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30 Days of Money Manifesting

Every day for 30 days you will receive a new lesson with new steps to 


In this program, I share all the steps I followed that absolutely worked to change my money situation forever!

I no longer live from paycheck to paycheck!

I no longer worry about whether I can afford to do anything!

I never worry about money EVER!

In fact I KNOW I always have more than enough to do anything and everything I desire!

You just need to clear out what stops you!

(Everyone who has completed this course has experienced positive change in their finances!) 


I have been studying the law of attraction for over 15 years and this program is by far the best I’ve ever seen!  Every day there is a new lesson that guides you to  dig deep to find the beliefs that are limiting you.  By the end of this program, you will be amazed how effortlessly your money reality begins to change!  I know mine has!

                                               — Susan F.

There is only one reason you struggle for money and others do not:​

Let me assist you to consciously find and release the beliefs that stop you

And, you can change your Money Reality forever!










~ put an end to negative self-talk about your ability to earn and have money

~ determine your specific mental and emotional blocks to wealth

~ discover and alter childhood programming that is influencing your prosperity

~ alter and heal the real reasons you struggle for anything in your life

~ discover and change your money blueprint to one of great abundance

~ implement the critical steps necessary to manifesting anything you want

~ realize your true potential and say goodbye to limiting beliefs about wealth

~ step out into the world more confident & powerful  than you have ever been

~ develop the skill of receiving and creating a loving relationship with money

Every day for the next 30 days, you will receive lessons, instructions and exercises on how to proceed.  You will have access to visualizations, meditations and to an interactive website that includes the following:

— daily instructions and exercises— meditations— visualizations— affirmations— motivational stories— inspirational quotes & reminders— pictures and photos to spark ideas of wealth and abundance— a daily Action-Intention journal— daily meditations

For 30 days, you can be totally immersed in reaching your MONEY goal – imagining, sensing, feeling and ultimately believing that you are a millionaire, a multi-millionaire – even a billionaire – whatever level you’re self-image can handle.  

You can stretch your money image until you not only believe you are wealthy, but

Money Magic is a 30 day program designed to guide and assist you through whatever may be preventing you from creating and allowing great money in your life.  Each day for the next 30 days, you will receive daily emails with visualizations, meditations and daily exercises to expand your self-image and build a resonance of wealth.  Can you imagine where you will be in 30 or 60 or 180 days, when you’ve been focusing all your energy and attention on accomplishing your money goals?  

as you  begin to discover the many gifts and surprises that show up in your reality!

Each one confirming that a new resonance is at work:

~ checks arriving in the mail

~receiving unexpected refunds,

~ obtaining reduced interest rates

~ bringing in new business


This is exciting – and fun stuff!  

You already know the keys – attention, focus and repetition –
and we will add one additional component – 

Do you have a burning desire?  If so, you’re more than half way there.

It’s time to step into your magical cloak and use the the power of your mind to build a resonance that can create more money than you ever thought possible.  

You are about to embark on a fun, exciting and fascinating journey

My name is Anne Sayers and I am the author of “Money Magic.”  It is a program (and also a book) based on solid principles for altering your mindset so you can create and manifest all you desire.  Like so many of you, I already knew a lot about metaphysics and what it can do for all of us who are truly dedicated to taking conscious charge of our lives. 

I also knew that many of us have been burned wasting money on products that just don’t work.  So, I decided to design a program that follows the principles I understand and know should work and to my delight (and that of so many others) it has worked – even better than expected!  I know that for me personally, I have never had to worry about money since working with these principles!  I now live an amazing life where I can do anything I want to do without giving it a second thought.  I KNOW I always have more than enough money to do anything!  You should be able to do this too!

Take a look at the lessons and exercises in this program.  I think you will agree that they make sense.  This is an opportunity to experience change at a deep level from someone who has been working on these principles for decades – finding the ones that truly work! 

I spent months working on my own money limitations and this course includes all the different exercises that I used and that ultimately brought about a complete shift in my money reality.

What you’ll discover is that really rich people are no different than the rest of us. They just hold different beliefs about money! 

You now have a chance to change your beliefs and give yourself permission to be more than comfortable – but to be truly wealthy!

People who have already taken this course have had amazing things to say. For example, Kaliny in the United Kingdom said:

“Thank you so much for this program. It is truly amazing as are you. I am totally grateful for having you and this program in my life right now. It’s exactly what I needed to help get me back to my self.”

“I mean jeez, this is like boot camp.  This is serious stuff.  I know I have a chronic problem here…so I guess drastic circumstances call for extensive measures, or something like that. They say that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears’.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.“

Or, Roger in Melboure Australia said:

“I’ve taken every kind of “money” course out there. Most of them are rip offs and a few of them have some good advice, but this class has me really diving in deep to my personal beliefs about money and what I can have versus what I’ve been saying I want. I had no idea – even after all this time and work – that I was the one limiting my own abundance. It is finally changing and showing a difference in my life. I can’t say thank you enough!”

Personally, I have experienced a total change in my income. Since participating in the Money Magic class, I have more than doubled my monthly income! At first, I expected it to shift back to where it “used to be”, but to my delight it has continued to grow – and that was more than five years ago! In fact, my income just keeps steadily growing at a very comfortable and pleasant pace! 

