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Image from page 208 of “Delightful stories; or, Home talks out of the Wonderful book..” (1888)

Image from page 208 of

Image from page 208 of

Identifier: delightfulstori00pelt
Title: Delightful stories; or, Home talks out of the Wonderful book..
Year: 1888 (1880s)
Authors: Peltz, George A. (George Alexander)
Publisher: Philadelphia
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
en, women, a*nd children,with live stock and goods, had to cross. How could it be done ? Swim em, answered Charley, with the promptness of an oldcommander; swim em. Theres no better way to cross rivers. How absurd! exclaimed Carrie. Even if all the men couldswim, which I doubt, for they had not been much about the water;but even if they could, imagine thousands of women and children andbabies swimming across with all their goods. Theyd have a job ofit, and lots of them would be drowned. Jess so, answered the boy, with a laugh. Jess so, and thatswhere the fun would come in. What other way was possible ? asked Grandpa. How elsecould the crossing be made ? As it was done at the Red Sea, said Mary. I dont know howelse it could be done. That was the chosen way. God gave orders that the priestsshould take up the ark of the covenant and, with it on their shoul-ders, that they should march directly into the water. They started,but no sooner did their feet reach the brink of the river than the

Text Appearing After Image:
204 GRANDPA GOODWINS STORIES. water rolled back and stood in a heap above them, while below itflowed away and left the river-bottom bare and dry, so that the peo-ple crossed right over without so much as wetting their feet. Whilethey were passing the priests stood in the middle of the river withthe ark, the waters rising behind them like a great wall. O Grandpa ! how could that be ? asked Carrie, as if in doubtwhether he really was serious in what he said. How ? my child. Why, it could not be at all if God kept on inHis usual way, making water run down-hill, as we always see it.But He has power enough and skill enough to make it run up-hillas well as down, or stand in a heap as readily as flow. God certainlycan do such acts. The only question is, Will He? But why did He do it then ? persisted Carrie. He meant to honor Joshua by enabling him to lead the peopleinto Canaan. There was no other way to do it save this. But inthis way it would be done safely and quickly. None of the Israelit

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