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Social Security Programs and Requirements


If you've ever wondered what the purposes of Social Security are, you'll learn about them here.

The Social Security Act and related laws created several programs that have the following purposes:

-To provide for the material needs of people and their families;

-To protect older and disabled people from the expenses of sicknesses that may otherwise deplete their savings;

-To keep families together; and

-To give children the chance to grow up secure and healthy.

Here are the programs included under the Social Security Act and its related laws:

-retirement insurance

-survivors insurance

-disability insurance

-hospital and medical insurance for the elderly, disabled, and those with end-stage renal disease

-prescription drug benefit

-help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

-supplemental security income

-special veterans benefits

-unemployment insurance

-public assistance and welfare services, including:

-tutorial assistance for the needy;

-medical assistance;

-maternal and child health services;

-child support enforcement;

-family and child welfare services

-food stamps; and

-energy assistance

The Importance of a Social Security Card

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number that the Social Security Administration (SSA) assigns to people in order to identify their earnings in employment or self-employment covered by Social Security. The SSN is also used to provide benefits.

To get a SSN, you must complete Form SS-5 and submit it to your local Social Security office along with certain documents. You can get the form here , by calling 1-800-772-1213, or by visiting your local office.

Along with submitting Form SS-5, you also must provide at least two documents to prove your age, identity, US citizenship, or legal work-authorized immigration status.

If you're a non-citizen lawfully in the US without Department of Homeland (DHS) authorization to work, you must also provide a document from the agency requiring your SSN. This document must explain why you need a number, and that you meet all requirements for the benefit except for the number. A state or local agency requirement must conform to federal law.

If you're a non-citizen not legally in the US or live outside the US, you must give proof that you're entitled to a federally funded benefit for which a SSN is required for you to receive payment.

If you're applying for a SSN on someone else's behalf, you need to have evidence of authority to sign the application on behalf of the person to whom the card will be issued. You must also provide evidence of your own identity.

Lastly, if you're 12 or older and have never been assigned a SSN, you need to apply for a card in person. It's important to provide complete and correct personal information so your earnings are recorded properly, and to prevent the unlawful use of your SSN by another person. There are penalties for falsely obtaining or improperly using a SSN.

After you obtain your SSN and have earnings posted to your record, you can figure out how to calculate social security benefits you'll receive in retirement.

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