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Pharmaceutical Industry Playing a Vital Role in Human’s Life


The pharmaceutical industry is playing a vital role in the human life, “life saving drugs” – this is the common term used for medicines and is considered as the booming business. With the advanced science and technology, immense development has been done in pharmaceutical sector. The diseases which are earlier considered as the incurable few decades ago are now have medication and can be cured with these medicines.

Thorough research and experimentation is done before launching a pharmaceutical product in the market. Quality and effectiveness of the product is ensured as its side effect can cause some serious effects in future. Companies have to be true regarding the label information. Information regarding the medicine manufacturing and expiry date, volume and side effects must be shown on the label. True and Genuine information and high quality helps the pharmaceutical companies to become a brand name in the market.

FDA (food and Drug Administration) has a significant role in pharmaceutical sector, as no medicine can be sold in the market without FDA guidelines or permission. With having a mission to protect the health of the people FDA has all the rights to deny the food, drugs or health supplements. Pharmaceutical industries in the US are governed by the FDA and are responsible for the quality and safety of the product manufactured. USFDA guidelines have to be followed by the companies for manufacturing drugs or food supplement. And regular inspection is being made by the USFDA for the quality of the product manufactured.

WHO guidelines (World Health Organization) helps in maintaining and developing the international standards, global norms for the quality and safety of the medicines. Quality differs from country to country and steps are being taken at the regional and international level to harmonize the drug regulation by the standard operating procedure, CAN, ASEAN and many others. WHO also helps the countries to consider the implications of the relevant harmonization agreement with ICH and helps the countries to know adapt the ICH guidelines for their conditions and need.

Globalization of the Pharmaceutical industry has helped in increasing the quality of the product. But in spite of norms and conditions, non prescribed medicines are coming in the market. Somewhere the government policies are lacking for controlling this. While going for a medicine always make sure to consult a doctor before that and purchase the medicine after reading all the necessary things on that. Safety is in our own hands, have and create the awareness for the pharmaceutical products.

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