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Importance of the Telephone


One of the most important inventions in the field of communications during the modern age is the telephone. It is because of this invention that we are able to talk to our friends and families without the hassle of traveling far and going to their place. But many of us these days have forgotten and not recognize the importance of telephone in our lives.

Importance of Telephone

Emergency Purposes

One of the most important contributions the telephone has brought to the lives of people is the ability to call during emergencies. There are over hundreds of emergency calls made every day in the United States alone.

Telephones are very helpful during emergency situations, because they are able to connect to the department you are calling than going to the place with yourself. When you are to call for an emergency it is important for you to speak slowly and clearly. This will help the authorities understand you clearly. State your name, the location of an incident, phone number and the type of emergency you have, this helps in a faster response from the authorities.

Business Purposes

Another great use for telephones is for business. Telephones are very important tool for handling a business. Without a telephone, a company’s production growth would slow down causing loss in money.

Telephones are used by businessmen to call their fellow businessman or their partner in business. Businessmen also use telephones to call for a meeting.

Home Purposes

Finally, the most common use of a telephone is for home purposes. Most families and homes in the United States have a telephone or two. Families are using telephones to call their relatives and friends. When a family wants to order food from the outside, all they have to do is call the store and have their food delivered.

Having a telephone at home also saves a lot of money for the family. For example, if you want to talk to your relative who is living in a place that is very far away from you, you could just simply use your telephone to talk to that relative of yours instead of travelling to their place and spending huge amounts of cash. Aside from saving money, having a phone also saves you precious time from travelling and lets you stay at home.

Telephones should not be taken for granted and they should be valued by us. Even though there are new technologies today, like cell phones, internet, and email, let’s not forget that telephones are still great to use especially if there is no electricity or during blackouts.

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