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Whatever you imagine in your mind, whatever object you have in your head, you can draw on paper.

And it looks realistic; complete with the correct perspective and light; complete with shadows that make your drawings pop and come to life.

Yes, even a complex drawing like a human face or figure, some of the hardest yet most satisfying things an artist can draw.

Creating a great drawing is its own reward. You know it’s great when you see it. From the first glance to a thorough drinking in of the image, it intrigues you.

It tells a great story. It makes you feel good.

When other people see it, they are also amazed. It turns out: you’re not the only one who loves it.

They want to know who the artist is. They beg to see more.  

Welcome To The World Of Remarkable Drawing.

 You’ve seen awesome drawings like this, right? They are the kind of drawings that create reputations and a following.

Maybe you’ve seen drawings by the great masters like…

Leonardo da Vinci

And others. Many great artists start by drawing. It’s the basis upon which their art is built. It all starts with the basic ability to create drawings which are great art in themselves but can also be turned into paintings and other art forms

The ability to create such drawings has its own rewards but it can also open the doors to your other dreams.

You can be an artist, a painter, a sculptor. Or maybe you want to be an animator, a graphic designer or an industrial designer…the choice is yours.

There are many things you can do with such a skill. You can create your own works of art. You could draw for an animation studio. You could create graphics for games. You could create your own comics or you could work for a comic book company. Or you could sell your comics to them. Or, well…

The Possibilities Are Endless

And maybe you just want to achieve a peaceful state of mind, the self-satisfaction and the confidence that only an ability to draw can bring.

Whatever the dream is that you have for your drawing ability, you can achieve it and I’ll show you how by…

Using A Totally New Approach You’ve Never Seen Before

You can do this if you start now.

You’ve probably put this off before and, when you do, your dream of being able to draw just fades into non-existence. And this time it may possibly never return. Now is the time to get started.

Hi. My name is Greg Tondreau and I have to admit that in the past I have had problems drawing.

I just couldn’t figure out how to make my drawings look right. No matter how hard I tried they just looked wrong. I began to question myself. I thought it was me. I thought I didn’t have enough talent and that it was never going to get better.

If you’ve had similar thoughts, you should know that you are not alone. And I know many artists who have gone through the same self-criticism.

And if that’s not bad enough, others may have also criticized you with harsh comments like:

“You can’t draw a straight line without a ruler”

“Don’t quit your day job”

And you’ve probably believed every word of it and that’s part of the reason why you think you can’t draw. But I’m here to tell you that:  

Everyone who said you can’t draw is flat-out WRONG!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably agonized over your inability to draw. You’ve wanted it so much and yet it has remained elusive. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. It’s not pretty.

And you know, even after I started to draw pretty good, things didn’t go well.

I was FRUSTRATED with dozens of books that I read about drawing. No matter how much I learned, I was UNSATISFIED with all the pictures that I drew. Believe me, I know what it’s like to want to draw better but not be able to.

My art never seemed to come out the way I really wanted.

Right now you may be doing well in art, but you’re feeling unsatisfied. You may be feeling like you want to take it up a notch. And maybe you’re not there yet and life is just kicking you in the ass.

I started drawing because I had a fascination with being able to take things from my head and put them down as images on paper. 

I loved to create things out of all sorts of materials. The feeling of looking back at what I created gave me an inner feeling of joy, a fullness.

But this fullness slowly waned…

After finishing each new drawing, I noticed my work seemed to lack something. There was an emptiness in it. If I was trying to copy something, the whole picture wasn’t fully represented. When I drew things, they would come out flat and kind of emotionless. I had spent hours, days, where I would copy the drawings that I thought were cool or very good, yet didn’t learn much from them. Something was wrong. Every drawing left me wanting more.

I felt as though I hadn’t learned anything that I could take with me for future drawings.

I kept on buying drawing books, going through dozens of them. I copied the images on every page through the entire book. I would draw all sorts of objects, devices, people, and places.

I learned, understood, and applied; perspective, shading, light, shadows, proportions, and fading, which all helped my drawings pop. I ended up with nice pictures, but it wasn’t enough. I was proud of it, but still, everything I drew didn’t really have life to it. Not like the professional drawings I saw others do.

I’ve tried many methods. I’ve read dozens of books and taken numerous courses but none of them seemed to work for me.

I began to doubt I would ever be able to draw as well as I wanted.

I was depressed and ready to give up when an amazing thing happened. It came to me all of a sudden. I could clearly see the pieces but they had to be put together into something useable.

