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How To Make Money With Lawn Care – Proven Strategies Revealed

Product Name: How To Make Money With Lawn Care – Proven Strategies Revealed


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chore into incredible income!

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From: Daniel Pepper

Dear Friend,
Yes you can make
a lot of money
with lawn care — if you know what you are doing.
If you’re looking for a fast but effective way to make some extra money that stays in your pocket …

Or, if you’ve always wanted to effectively “double” the money you already make with your lawn business …

this may be the most important letter
you’ve ever read.

I don’t care if you’re skeptical. I don’t care if you’ve been scammed over and over again. In fact, the more apprehensive you are the better…

Because on the following web
page, I’m going to show you how ANYONE can
have an outrageously profitable lawn care business(that
takes as few or as many hours each day as YOU
WANT) – even if you have
ZERO business experience!

Even better, if
you ALREADY have a lawn care business . . .

demonstrate how you can build your business FASTER than you thought possible and see “real” results within days!

advice you can use to quickly and easily start or grow your very own
‘HOT’ Lawn Care Business in as little as 48 hours!*

to turn a dead and embarrassing lawn into a fresh, green, luscious
oasis – the best-looking lawn on the block and get paid big bucks to do it!*

secrets to closing more quotes than your competition can dream of!*

to find hot, potential customers (in 20 minutes or LESS!) that you can
start selling your lawn care service to — NOW!*

mowing patterns you can copy to make any lawn you mow look
like a million bucks!*

to get other businesses working for you – selling your Lawn
Business for FREE!*

to write ‘KILLER’ ad copy for your Lawn Care
Business that sells!*

to outthink, outwit, outsell, outpace, and outperform every competitor
that gets in your way!*

This is the same formula that
I’ve taught to regular people — some with no special education or experience – people just like
you, who have used it to start “exciting” lawn care businesses that give
them more free time and income…

it’s the same formula people who already have lawn service businesses (who
took a chance at looking at different strategies and techniques) have
used to become lawn business success stories in less time then they thought.

Wait a second…this may not be for you

Let me make something perfectly clear.

If you’re going to just rush over this page without reading it word for word…

If you’re not willing to take ten minutes to read this letter all the way through…

Then leave this site now. All the best with making money with lawn care, but you’re wasting your time and mine. I simply can’t help you.

Sound a little harsh? It is and here’s why.

I am not willing to waste my time with candy-coated phrases and a lot of hype…just to convince you that I really do lawn care and that I really do make a lot of money at it and that I really do have powerful information that can turn your life right-side up. What I am saying is true, completely legitimate, and every testimonial you are about to read is real.

You still with me for now? Good.

Let me begin to break down the wall of skepticism you may be facing…

I’ll start with a REAL LIFE testimonial. In fact you can check out Sam’s books on and even contact his company about this testimonial. He’s a real life multi-millionaire who coaches small businesses in the United States and around the world and he says my lawn business information is the REAL DEAL.

This is a letter I received
from one
of the best small business coaches in
the United States. He investigated, tested, tried out, and dissected my lawn
care business formula inside out…… and this is what he had to

“The Small Business

says get ‘The Formula’ if you’re interested in making serious money with lawn care.”*

“If you are
interested in making serious money
with a lawn care business that is easy to start, get
this course. I have seen Daniel
grow in his lawn business and his success. His
ideas work – he’s living proof.
Having a chance to learn directly
from him and his successful business model could be the difference
between going from paycheck to paycheck or making ‘real’

you’re looking for an ‘ultimate’
shortcut that can get you making
money quickly, don’t
hesitate. Daniel is in business for
the long haul and he stands behind his promises 100%!”

Beckford The Small Business Millionaire
Co Author of

It is
estimated that 70+% of Lawn
Businesses fail within 2 – 5 years.
Do you want to make sure you are not the next victim?
Download this FREE business-saving
MP3 now and find out how I succeeded
at turning my afternoon chore into a booming lawn
care business!

Your Name

Click the
button above to instantly get your FREE MP3 download! Forms capable
browser required … Please just press the button ONCE!

Important: I
will never share your information with anyone. You can unsubscribe
any time you want. Feel free to look at my Privacy

“So, why is a Lawn Care
Business the right choice for you?”

why am I  the RIGHT guy to help YOU like I have for so many other REAL
PEOPLE who turn to me for lawn care business advice!”)

