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Rottweiler Health Problems To Look For


Before you take on the responsibility of a Rottweiler dog you should become as familiar as you can with potential health problems. Some Rottweiler health problems are more issues to be aware of than actual problems while others are problems that every owner should be aware of and every breeder should make owners aware of. Knowing what you are looking for before it happens can help you to properly care for your Rottweiler better and can make you aware of the warning signs so that you know what to tell the vet.

Rottweilers shed like crazy and while this is not a real health problem it is still something that every owner should be aware of. Rottweilers have short coarse hair that can get into everything and does not come out without a fight so if you do not want to take up the battle of short dog fur all over your clothes then a Rottweiler may not be for you.

Many Rottweiler health problems can be traced back to proper nutrition. A poorly fed Rottweiler will begin to display the results of their diet almost right away and it is up to you as the owner to determine what the proper diet is for your dog. One of the end results of bad diet is flatulence and a lot of it. A Rottweiler will have a lot of gas if you do not feed it properly so be certain that you are getting your dog the proper diet for your sake and for the sake of everyone else that comes within range of your dog.

A Rottweiler can also develop bone a joint conditions that can be the result of poor diet or the result of genetics. A good diet can help develop strong bones so be sure to keep your dog on the right diet. However if you notice that your dog is experience pain and difficulty while moving around then you need to get your dog to the vet immediately.

It can be a little confusing dealing with some Rottweiler health problems if you do not take the time to work with your vet and discuss these issues with them. While a good diet is extremely important to a Rottweiler so is the right amount of exercise. The problem is deciding how much exercise is the right amount for your dog. Too much exercise can cause problems for a Rottweiler and not enough exercise can lead to obesity so it is up to you to work with your dog and your vet to come up with a program that can lead to good health.

Keep an eye on your Rottweiler, as some health issues are more common with them than other breeds. A Rottweiler is more apt to get cancer than some other breeds and it is health concerns like this that you need to keep track of. Regular visits to the vet can help keep your Rottweiler alive and healthy for a very long time.

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