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Specialty Business Cards – 7 Awesome Ideas


You know you want specialty business cards.

But you don’t quite know which type is best for you.

Given the enormous creativity that’s possible with specialty business cards, it can be very difficult to decide which route to take. If you’re not a designer, it can also be a challenge to decide which options fall within your budget and skillset.

To help, here are 7 great specialty business card ideas that might shed a little light on your dilemma.

1. Die Cut: Die cut cards really stand out. The card itself can either be made into an attention grabbing shape (say, a lightbulb), or you can have a regular rectangular shaped card, with a shape, text, or design cut out somewhere within it. There are also much simpler die cut options including rounding 1, 2, or all 4 corners for a unique shape. Die cutting generally takes some design skill or the ability to work with an experienced designer. Can be expensive.

2. Emboss: Just as you can cut a shape out of a rectangular card you can also emboss that shape (or text, or graphic) into the card. To emboss means to “push up” part of a card so that it’s raised above the rest of the flat card. The setup is similar to die cut cards.

3. Foil Stamped: Yet another similar effect to die cutting and embossing is foil stamping. Again, part of the design or text will be stamped with gold, silver, or colored foil for a neat effect that stands out.

4. Spot UV or Spot Gloss: Most people know about glossy business cards in which the entire face of the card is covered in a shiny coating. What many people don’t know, is that you can apply this shiny coating to only a part or parts of a card — such as text or graphics — to create a very unique and classy effect. Some of the cart is matte… the rest is glossy. Very neat.

5. Edible: Would you believe that there are several kinds of edible business cards? You can even upload an image and have it reproduced right on a cookie! They’re generally expensive, but for high end businesses or businesses with a high transaction value (like real estate agents for example), they can really make a lasting impression.

6. Metal, Plastic and Wood: If the act of designing specialty business cards is difficult for you, an easy way to stand out is to simply have your card printed on a unique material such as metal, plastic, or wood. The design itself can be traditional (or not!) but the card is likely to stand out nonetheless!

7. 3D Lenticular – “Flip Effect”: A 3D lenticular card is a very novel specialty business card concept that combines 2 or more images that jump back and forth as you move the card. A great example for visualizing this concept is a haircut “before and after.” Hold it one way and you’ll see the before image. Turn your wrist a little and the after image appears. All you need to do is upload two images and your contact info can go on the back!

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Source by Alan Saltz

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