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Small Business Infrastructure


I literally went to the dictionary and looked up the word "Infrastructure." It means the basics, the foundation, how things are organized, how it is put together.

Here are the 3 basic considerations which are the foundations of a small business infrastructure.

Item 1. A product or service to sell.
Item 2. A method or methods of advertising your product or service
Item 3. Clients or customers to sell to.

Calling those the foundation to a small business is a bit misleading, in that these three elements are the basics of any business, big or small. Let me give you some idea, of the sort of pre-planning that should go into each of these three steps.

For example, for a small business infrastructure, the owner (you) might be making the product yourself. You might be outsourcing the production, or have another company warehouse and send the product to you on demand. Or you might have the warehouse ship (called drop-shipping) directly to your customers.

A medium to large business could have the same small business infrastructure, without the hands on manufacturing of the product, by simply having the product be an e-book or an info-product which is printed at the time of sale by the fulfillment company. Everything else would apply.

If what you offer is a service, you would somehow limit how big your small business could grow, because you are only one person, and each day has only so many hours that you could work. In that situation, in order for your business to grow at some future date, your pre-plan would best include how and when to recruit new employees. You might also consider setting up deals between yourself and other service providers, to fulfill some or all of your contracts.

Why plan for those things now? Simply because planning for that now, allows you to document everything on exactly how you will want it done.

This way you can hand a written book of procedures to future employees the moment they come on board. This maintains a consistent quality to your business, and keeps a high level of service for your current and future clients, to enjoy and expect from you.

Believe me when I say that it is possible for you to grow mighty fast. I would not want you to start your business thinking that documentation and hiring employees, is something you will have time to think about doing later.

Sometimes, it is possible for your success to sneak up on you. If you do not already have most of these things planned out ahead of time, you might very well wish that you had.

You should spend a lot of time on the care and planning for your delivery systems, hiring, and business policies. The same care and planning should go into your advertising and marketing.

If you want your advertising and marketing to succeed, you should plan ahead of time, all your marketing strategies for potential situations in the future. If you do, your business should be better prepared to weather any economic storm.

There is a lot that I can not cover in a short article. Your small business infrastructure is best served by discussing your business with a consultant, who can help you to tailor your plan and direction specifically for your unique situation and business.

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Source by Calvin Brown

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