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Simple Bicycle Maintenance Tips


Winter is long gone and with warmer weather, you are ready to get your bicycle back on the road. Before that first ride, follow these tune-ups to ensure your bike rides smoother and easier, which will also lessen any worry of problems.

Begin with your bicycle’s chain. Clean this part and lubricate it. Gather some towels or some other rag, newspapers to shield your workspace, an old toothbrush, some WD-40 and some bike lubricant. Once you have your newspapers placed and your bike parked on top of them, grab your WD-40 and, working link by link, spray the bike’s chain and wipe away the gunk. When you no longer can wipe away any grease or other buildups, you are ready to apply the lubricant. Allow a couple hours for the lubricant to really soak in, and then wipe away any excess. This task protects from rust and makes pedaling easier.

It is also essential to lubricate the other moving metal parts on your bike in addition to the chain. For starters, your pedals need lubrication where they meet with the crank arm. Your brake and shifter levels also need lubrication. These are the components located on your handlebars that are used for shifting gears and stopping. Both your front and rear derailleur, the components responsible for moving the chain between gears during shifting, need to be regularly lubricated. These components are composed of many small moving parts, so any buildup could lead to some issues. Next are brake and derailleur cables. These elements are what make your brakes work and are make gear shifting possible. If not properly cared for, these functions will no longer be available to you. And lastly, brake assemblies, which are connected to the frame at both the front and back tires, need proper lubrication so stopping can occur quickly and efficiently.

Regular brake inspection is a good idea as well. Look for proper alignment and debris that may have built up.

Tire testing is also essential. Properly inflated tires will last longer and make getting flats less likely. They also make it easier to pedal and protect your rims.

Biking is great exercise and is a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful day. Bike safety is also important. In addition to these tune-up tips, be sure to wear proper safety gear and follow biking laws. These few tasks will ensure proper safety while you are out riding.

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