That’s When I Developed a Unique System That Worked for Me… And It Seemed That No One Else Knew About This

I had found what was needed—the thing that set apart someone who just wants to draw, and someone who actually does draw well. What’s funny is that it was always in front of me all the time, and I was just too blind to see it.

I was not ready to accept it, too worried about other things. Instead of looking at the whole, I was getting distracted by the little details.

I was so worried about how well I was drawing something that the true underlying principles simply escaped my mind. I was so busy trying to replicate reality that I lost track of the fact that I am the creator of my works.

I was too busy copying what someone else created, instead of actually creating things myself, from my own mental library. That was a very narrow-minded, one-way view of the world.

I was letting others’ actions (drawings) affect my results, because I was copying what they created. So I could only be as good as their effect. I was limited to only the clues that each of their drawings gave me. I was starting where they finished and trying to interpret it, which was not possible with just the content lying in front of me.

I was going about it all backwards.

It wasn’t until I changed my view from the details to the bigger picture that I began to make progress.

Once I fully accepted this, I was able to open up and see the world with both eyes wide open. It gave me a fresh start. I realized what I had to do to create anything I wanted. I started learning the bare bones fundamentals. I started studying the hidden world we can’t see in order to fully create the world we can see. And that is when my art flourished.

After analyzing this problem over and over again, I finally discovered how to fix it. It’s an approach that no one has ever even considered before.

What I discovered is that when I take this approach something magical happens to my drawings.

So, I organized my thoughts into a workable system and began showing my approach to others…people who never thought they could draw. It was amazing.

All of a sudden they were able to draw images that they never thought they could, images that were just like they imagined in their heads, sometimes even better. It was truly remarkable, not just to me but to them as well.

They soon gained a level of confidence they never had before. After a while, drawing became so natural and pleasurable that it replaced their other forms of relaxation, meditation and enjoyment.

For once in their lives, they achieved a level of peace, skill and confidence that amazed them and everyone around them.

And new opportunities began opening up for them.

I’m going to tell you the truth: drawing, art, and creativity are all…

Buried Deep Within You And Struggling To Get Out,

…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.  

It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer or accountant or some other kind of objective, analytical person who likes working with facts. If you would like to become an artist in just 7 days, then my unique system will work for you because now there is a NEW way of drawing.

It almost forces your brain into understanding 3-Dimensional objects and how to draw them. And I am excited to tell you about it.

I took my system and turned it into a simple book. This book was created so you wouldn’t have to struggle like I did.

It’s Insanely Easy To Follow. Step-by-Step it shows you how to strengthen the connection between your Head and your Hand

It gives you innovative exercises that almost force your brain into understanding 3-D objects. But let me be perfectly clear: you WILL have to do a lot of sketching in a short amount of time. But the rewards will make it worth your effort.

There is an IMPORTANT thing you should know that I reveal in the book. It’s just one idea but it’s 

An Idea That Will Change How You Draw.

I discovered that drawing using specific techniques allows you to keep images in your mind so you can easily draw them on paper.

I then put those techniques into a system that makes it easier for you to quickly internalize any object you choose. And you’ll find that it stays with you in your mind long after you draw it.

Also, I’ll be revealing something that artists aren’t even aware of. 

I spent years gaining dexterity in order to effortlessly transfer a subject to paper. Then I developed specific exercises that shortcut the whole process, ramping up your accuracy in a fraction of the time it took me.

And Once You Draw This Way, Drawing Becomes Effortless

Your pencil gradually becomes a part of your hand and an extension of your mind

With this system you will be able to INTERNALIZE your subject so that drawing it becomes as natural as breathing.

Also, you will acquire the knowledge I wish I knew when I was starting out. You will be able to teach yourself how to draw images correctly. You will be able to draw them right from the beginning.

Think about how it feels to have a crystal clear imagination…to be able to translate what you are thinking into a visual image on paper.

You will discover the immense pleasure that comes over you when you can easily draw whatever you can imagine.

You will discover my methods for drawing anatomy in a way that seems like you have a kind of x ray vision. You will be able to conceptually see through people to their very bones beneath. Or, see through whatever objects you choose.

You will be able to easily show in your drawings what couldn’t be expressed in words. Your drawings will take on new meaning and you will be amazed at how other people sense what you are expressing, even if they can’t put it into words.

After I PLANT these simple yet powerful skills into your subconscious for you, you will have the skills to teach yourself how to draw whatever you wish.

Years of dexterity will be packed into seven days of specific exercises. 

These exercises are not flashy. They are SIMPLE.