You’re right! I don’t know you. I also don’t know your story. Maybe you’ve seen a hundred web pages like this and maybe this is your first one. Maybe you already have a lawn business or maybe you don’t and you’re curious to see how lawn care can put some money in your back pocket.

It really doesn’t matter because there is one rock-solid reason you’re still reading this letter.

You want to get ahead. You want an edge. You want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

I want you to feel that drive to succeed…that impulse to do whatever it takes. Because when you do, you will really see this lawn care business opportunity for what it really is. You will make a decision like those who have visited this site before you and completely transform your life.

I’m the president of my own lawn care business and I really do make a lot of money with lawn care. I have for years and will continue for years to come.

known for years that lawn care is one of the fastest ways to make real
money with little to no investment – if you do
it the smart way.

You see dollar for dollar,
nothing provides a better return on investment
than a lawn care business since it can take little to no
cash to start.

Unlike other businesses in
which you may be waiting months or even years to make money or
break-even, in as little as a few hours,
you can begin making money with your own lawn business – money
that stays in your pocket.

And to top it all off, I guarantee that I can help you do it.

In just a few minutes I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is and giving you a free sneak peek at lawn business secrets you can take to the bank.

Still interested? Keep reading.

“Are you wondering why I have a website like this if I’m so successful?”

If you aren’t thinking about this question then you should be. In fact, you should have thought about this question the moment you landed on this page.

If I am such a ‘hot shot’ at lawn care, why even have a website like this?

The first is that it expands my business. I live, eat, and breath lawn care and to be able to expand my business to the world by helping others start or grow their businesses is simply amazing. I love it.

The second reason can be summed up in this question.

Does Tiger Woods still need to golf from a financial standpoint?

The answer is an emphatic NO. He does it cause he loves it. I am doing this because I love it.

I’m doing this because I have more success stories than I know what to do with. I’m doing this because I’ve seen the same formula that I’ve used to build a booming lawn care business help people just like you and permanently change their lives. I’m doing this because I know it works. I’ve seen the same successful results over and over again.

“Does this sound too good to be true?”

Maybe, if you’re
thinking you have to go at it alone. You could stumble along
experiencing some success and some failure as you go. How much time and
money that will take is anyone’s guess because you have no
one else’s experience or advice to draw from.

Or maybe
you’ve already got your hands on a weak lawn
business book (not worth the money you paid) and so far
it’s helped you accomplish little to nothing.

But, if you
had the right resources, tools,
and expert advice in your hands,
you really could have a successful and profitable lawn care business of
your own very quickly, bypassing all the
pitfalls and hurdles others are falling into.

Give me a chance and let me prove
that I might just have the answer
you’re looking for (like I have for so many others).

“I know you may have some concerns…”

After all
– who am I to be
giving YOU advice about starting a lawn care business? And, more important, how can you trust what I
am telling you?

These are important questions.

So first
off, you should know that when I first started my lawn care business
I sure didn’t look like I would be successful:

was going nowhere fast and I knew it. My parents certainly
didn’t have the answer since they were working 9 to 5 and had
nothing to show for it. I was desperate and the money I did make was
not enough to do anything, I was broke and I was out of ideas.

when something spectacular happened…

 “An Afternoon
Chore Turns Into A
Booming Business”

I want to tell you my story. And every time I think about it, I shake my head because I never would have believed that what I was about to step into would reach around the world.

I didn’t even see it

I got a new household chore – mowing
the lawn. I really didn’t want it. I mean, I
would have to mow the lawn whether it was scorching hot or drizzly and wet.

With the
ever so small chance of making just a little more money, it
didn’t take me long to get into the swing of things and keep
the grass looking good – or so I thought.

The lawn
mower was heavy and I was uncoordinated.
I just couldn’t seem to get the skill to make the mowing
lines straight.

You know what I mean?
You’ve seen those lawns. The ones cut by kids in your
neighborhood. Uneven mowing stripe patterns and bad trimming jobs. All
the signs that the lawn is in the hands of a youngster.

Well, one
day, something changed. I could sense it.
It was really the age old truth of practice makes perfect but what did I know — I was just a kid.

