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Online Business – Marry Your Business and Domain Name


When you start an online business, and even in the infant stages of your business (before your business name becomes a household name like Google or Facebook), the domain name you choose can have quite an influence on the growth of your new business. A domain name is like the virtual address people use to visit your online business, much like a street address is for a brick and mortar business. Much like location is important to a brick and mortar business, a good domain name is important to your online business mainly for two reasons.

Reason 1 – The Memory aspect.

It is important to choose a domain name, that is easily remembered and relevant to your specific industry. The reason is mainly because you want people to think of your domain name when they think about your industry or buying something in your industry. Example, lets say you sell golf clubs, and you have a domain name “”, and a competitor has a domain name “”. Now lets say a customer visits both you and your competitor’s website, and chooses to buy his golf clubs from your store, but all the other relevant add-ons like his carry bag and pin form your competitors website. A few months later this same customer needs new pins, and maybe a new set of gloves. Which one of the two websites will the customer be more likely to recall from memory and visit again? “” of course! Therefore it is important to not only choose a domain name which will be easy to commit to memory, but also to be something that people can easily link in their minds to the specific industry in which you operate.

Reason 2 – The SEO aspect.

It is common knowledge that you want to rank higher on the search engines as your competitors, as this is probably one of the main channels via which new customers will find you, and your domain name can give you the edge when it comes to search engine optimisation. Lets say you and a competitor have identical websites, but the keyword that people will type into the search engine is present in your domain name, and not in your competitor’s name, that you will rank higher on the search engine’s result, and therefore receive more visits to your website and thus make more sales.

I hope therefore that you can see the importance of choosing a good domain name when it comes to starting your online business to keep existing customers (reason 1) and to gain new customers (reason 2).

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