I’ve gone through these exercises, found the ones that work the fastest, and the ones that didn’t. The weaker ones were abandoned, while the most effective ones were all grouped together.

They are intentionally placed in a specific order so that your physical accuracy keeps up with your artistic intellect. 

When you finish the exercises you will find that you have acquired in days what took others years to achieve.

You will be receiving the skills you need to teach yourself how to draw whatever you wish.

I Can Show You How To Draw Even If You’ve Never Been Able To Before

And if you have been able to draw, I’ll show you how to step it up to a much higher level.

My way of drawing gives you a unique power to imprint any object onto your brain and save it for later.

You can then play with it by “editing” it in your own head and “print” the new version on to paper.

Doing this is as easy as installing an app on your phone. And once it’s installed, it strengthens the bridge between your mind and your pencil.

The next time you have a creative idea pop into your head, you’ll be able to draw it with confidence.

I’ve taken all of my discoveries and put them into this amazing book. It’s called:

“How YOU Can Become an 

by Following These New, Tested, Quick & Easy Exercises”

Do you want to draw BETTER?  

With more CONFIDENCE?  

 After I PLANT these simple yet powerful skills into your subconscious for you, you will have the skills to teach yourself how to draw whatever you wish. Click the Buy Now button to get started today!

 (Product is digital and the image is for visualization)

This is not some small report like you see all around the Internet. No. It’s a huge 252 pages! But don’t worry. It shouldn’t take you more than 7 days to get through because much of it has illustrations to help make the exercises easy to understand and do.

These exercises are critical to your success and you won’t find them anywhere else. They magically transform you into a real life, amazing artist.

And the exercises keep on working for you even after you’ve become skillful. Doing them is like returning to your basics: they keep improving your skill set.

You know… It’s really funny. I remember when I had to give this presentation one day.

It was years ago in early July – Summer was just starting out in good old tree-hugging Plainfield CT.

The warm fresh, fresh air was blowing through the swaying maple and oaks, the Sun was shining through and the leaves were turning many shades of beautiful yellows and greens. The heat bugs buzzing – that loud ‘ZZZZZ’ sound filled the air.

There was a report due that day. The topic I chose was the human body, specifically the bones and muscles. I started by looking up factual information about muscles and bones.

Then, I drew a poster that would act as my visual aid for the class. I spent most of my time drawing the poster because, if you know me, you know I’m NOT SATISFIED until it looks great, until it pops.

On the poster, I drew an arm bone, a rib cage and pelvis bones. Here’s a photo of it (sorry for the light reflection, I’d take a better photo of it or scan it but this old photo is the only thing that remains of the poster. It’s been many years and the poster has gotten lost or thrown away).  

I came to class with the folded up poster. When it was my turn to present, I walked to the front of the class, unrolled the poster, and taped it to the front white board.

Someone in the room asked “Greg, where did you get the poster?” I told them, “I drew it”. There was DISBALIEF across the entire classroom… including the teacher.

I was hurt but I proceeded with my speech for the presentation. I shot out a bunch of facts about the body, muscles, and bones. The entire time I was getting weird looks from my classmates.

I talked about the differences between the muscles and bones in the male and female bodies. Then I finished my presentation. I remember the teacher asking me again,

“Where did you get it. Who drew the pictures on the poster?”

Again I replied, “I drew them.”

I could see that the teacher doubted my answer and I’m sure my grade was about to suffer because of it. That really hurt. My teacher and the whole class of students… 

So I took out my pencil and art pad and began to draw right before their very eyes. As it began to take shape I saw their doubtful looks turn into awe and admiration. Soon, word got around and I was all of a sudden one of the most popular people in school.

My grade? Oh, I got an “A”. But the real reward was the feeling inside when I saw the look on everyone’s face as my drawings popped into existence.

And Now It’s YOUR TURN…

 (Product is digital and the image is for visualization)

We will be unlocking the artist within you. It will be like installing a simple 3D modeling program into your head!

The best thing you can do with your eraser to increase your learning speed (it’s simple and effective. You only have to do it once. Your future work depends on it!)

I show you the exact step by step process to go through to brace your entire body so you can enjoy longer drawing sessions with much less effort.

Why negative feedback is affecting your drawings and what exactly you can do to stop it! 

Why and How to keep yourself in a relaxed mood while you are drawing. What you must do while drawing, if you want your art stick in your mind.

The mechanism inside you that is responsible for reaching your goals and how you can take advantage of it in the art field! 

How your self-image strongly effects your life and what you should do, if you need to change it. 