And, if you do, I think you will agree with Kaliny, Deanie, Roger and so many others, this class is a real eye opener and life changer!

But, more than that – you truly can change your money pattern

And become the millionaire you were always meant to be!

Here’s a sample of some of the things we will cover:

* how to bust your limited money pattern* how to lift your resonance to a level of continuing prosperity* how to discover and change your personal money thermostat*  what were you taught about money that is limiting you now*  how you can alter beliefs that limit your finances*  how you can lift and maintain a continuous abundance resonance*  how to develop the key qualities ALL rich people have* how to reprogram your subconscious for great abundance* how can totally alter your money personna * how you can carry abundance into all areas of your life!

A lot of things got in the way over the years – mostly getting lost in the busy-ness and the conflicts of life and also developing a lot of fears on whether it was really “okay” to have an abundant, prosperous life. But now, it is all different. Honestly, if you throw all your prejudices away, you’ll realize that money is one of the most important goals in life because with money, you have greater freedom and can truly enjoy your life.

No matter how much we may argue, money is a life changer. If we don’t have it, life can be filled with pain and struggle, but when we do have it, we can begin to have a heck of a lot of fun AND also help a heck of a lot of people! This just may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for all of this time – to really turn your life into a positive direction of prosperity and great wealth.

What’s your goal? How much money do you want? As you’ll soon discover, the more powerful your desire – the more successful the results. This is a fun and inspirational exploration toward an entirely new future -filled with all the bounty that life has to offer. 

For 30 days – or however long you like – you will have an opportunity to delve deeply into your beliefs (and doubts and fears) around money. Each day you will receive a new email with a new lesson for the day.  Each lesson includes exercises and meditations and visualizations to build your money resonance. You can also multiple online resources to support your goals such as empowering affirmations, photos to inspire and excite you, exercises to dive in deeper and meditations to take you to a level where change can truly happen. 

Here’s a list of the topics you will explore:

 1.  Make a commitment 2.  Build your money resonance 3.  Discover limiting beliefs 4.  Create a “burning desire” 5.  Visualize your ideal day 6.  Discover your current money pattern 7.   Alter your earning pattern 8.  Release limiting beliefs around money & abundance 9.  Expand your money resonance10. Reprogramour subconscious11.  Move past resistances12.  Make it real13.  Expand your self image14.  Integrate conflicting parts15.  Know the secrets to manifesting16.  Know you really do deserve17.  Use the power of focusing on a positive future18.  Maintain your motivation19.  Create an avenue of manifestation20. Add in the guidance of your Higher Self21.  Add in gratitude22. Don’t stop now . Keep motivated.23. Create a new character in your personal play24. Create a money mentor25. Write a new money script26. Move beyond fear of succeeding27. Hold the abundance frequency28. Develop an abundance routine29. Add in self love30. Make it magical

Why?  Because I don’t believe anyone should have to struggle with money.  I want to make this program so affordable that even if you are having huge money difficulties right now, you can still afford to take this class!

Here’s some testimonials from others who have taken this program:

Living the Life I Want“I’m on day 20 (adding in the guidance of your Higher Self.) I feel so blessed for having found you and for the great insight and change that I am experiencing. Every day, I am more confident that I am getting closer to living the life I want which is not only abundant physically, but also spiritually. Thank you so much for this course and for all the wisdom you have shared!      — Lindsey Paderson, Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Filled with Hope“Hi Anne,This class is changing me into a new person. Every time I think about it, I am nearly brought to tears, but I am also inspired and excited. I see a whole new future ahead. Thank you so much for this amazing course!     — Jane Pozinski, Miami Florida

 I’m seeing a difference“I am so pleased that I signed up for this course. It is not only showing me a different way of thinking, but I am already experiencing changes in my life. I just got a REAL promotion – not just in title (which I knew was coming) but in salary too. ”      — Yancy Taylor, Plymouth, Mass.

Thank you so muchI honestly have to say that I am not surprised at the results I am experiencing in this course as I have been participating with other courses you offer for the last two years. You already know how much I have changed and how much my life is different now. Adding in abundance is the next piece in a life that just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for everything Anne!     — Elliot Bornnell, Boulder, Colorado

My prayers were answered.“I have always known that my financial struggles weren’t part of an unfinished “karma” or a unknown “destiny.” Your course is just what I was looking for and it has brought a refreshing answer. I was so tired of struggling with my finances along with so many other things in my life and also tired of the people around me who pretty much were just telling me to “suck it up!” My prayers have finally been answered. This course has tied all the pieces together for me. Not only am I ready to make a lot of changes in my life, but I am inspired cause I know that I have the power to bring about all the changes I need. Your course was a gift! Thank you so much.   — Sylvia Martinez, San Antonio Texas

I got a big promotion“I really had low expectations on this class after taking so many that were just the same old stuff. To my surprise, I was only 3 quarters of the way through and already got a huge promotion with a 15% increase in salary. I am thrilled!!      — Jonathan Gellinger, Sacramento CA

Thank you! “I guess you could say that money had really taken over my life – and not in a good way. I was constantly stressed, scared and making choices based on fear rather than power. I began this program only 3 months ago and everything has changed. I am much more confident and much more aware and surprisingly the fears I had around money no longer control me. I am looking forward to more positive changes as a result of my new confidence!      — Estella J., Pennsylvania

I Got More Than I Bargained For“I took this class to increase money in my life and instead met an incredible man. I am in a very happy loving relationship and I know it is a result of what I have learned  from this course!! Thank you.”      — Tanya V. Sydney Australia

What Is This Class Worth toYou?

