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Importance of Setting Goals in Business


When it comes to setting your personal goals for your business most people find that their drive to achieving their goals dies down within a couple of months.

We all know exactly how difficult it is to maintain the will to succeed and we must take this into account when we are setting our goals.

The initial enthusiasm is great and everyone gets down to serious business. Getting on with building the business and overcoming any of the obstacles that may lay ahead. But after a while many people become deflated when the results do not arrive the way they should or indeed the way you imagined. This is the first hurdle, the first test if you like, and this is the one you must overcome.

Even though this is normal for many people who try launching their own online business, this is definitely something that you will not see in successful people. To be sure you achieve success and reach your personal goals it’s important to do these 3 things.

Write your goals down:

Set yourself the task of writing a fairly comprehensive list of goals you want to achieve ensuring nothing is missed. Write hundreds if you can, repeat them if necessary – it doesn’t matter! In fact the more you repeat your main words the better. When you’ve completed your business goals list pop over to and generate a word cloud using your words, print it out and put it some-where you’ll be able to see it daily.

Desktop backgrounds:

Put certain images on your desktop as a slide show that changes every thirty minutes or so. Images of dreams like the home you want or the car you want. Seeing these achievable goals on a daily basis will keep your mind focused.

Make a video of yourself:

Thirdly, make a video of yourself reading out the list of business goals you’ve written down for yourself, and explain why you chose them, and what it will do for you and your family or loved ones. Have the video on your desktop right in front of you so that you can watch this back on a daily basis, and keep it as a constant reminder of the life you could have… you are going to have!

It’s so important to keep focused. Mistakes will be made, but you will learn from your mistakes and move on. Eventually you’ll jump many hurdles and the more you jump the closer you will get to fulfilling your dreams, achieving your goals and find success.

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Source by Mark Dawes

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