Drawing the Arc – The fastest most effective way to ingraining the Arc into your brain so you can draw accurate circles without looking at the paper!) 

The One Wild trick to drawing 90 degree intersections.( sounds simple but so many do it wrong!) 

The amazingly simple exercise that hones the skill that increases your accuracy with a pencil. 

Drawing isn’t just on paper. It’s in your head. (this is the point that you begin exercising the amazing power of your mind!) 

The start of proportions and the 2 critical things you must know immediately after learning about proportions.  

We’re in the business of making lines. Lots of lines! So you will need to know how and why you need to “see through the mess of lines” 

You will be introduced to the world of perspective and find out what it really is. You will know how to effectively use a vanishing point to draw objects in perspective. 

How to “de-focus” and why you must do this with your art right now, and for years to come! 

Now it’s time to get down to business! You will be starting your 3D training by using powerful exercises that get you to see, think and draw in 3 dimensions.

Wrapping your mind around mirrored images. You will be leveraging the alphabet to help you master the art of drawing mirrored versions of images. This is a must for drawing objects that are asymmetrical. 

You will know how to properly draw a cylinder by using a very powerful tool. You will discover how to also use it for other types of objects. 

A simple way of drawing objects half their size and duplicating them to twice their size without using a ruler and WITH or WITHOUT perspective.

You will discover the number one secret to drawing 3D objects.

You will master the one exercise that holds in it all the information you need to make objects look 3D and to give them mass. This may come as a shock at first because of what I’m asking you to do!

The secret to drawing contour lines around your object, with EXTREME accuracy. It’ll make your drawings look like a pro drew them.

The one thing to draw that will translate to everything you draw in the future.

How to properly draw a ball, complete with contour lines.

Learn how perspective affects your contour lines.

The four easy steps to breaking down an image and replicating it into a smaller or larger version with correct proportions.

How to take two images and turn them into a 3D object.

The two best exercises to strengthen and stretch out the muscles in your hand so you can do killer detail work. (you will use this ALOT in the future)

The one secret to being able to clearly see images in your imagination.

How to install a killer visual database in your mind.

The five steps to getting any image you choose into your mind.

I tell you the one reason why it’s so important to continue your art work EVEN if it isn’t yet looking like what you imagined.

EXCLUSIVE!! One specific way of recording images so that you will easily remember them in your mind.

A special image to draw that helps you master 3d structures. Drawing it will give you a chance to test out what you have learned.

How to draw hand bones with step by step, follow along instructions (you will draw in a specific way that will force your mind to absorb whatever you are drawing on the paper!

Yes! You Are Covered By Our

100% Money Back Guarantee

  Because I know you will be more than satisfied once you have fully gone through the exercises and mastered the skills from this book, I am happily giving you a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you are not absolutely satisfied with the product…if you are not thinking, drawing, and seeing like an artist…if you are not having a new perspective of the world…if people aren’t impressed with how much better your artwork has become, then I will refund every penny of your investment. No questions asked.

Do not delay your art education any longer. We live in a world where not taking action will hurt and frustrate you. Success comes to those who take action! Achieve your dream of being able to draw and enjoy what it brings you. I promise. You won’t be disappointed.

Sure, you could take one of the many courses out there or read one of the many books and in the end your drawing skill may be improved but it probably won’t be up to what you’d like.

With my book, “How You Can Become An Artist in 7 Days”, you get my proprietary system of exercises which you can’t get anywhere else. These exercises are designed to build your specific drawing skills up to the level you desire. Sure, you get the artistic principles every other book or course give you but beyond that you get these powerful exercises that transform your drawing abilities and send them into the stratosphere.

If you are serious about your art, this is the solution for you. If not, then let me save you some time and money: don’t bother. This is only for people who seriously want to draw, once and for all, no excuses, get it done.

You could pass up on this opportunity and what do you get? Just one more failed dream. But if you invest the small amount of money to get my book and do the exercises, you’ll finally realize that dream of being able to draw, to express yourself and your ideas through images.

And that, my friend, is priceless. And luckily, you won’t have to pay a fortune, only a small investment and a labor of love to gain one of the most treasured skills in the world.

Get the eBook. Click Buy Now

 (Product is digital and the image is for visualization)

Looking for the Paperback Edition? Click Here

Looking for the Kindle Edition? Click Here.

Looking for the Ebay Paperback? Click Here.

Looking for the Amazon Paperback? Click Here

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Click here to get Learn To Draw… at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Learn To Draw… is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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