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Is SAP the only Choice For ERP Software?


ERP is a software program developed to help ease enterprise operations. When talking about ERP, SAP immediately springs to mind. SAP is an acronym for System Application Products . It is used to create a centralized database for all applications in an business. SAP products are generally focused on enterprise resource planning (ERP).

SAP ERP is a software program that help's businesses overcome data handling and transformation issues. This software has become a popular choice for large companies as it helps redefine the vast amount of work processes in the business cycle and change the way business is connected.

Today SAP solutions have become almost indispensable for businesses as a major of the world's largest companies have implemented ERP solutions from SAP.

SAP is a well-known name and is almost synonymous with ERP. However, what many business need to know is that SAP is not the only ERP system out there.

Nowadays, SAP is struggling to retain its leadership position due to intense competition. Ironically, due to its reputation of being the ERP of choice for large companies, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are hesitant in investing in a system that is meant for larger companies.

The ERP market is extremely competitive. This is a buyers market and sellers need to constantly monitor the demands from customers, including SMBs. Many ERP software vendors have tailor their products to suit businesses of all sizes. Small to medium enterprises (SMEs), especially those that have outgrown MYOB, QuickBooks, are now employing the use of ERP software for their business. These SMBs are savvy enough to know that a system fit for big corporates may not necessarily fit their business objectives.

That said, companies that have outgrown MYOB and Quickbooks can reap huge rewards from using an ERP system that has been specifically designed for their business.

Other than SAP, there are many other ERP vendor alternatives out there.

For example, Microsoft is setting a name for itself in the ERP market. It caters its solution to both large and small enterprises, and the company is constantly restructuring its products and upgrading the versions for maximum compatibility.

People Soft, another familiar name in the ERP market, is developed to specifically handle the HR functions in a company. As limited as its bidding may be, its strategic partnership with Oracle, another top player in the ERP market, has transformed the solution into a competitive product by offering SME customers the best features of these two products.

Another popular ERP system is the Jim2 Business Engine from Australian-owned Happen Business. The Jim2 Business Engine is a popular system with SMBs, as it is specifically designed for SMBs, so they can take advantage of ERP for maximum efficiency. Jim2 helps companies drive down costs, manage their data more effectively and operate more efficiently. The Jim2 Business Engine provides a quality system framework and a front-end interface to manage business workflow and processes, representing a basic move away from running small to medium-sized businesses via standard accounting software.

An ERP system like Jim2 can add value to a business by:

  • providing quick access to all files and records
  • adding security levels on data for better safekeeping
  • enabling multiple access to the same file without corruption of data
  • time and date stamping every entry so you know who did what, and when
  • not slowing down as you add more users, customers and suppliers
  • letting you create rules that suit your particular business.

While your business may be too small for SAP there are other ERP alternatives available to help you manage your business. So when it comes to choosing an ERP system for your company, regardless of size, research well to find a solution that best meets your needs.

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