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Marketing Strategy – Why The More You Market, The Less Customers You Get


Did you know that the more marketing you do, the less customers you get?

This could explain why you feel so frustrated that your marketing efforts are not working.

There is one main reason why this is true …

And that one reason is time.

You see, the more you spend time marketing – the more time, you take away from more important areas of your business.

Areas like delivering outstanding customer satisfaction, growing your business or training your staff.

So while you are out marketing, your current customers get upset, because they do not get the quality of service they signed up for – and they leave. And they tell others about the experience too.

So you end up with a revolving door business – where new customers come in, while the old ones go out ..

And, unfortunately, this kind of business does not last.

The best thing you can do is to stop putting your precious time into marketing, and instead focus on the more important areas of your business.

As for your marketing – what can you do to keep getting customers while you are busy leading your business?

1. Outsource it.

Find an affordable marketing company that can handle your online and offline marketing.

Finding an affordable marketing company is not difficult, especially if you outsource it to another state, or country.

Just make sure that they deliver results.

2. Automate it.

Invest the time in getting leads from automated marketing tactics like your website, your email marketing, video, etc.

This way, they will continue to bring you customers long after, you stop devoting time to it.

3. Delegate it.

Create great referral or affiliate programs that will motivate others to bring you customers.

If you make the reward large enough, you can create an entire sales force made up of your most loyal customers.

4. Eliminate it.

Let's face it, a lot of the marketing that we do brings very little results – and putting in the extra time will not make a difference.

Therefore the quicker you eliminate marketing tactics that do not work, the closer you will be at finding the marketing tools that work really well.

So get rid of the networking group, the cold calling, the yellow page ad, the chamber commerce membership, etc. – and focus all your time, effort and money on effective and automated marketing efforts that bring you tons of customers.

By doing these four things you can get customers with very little effort on your part, which allows you to devote your valuable time to doing what you do best – make money.

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Source by William U Pena

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