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Meditation and Its Health Benefits


In this stressful world we find ourselves longing for relief with various people and products willing to sell it to us. But one simple and low cost or free activity that everyone can participate in is meditation. Meditation is shutting out the external world in an attempt to control our minds by focusing on a single idea or thing. With practice this concentration will turn into meditation leaving us with numerous health benefits.

Notably the main benefit derived from meditation is stress reduction. This cascades into improving our lives physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Neruoscientists have found that during meditation, people are able to shift brain activity from the stress right right frontal cortex to the left frontal cortex where calmness prevails.

The physical benefits of meditation reported vary broadly. Some of these include:

-ability to normalize blood pressure

-improved immune function

-improved air flow to lungs

-decreased muscle tension

-restful and sound sleep

-increase in energy levels

As for mental benefits, better concentration and focus are a welcomed side effect of this practice. Others include:

-greater creativity

-improved self discipline

-increased learning ability and memory

-ightened sense of awareness

-refreshment for the mind

-control thought patterns

-increase your perception

As if these positives were not enough, meditation will assist also in our emotional lives as it can:

-allow us to stay calm even is very stressful situations

-decrease the emotions of worry, depression, irritability, moodiness, anxiety, and nervousness

-act as that much needed self confidence booster

-provides emotional balance as one banishes negative unhealthy emotions

-aid in learning forgiveness

-help to resolve grief due to losses

With the growing idea that health should be managed with a holistic approach, we should take a look at the spiritual benefits of meditation:

-piece of mind

-emotional and mental detachment

-more awareness of your inner self

-discovery of what is beyond ourselves

-develop insight

-live in the present moment

-expand your consciousness

-increase your capacity to love

-puts your life goals in perspective as you see the big picture

Now you may be persuaded of all the wonderful benefits of meditation, but feel you just do not have an hour or so to devote to the practice. The good news here is that benefits can be seen in as little as ten minutes a day, so now you have no excuse to prolong your incorporating meditation to help achieve a happy, healthy, successful life.

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Source by Meredith Herminity

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