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How to Use Audio in Business


As an online business owner you have probably heard others using audio to add another layer to their businesses. They may have an online radio show, a podcast, audio products, or host teleseminars. These are all great ways to use audio in your business model.

The good news is using audio in your business does not have to be difficult and it can not only add just another layer to your business, but also another revenue stream as well. That's even better, right?

As I mentioned there are several options for using audio in business. These include:

An online radio show. Websites like Blog Talk Radio and Talkshoe allow you to host your own live radio show and invite your listeners to hop online and chat with you via a chat room. What a great way to not only share audio with your listeners but to also interact and communicate with them as well.

A podcast. A podcast is similar to an online radio show, however it is recorded, saved, shared and can then be listened to at your listener's convenience. It can even be downloaded to their computer or MP3 player for listening at their convenience, where they are. Podcasts can actually be created from your online radio show recordings and are a great additional layer to put into place.

Audio products. You may have been wondering when the revenue stream was going to be mentioned. Well, here you have it, an audio product. Audio products are easy to create and can be a great source of additional income for your business. Recording a series of audios and packaging them with some written materials can create for you a strong information product.

A teleseminar. A strong list-builder for your business is a teleseminar. The strategy used with a teleseminar is offering it for free in exchange for a listener's name and email address. They are then sent the information about the free call and can call in to listen. The teleseminar can be recorded and the recording can be offered for free or as a paid audio after the live event.

Are you ready to start using audio in your business? Do not be shy, it can be fun and profitable.

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