There are many opportunities in life and we pass them by because we are either not ready or we just don’t see the value.

What this course offers is more than just an opportunity to increase your financial wealth because it incorporates powerful principals that work in all areas of your life.

Can you really put a value on power? On confidence? On happiness? On success?

Yes, this class is called “30 Days of Money Magic” but what you are getting is a concise program that gives you the ability to create success anywhere you desire.

If you don’t know it already, the one consistent component in all your failures AND all your successes is YOU. And when you start working with your beliefs around money, what you are really doing is taking charge of beliefs that have been limiting you in multiple ways in your entire life.

The truth is this course is INVALUABLE because it gives you tools that you can use forever.

It gives you access to your own inner power, inner knowing and inner wisdom so that you can bring the changes you want in your life – whether that be with money, or love or whatever else may be in your way.

I decided to make this course affordable because I want everyone to have the chance to take charge of their money reality and start enjoying what life has to offer when you allow yourself to receive all that is available in life. And, once you get started – if you stick with it – you will reap the rewards. Everyone has! Why? Because these principals work!

Sign up today and then start doing the work each day.

Make a commitment to yourself that you can change your money reality once and for all.

Everyone who has taken this class and done the exercises as designed has changed their reality in one way or another. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t too!


 “Money Magically”30 Days to Manifesting Wealth

You don’t need me to tell you how painful it is to struggle with money.   With limited money, life is difficult, and often painful.  Dreams forever remain something you long for and never achieve.  Desires become fantasies that are never fulfilled.

Too many people spend their lives believing they’re powerless over money.   Money is a consistent struggle.  They conclude that money is hard to get and only for the lucky few or those who discovered a secret that no one else seems to know.


*  Are you tired of waiting for your life to get better?

*  Are you tired of spending money on tapes, classes and recordings with no change?

*  Do you fear that life is passing you by & you’re unable to do the things you always dreamed of doing?

*  Are you scared to look at the future because you don’t see it being better than your past?

*  Does lack of money make you feel like a loser – ashamed to lift your head?

* When you think about money – does it make your feel bad?

Everything in your reality is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

And you can change any of them – but you have to take the time and be willing to do the work to make it happen!

That is why I designed this course – to provide practical tools for change – that work!

 And, I call it MONEY MAGIC!

What dreams can you achieve – What goals can you accomplish when you have the money to do it? 

Rich people aren’t any different than the rest of us.   They just hold different beliefs about money!

You now have a chance to change your beliefs and give yourself permission to be more than comfortable.  You can be on your way to great riches!

I put my dream into action and learned much along the way. I set a 1.5 year goal for 1.1 million, and I manifested it magically a few months after the date I envisioned!  Money Magically combined with Anne’s loving encouragement, perception and perspective, and my own resolve, meditations, and self love, provided the support I needed to allow and receive the bounty of my own creation.

                                                    A. Amundsen, B.C. Canada

Just to say thank you so much for this program. It is truly amazing as are you.  I am totally grateful for having you and this program in my life right now. It’s exactly what I needed to help get me back to my self.

                 Much love and gratitude                                           Kaliny, United Kingdom

I want to let you know how much I appreciate this program.  The daily promptings have helped me to face my fears, my limiting beliefs and at dealing and resolving them.  I am very grateful!

                Nicole W., Miami FL


  waking up each morning doing what you love to do?

  traveling to places you’ve wanted to visit with no expense spared?

    investing in yourself, your business or your dreams so you wealth continues to expand and grow?

 passing on a personal legacy to your children and future generations?


I offer a 60 day full money back guarantee.  So if you don’t find this program to be everything I say it is, you can return it for a full refund.  No questions asked.

But, here’s something that you will discover.  I will know if you actually did the course as it is laid out or not.  Because people who do the whole program, don’t ask for a refund because they start making money hand over fist.  

Just keep moving through each daily exercise and at some point you will notice that your money reality has changed.  You probably won’t know exactly when it happened or where, but, it will happen.  

So give it a try. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

So, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! 

Sign up below and get started today.  The lessons are short and the exercises are easy and designed to assist you to go deeper into your own process – finding the answers and the solutions that will change your relationship with money f-o-r-e-v-e-r.   You’ll find that the exercises don’t take up much time at all but will have you thinking about it the rest of your day.  Thinking.  Feeling.  Meditating.  You have all the tools to make this an easy and enlightening process of change.

So don’t wait any longer.  Click the button below and get going on your new future!

Can’t wait to start working with you on this amazing and life changing program!  Talk to you soon!

Prepared with d  for Anne 


Click here to get Money Magic – at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Money Magic – is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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