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Invest $ 1200 Dollars For a Quick Return – 3 Ideas


Quick returns are nicer than long term returns. Waiting for the maturity of an investment can sometimes mean waiting for old age. Short cycle investments are much more enjoyable and satisfying because there is absolutely no reason why we should wait an entire year to get 12% when it can be done a lot sooner. What that means is that it can be repeated often to create a massive final yearly yield.

As an investor myself, I am always looking for obscure and unique opportunities that are out of the main stream traditional investing community. Always looking for alternative investment ideas.

The following are three ideas where you can make a quick return, often in under a week and you can do it as often as you like. Compounding is the ultimate goal and making compounding gains of 30% per week not a year, you can literally wind up at the end of the year with quite a large seed capital account.

1) Buy a car from someone who is eager to get rid of the car for what ever reason. Do a good deal and re-sell the car for a decent profit.

2) Put $ 1200 deposit on a corner block of land that is suitable for subdivision. Split the block and re-sell the two lots for a profit.

3) Buy a few small rowing boats for $ 1200 and pay a kid to tend to them all summer renting them to beach goers. Instant passive returns for 6 months every year. Expand your operations to 10 other beaches.

Thinking in this more "hands on" manner about investing creating opportunities that may not ordinarily exist. These types of value investments, used as a tool for compounding, are very safe because you exchange capital for a tangible object or service that has a value in it self. When you trade in value like this, from capital to object back to capital, you will find safety in market support.

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