burdening… and brain fog that’s so thick… everyone’s barely functioning or caring. And that’s affecting our jobs, income, freedom… everything.

Even financially crippling hospital bills, marriages falling apart, people always feeling burnt out, emotional eating, and maybe the biggest indicator of them all… the mass-usage of pharmaceutical drugs.

The first step is having ALL of the very specific information you NEED to begin your journey. I want you to be able to easily visualize what you’re doing, and WHY it works… for you.

So again, Erin (with my help) developed The Gut-Health Bible: Why Your Gut-Health Is The Key To Your Dream Body.

Why your 2nd brain is malfunctioning. — And why this malfunction is forcing you to gain toxic, embarrassing weight — whether you like it… or not. This is a deep dive into what the GI Tract IS (a seamless tube — meant to protect our blood and organs from outside bacteria and pathogens). Get to know your Enteric Nervous System (ENS) and the little finger-like organisms in your gut that need your help and protection.

The politics behind the food you buy. — This is an eye-opening expose on how food companies deliberately addict you to their chemical-laden, “food-like substances”, which is how the FDA actually classifies them. This is also extremely important information for ANY parent – who wants to protect their children from the poisons we now call food.

Why are our foods so inflammatory? — And what are the SAME delicious foods you can buy, today, that have a much more ANTI-inflammatory effect on your body.

What IS your metabolism, and how is it so connected with your gut-health? — You’ll be amazed at how many easy changes you can start making, right now, to quickly begin jumpstarting a youthful metabolism.

How much food can your gut actually process? — How much food (and what exact foods) give your HUMAN cells the food they need, without feeding the bad guys?

“How to eat” to repair your 2nd brain. — This is incredibly important information, especially if you’re an “emotional eater”. We have to directly address your gut… to start establishing a balanced control over your emotions… and WHY you eat. I used to take Celexa, and anti-anxiety medication. And now, after being AFRAID to ever wean off of Celexa, I’m now pharmaceutical free. So, if you’ve ever felt like, “I’m going crazy!” This will instantly help put your mind at ease. Happy bacteria, happy you.

“Why can’t I sleep?!?!” — Well, if you’re 2nd brain is in malfunction, it can have a massively negative effect on your sleep-cycle? After all, if you’re not producing enough serotonin, your brain struggles to produce enough melatonin, the chemical switch to easily fall, and stay asleep. By the way, sleep is when your body recovers and rejuvenates itself. So, without enough of the right kind of sleep, it’s practically impossible for your body to ever feel and look healthy.

The link between a malfunctioning 2nd brain… and premature, rapid aging — This isn’t just about weight, it’s about understanding the difference between body-aging, and chronological aging. And if you’re wondering, no, aging, and getting older… aren’t the same thing.

How to quickly fix specific gut-related conditions, with easy DIY solutions — that will potentially have a profound effect on your health and appearance all by themselves.

Our proprietary Gut-Repairing Diet Plan, — and a food-list of all the delicious foods you can enjoy — without accidentally feeding the bad bacteria and candida.

In the 6 months I worked closely with Erin, she gave me so many more
tools to work with that made my life and transition feel effortless.

So, we’ve developed a gauntlet of amazing bonuses — just for you.

This is all about “how to eat…
to leverage your satiety hormones.”

Believe it or not, there’s actually a RIGHT and WRONG way to eat food.

And when you know how to eat, you can eat a fraction of the food, and feel infinitely fuller.

These practical guide combines the leading edge candida elimination with delicious easy to make recipes.

So, if your tongue is white, want to eliminate cadida, or you deal with incessant yeast infections, this recipe guide has the power to help change your life, and transform your body.

2 easy to do 5 minute exercise to detoxify your system and maximize the O2 absorption your body needs to lose weight and stay balanced.

The first one is a breathing exercise. Very few people breathe to FEEL the sensations of being alive… and constantly more oxygenated. After all, dis-ease CANNOT exist in a well-oxygenated environment.

While the 2nd exercise is about moving lymph which our body uses to naturally remove toxins. All you need is a dry-skin brush, and we’ll show you the rest.

Understand the different types of poop and learn what helps your body eliminate in a healthy way.

Discover what IS healthy poop, what isn’t, so you can SEE and understand how your food is really affecting you.

These powerful beats mimic your brainwaves, and help create balance.

These brainwaves play slightly “offbeat” in each side of your ears, and “talk” to your brain, while helping you dissolve your OLD story… about who you… WERE.

These skinny brain reprogramming binaural beats are a three-pronged approach to “talk” with your brain… and help it tell your NEW skinny body story. You’ll be amazed… (51)

The Dream Body Gut Health Bible.

The Proprietary Awake Eating Method

The Candida Starving Recipe Guide

The Healthy Poop Guide & Tracking Diary

The 5 Minute Detoxifier & O2 Maximizer Exercises

The Skinny Brain Reprogamming Binaural Beat Audios

Together, they make The Gut Loss Diet perhaps one of the most effective lifestyle
programs on the planet, because we’re addressing WHERE weight gain begins,
probably for the first time in your entire life.

Do carbs feed the bad bacteria and candida? Yes.

But there’s more to it. You see, beyond the bad guys brainwashing you into craving sugar, MSG, and sweets… carbs are also a dopamine addiction… AND a serotonin bump.

Carbs trigger the same receptors as cocaine.

Carbs trigger brain addictive serotonin bursts.

Can you see how ridiculously addictive carbs can be — beyond the bad bacteria and candida constantly trying to get inside of your head?

So, go ahead and click or tap the button below, and experience The Gut Loss Diet yourself, risk-free.

Immerse yourself in the new story about how you look and feel… and watch your reflection in the mirror… as it becomes a reality.

The Gut Loss Diet arms you with the power of awareness, and the ability to get organized and prepared for your new body, regardless of where you’re starting from. In fact, wherever you are, right now, is absolutely the perfect place to start. Because now, you’re moving forward in your body and life-transformation — by addressing the bad guys that can make your life miserable… in just about every way possible.

Oh yeah, by the way, when you fart, it’s the bad bacteria’s fault. Just thought I’d mention that, because the depths in which these bad bacteria affect us is insane. Stop letting THEM embarrass you!

Make today the defining moment you can look back on… Only 60 days from right now.

And of course, just like with all our products, you’re always protected by our industry-best 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee where you can get a refund of even empty containers if for any reason you aren’t satisfied — up to a full YEAR after securing your order today!

I’m incredibly confident that you will see and experience the dramatic fat blasting, gut rejuvenating, and health benefits of The Gut Health Bible™ that we want to make it one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made to try this premium body healing solution without delay.

Act now to secure your savings on this brand new super weight balancing breakthrough.

To looking younger and thinner! Lauren & Erin

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

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