As I pulled the line trimmer and lawn mower out of the garage I just
knew today’s lawn cut would be different.

I seemed to
manuever the trimmer more easily than I ever had before. Everything looked so nice and neat. When I
followed up with the mowing, all the lines looked perfect. They were
actually really straight.

enough to get the attention of my parents. They were really impressed
and so was I.

But, my business-mind got me thinking.

When I first
started mowing the lawn, I got the job done in over an hour. After
weeks of trial and error, on this fateful day, I got the job done in 30

I now had in
my hands a little money-making FORMULA none of my
friends knew about and there were a whole lot of lawns just in my
neighborhood that I could mow.

Within weeks, after catching
the eye of a couple passing neighbors and knocking on some doors,
something great happened – I had my first few customers.

The rest is
history. Year after year my business grew bigger and my afternoon chore
turned into a booming lawn care business.

In case you are STILL skeptical(I
respect that), let me tell you what my FORMULA doesn’t

I help so many people start
their own lawn care businesses and make the ones they own even better. But just in case you’ve been “fooled”
or “taken” by
get-rich quick schemes that promise riches and never deliver, let me
quickly tell you what my FORMULA doesn’t require:

I had to start
over from scratch, this is
exactly the formula I would use to create a booming
lawn care business.”

How To Make A Bank
Manager’s Salary By Operating A Lawn Business

Packed with over
600+ pages of easy to follow instructions, business strategies to double your income, resource
lists, audio, video, tools, and tons more!

And it’s the SAME
FORMULA that people just like you are
using to drive “truckloads” of cash out of their
lawn care businesses.

“I appreciate your course…”*

Kendall JamesKJ Mowing

“I am almost able to quit my job…”*

“The Formula has surprised me time and again…”*

“I just wanted to say thanks for all of the info you’ve provided me. I’m always VERY skeptical about buying anything over the net and I’ve NEVER bought an e-book before but I have to say that this book has surprised me time and again with its insight and solid advice. Thanks again to you and your team!”

Bryan DavisDavis Landscaping and Lawn Care

Patricia SpencerVancouver

“I finally purchased my dream truck…”*

“I am paying of debt faster than I thought…”*

“Well, your course works here too. Even down under I have managed to follow your tips in regards to creating my company and building it to 44 customers. I am paying off debt faster than I thought possible with this extra income stream. Any time you want to do a seminar down here let me know because I will shout it on the streets. 🙂 Thank you kindly mate.”

Derk WhitbyAustralia (Adelaide)

“…from 49 customers up to 111 customers…”*

“It took me 78 days to go from 49 customers up to 111 (112 if you include my own house). The Formula works. Thank you for creating it Daniel. It is an inspiration to me daily. Words cannot express my family’s gratitude.”

“An inspiring Formula…”*

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for putting together such a fine and inspiring Formula. Your legwork and dedication of putting all this together has saved me huge amounts of time and research. I have struggled along as a wannabe business person for a couple of years now, and thanks to your formula I am completely re-inspired and ready to take on the market.  You have helped me to “put it all together” and to gain a “big picture” view of my company and my life that I was previously lacking.”

Mike BrunelleSmall Town Landscape Services

“I Don’t Care Who You Are, Where You Come From, How Much Money You Have In The Bank, How Much Free Time You Have, Or How Smart You Might Be — I’m Going To Prove To You That You Can Make Money With Lawn Care By Using One Or More Of The Tips I Have For You!”

A Sneak
Peek Of Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside This Proven Formula”

“Why you absolutely must
not buy any lawn care business course that does
not meet these criteria…”

(Overlook these and it’ll cost you in more ways
than one)

I realize there are some good
lawn business ‘experts’ who teach their business
techniques. But let me share with you the things that set
‘The Ultimate Lawn Care Business Formula” apart in
my mind.

“Be Honest. What Is “Getting Ahead” Worth To You?”

This is the point where people make a really big mistake.

But even better for you is the fact The Formula is not even close to that much money.

