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Networking Tips for the Serial Entrepreneur


Individuals are finding ways of creating multiple streams of income, investing in several ventures and owning more that one business. Being able to skillfully juggle businesses can be a difficult but not impossible task. Learning the benefits of networking to manage a growing business empire can be the key to big success. It is important to have a clear plan, a clear message and a clear agenda for carrying out the proper objectives. Colleagues, counterparts and associates can benefit from the services and products, once you have created a good platform of communication and networking.

Listed below are tips and tactics for marketing, promoting and developing your business message or package.

Pick and Choose

As a serial entrepreneur it can be deceiving and confusing to present yourself as a Jack / Jill of all trades. Being all things to all people can be misleading and misguide potential customers and clients. It is important to craft a speech or pitch that is concise and engages individuals to want to do business with you. Since you have more than one business, focus on a common target audience. Share with others the solutions you provide for existing customers and how they benefit from your expertise. Mention similar industries which use a variety of your products within your businesses. Offer to discuss similar services in your businesses which can generate referrals and future sales. Your counterpart can have a clear idea of ​​how you operate your business and build relationships with your customers. It is less confusing than explaining each of the different business.

Business Cards

Limit yourself to two different business cards at events. Loading up on business cards for each business can overwhelm a potential prospect or client. Consider creating special networking business cards for events and functions. These cards can include your principal contact info and a list of services and products. It can be a generalized card without a logo but include your name and contact info. Your business counterparts can opt to contact you for information on a specific business or product. This is a good way of creating a clear message. There are ways in which you can stay consistent with your image and branding. Make the business card in the same colors as your business. Use jargon, symbols or words which resonate with your businesses.

Value Based

While networking, make it simple for people to gain value patronizing you. Make all of your businesses connected and transferable to each other. Create a universal system for transactions which are monetary or resource based. Offer similar methods of providing feedback or customer care assistance. Another good idea is to merge business contacts and information for cross marketing, cross networking and cross advertising purposes. It is possible to have a client or customer for more than one of your businesses.

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