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Ideal Treatment for Ulcers


In this article I'm going to talk about the most ideal treatment when it comes to ulcers. In case you do not know ulcers are tiny open holes in your stomach, throat, mouth or even on your skin.

These open holes do not mix very well with the various fluids, acids and bacteria that travel around your digestive system. Ouch, that last sentence sounds painful, and yes these open holes do cause pain.

Other symptoms of these ulcers may include feeling unusually tired, being nauseous and possibly vomiting. Oh, and if you vomit up blood or something that looks like coffee grounds, that's serious and you should probably see a doctor. The same goes if you see blood or a blackish powder in your poop.

What causes ulcers is not spicy food, stress or alcohol, which was thought to be the culprit for a long time. Instead it's a tiny bacterium known as H. pylori. You get this nasty bugger from consuming contaminated food or water.

The ideal treatment for ulcers really comes down to not getting the open wound in the first place. This means not to eat a lot of raw meat, drink filtered water and wash fruits and vegetables.

The next line of defense is your immune system. Yep, your body has the ability to blast H Pylori into a zillion pieces, before it causes harm. Some people have stronger immune systems than others, but the great thing is that everyone can make this system stronger.

For starters you want to get a full night's rest every night. One idea that has really helped me is earplugs that stop noise from annoying neighbors. Next drink lots of fluids, do not use a lot of tobacco, maintain healthy stress and do not eat too much sugar. I know cutting back on sugar takes a ton of willpower.

Next there are tons and tons of herbal remedies and supplements that can improve your immune system like getting Peyton Manning as a quarterback for a football team.

One of the best herbal remedies would be olive leaf extract. The benefits of this herb were first discovered around 1880 as healers not aware it could have been used to counteract malaria. It can destroy harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and the best part is that it does not harm good bacteria, unlike antibiotics.

More good news is that with a study by Upjohn pharmaceutical company in 1970 showed that even with dosage several hundred times higher than the recommended amount, no negative side effects were discovered. When you compare that to pharmaceutical drugs, you can see why I recommend it.

There really are just so many more supplements and herbs that can destroy undesired invaders. In the unfortunate event that this H Pylori puts a hole in your system, it's important to be careful with painkillers. Many of them can harm the digestive system, and cause more damage.

Also you could get drugs that reduce the amount of acid in you body, which can treat the pain, but there are negative side effects. I really recommend natural solutions such as honey, bananas, garlic and possibly licorice. Plus there are many herbs and supplements that can help.

Since I can not cover everything in a short article, I highly recommend you to check out a free report and video guide I created. This report provides many tips for choosing herbs and supplements. Plus a lot more like natural remedies for skin care, improving fitness and your digestive system.

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Source by Kevin Whitsitt

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