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Penis Sensation – Is There Any Way to Increase Penis Feeling?


There are many ways to increase penis feeling. However, most take time to work and a certain degree of patience. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix then, unfortunately, there are no immediate remedies.

What Causes Loss of Penis Sensation?

Typically, penis feeling is lost because the skin of the penis becomes hardened from strenuous activity or overuse, and this occurs over time. This is why it takes time to rectify. To understand why this occurs let’s consider what penis skin actually is.

The skin of the penis is like other skin, in that it is made of the same layers, it protects the body from harmful bacteria, and it regulates the body’s temperature. However, it is different in that it is erogenous skin. This means that it has far more nerve endings than other skin and that it is fed by more capillaries. This is also why it needs to be cared for in a slightly differently manner.

Treating the erogenous skin on the body the same as say, the arm skin, will lead to this skin becoming desensitized. Thus, with reduced penis feeling the ability to gain and maintain an erection is reduced and more often than not sex is not as enjoyable.

What are the Symptoms of Loss of Penis Sensation?

Gradually the penis will become less sensitive during sexual activity, such as masturbation and intercourse, and there may even be tingling sensations in the penis skin. This may led to a diminished interest in sex, with it becoming increasingly more difficult to gain an erection. In addition, the skin on the penis may become rough and feel unpleasant to touch.

How can Penis Sensation be Tested?

The best way to test the feeling in the penis is to touch it. Remove all underwear and without looking at the penis, gently run a finger, slowly, from the head of the penis, down the shaft, to the scrotum. How much sensation was felt–a lot, a little, or nothing at all?

Once the amount of sensation, or lack of it, has been ascertained, then a remedy to increase the intensity of sensation can be found.

Ways to Increase Penis Sensation

As previously mentioned, increasing penis feeling takes time and patience. It is a little like gaining weight and then wishing to lose it. The weight took years to be added to the body therefore it is only reasonable to expect it to take some time to remove. This same principle applies penis sensation. It took years for the penis to become desensitized, so it is only fair to expect it to take time to rectify.

Much like losing weight, increasing penis sensitivity requires a special care program to be followed over a period of several months, so that the penis can regain its lost feeling. Some of the best ways to increase penis sensation are as follows:

1. Wear softer, silkier underwear.

2. Don’t go commando (wearing no underwear) as the fabric of clothing is often harsh and abrasive and will gradually reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

3. Consider refraining from sexual activity, or if having sex regularly, then consider cutting down.

4. Use stimulants such as feathers and other soft objects during foreplay to increase sensitivity.

5. Don’t rush sexual activity. Take your time and enjoy it.

6. Use ‘sensitive skin’ body care products as these contain less fragrances and other products that can harden skin.

7. Regularly massage the penis with a penis specific creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily, which contains essential vitamins and minerals, so that the penis skin sensitivity is increased and the capillaries and nerve endings are infused with essential enzymes.

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