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Is There a Difference Between Work At Home Jobs and a Work From Home Business?


Search engines often have a difficult time differentiating between work at home jobs and a work from home business. Often the only difference is in how the website owner has optimized its pages to target specific keywords.

If you are looking for work at home jobs you may not necessarily be looking for a work from home business. If you're looking from a work from home business you might not necessarily be looking for work from home jobs.

A job normally means you are working for a set wage. This may be an hourly wage, a commission, or a salary. With a business you're usually building something of your own that you own and you only get paid when your business make sales.

There really are not that many work at home jobs on the Internet. You can find some at websites such as as well as others.

These type of websites bring employers and employees together. When you work at home for an employer is known as telecommuting. There are many nice things about this including the fact that you do not have to get up and go to an office to do your work.

On the Internet work from home businesses could have been similar to a work at home jobs. For example you could take paid surveys and work for yourself. Every servicey you fill out earns you some money.

You may think of this as a job but you're not really hired for a set hourly rate. You only make money when you complete the surveys. From this perspective in reality you have your own work from home business and the business is taking online surveys.

Another job people think of today on the Internet would include being a virtual assistant. However you can turn this into a business as well and work for more than one Internet marketer doing tasks such as typing, blogging, and answering the phone.

The thing about doing a work at home job is when you stop performing that task you are no longer getting paid. Many people prefer to start a home business because they know they can turn that into a long term income stream.

There are many residual income opportunities that give you the business opportunity to walk away from and still get paid. The ability to not have a cap on your income is one of the draws of a work from home business over a work at home job.

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