You can feel confident that this formula is truly complete. It’s not a “teaser” designed to upgrade you to something more expensive. Every single thing you need is inside.
You just need to ask yourself which you’d rather have… The same cheap, mass-marketed books that everyone else buys (with techniques that have been worn out and abused)?… Or a genuine competitive edge?
Look, most people fail because they don’t know where to start. That’s why I’ve organized my formula in a clear, step-by-step manner. Instead of being overwhelmed, you’ll have a clear game plan; you’ll know exactly what to do first, second, third, etc.
Best of all, you won’t need to be a technical whiz to browse the formula to implement my strategies, and you don’t need any special equipment or experience.

But Wait, There’s Plenty More…

If you’re excited about the 600+ pages of killer new information that you’ll receive in the FULL VERSION of the “Ultimate Lawn Business Formula: Insider Secrets Of A ‘Wealthy’ Student Revealed”, then I think you’re going to like what I’m about to do next.

Because I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success, so I’ve decided to give away a Bonus ‘Toolbox’ of FIVE SUPER BONUSES — absolutely free.

Bonus #1:   “Payment Automation: Stop Chasing Your Customers For Money – Instantly — Guaranteed!” 

Your lawn care business may be unknowingly wasting time and money (on a daily basis) and automating your customers payments will allow you to break through barriers and blow your competition out of the water — because you have much more time to do so!

Approaching your business right now without automating payments THE RIGHT WAY is exactly one BIG REASON that may be KEEPING YOU FROM TRULY SUCCEEDING. This could be what takes you from average to incredible success — practically overnight.

Enjoy getting setup for FREE and start watching your payments come in WHILE YOU SLEEP –guaranteed!

Bonus #2:   “Nothing Happens Until You Take Action! (MP3)” 

By taking action on one “correct” strategy after another you can easily take a failing or “okay” lawn care business and turn it into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE, continually growing and long lasting powerhouse.

By taking action, you can double, triple or even quadruple the power (and results) of your current marketing.

By taking action you can bust out of the mold and excel to the top of your town or city making you completely immune to anyone or anything that stands in your way of success.

But by not taking action, you are no doubt leaving HUGE amounts of money on the table and on the path to running your lawn care business aground.

In this power-packed audio session, Daniel Pepper shows you how to correctly take action. He’ll show you how by taking action on effective lawn business information you can increase both profits and the overall value of your business so fast your competitors won’t know what hit’em.

Bonus #3:   “How To Motivate Yourself: 20 Tips To Fast Track Success In Your Life! (MP3)” 

You’ll make mistakes. It won’t always be sunny. There’s no such thing as a perfect employee or customer. Life isn’t a walk in the park and neither is business.

If you don’t know how to stir yourself up to keep going when the going gets tough you’re in TROUBLE.

You’ll learn how to stay balanced no matter what comes your way. You’ll learn strategies that will help you become one of the tiny successful minority who “get it” and start making tons of money because you are “doing it” the right way.

Yes, you’ll learn how to stay energized so much so that if you do nothing more than approach every situation with the self-motivation “glasses” he’ll give you, you can start doing business like the extraordinarily successful lawn care business entrepreneurs…earning you HUGE Paydays!

Bonus #4:   ” Knock-Em Dead Instant Lawn Care Letters, Contracts, And Forms” 

This is a truly solid bonus for you and its absolutely free — it’s a collection of lawn care business letters, contracts, and forms that you can outright copy and use for your own lawn care business IMMEDIATELY.
This professionally written collection will not only save you hours of mind-numbing design, as you try to come up with what to say and how to say it, it will also save you the frustration of trying to decide which one will produce the results you need.
This collection of “fill-in-the-blank” letters, contracts, and forms make it easy for you to “steal” my copy and apply it to your lawn business and is all you’ll ever need to magically persuade your readers… in 10 minutes or less!

Bonus #5:   “Amazing Collection Of Lawn Care Business Names, Logos, & Slogans!”

How can you start off on the right path to professionalism? Have a lawn business name, logo, and slogan that makes you look like a pro.

Most people don’t even bother. This one mistake takes a decent bite out of their company image from the go ahead and slows them down from creating the momentum they need to burst onto the lawn care scene in their city.

When you get this bonus in your hands, you’ll understand WHY so many people fall far short in looking professional… and now you can make sure you STOP doing it, too!

There you have it. Is that a great package or what?
Right now you’ve got everything you need to join the ranks of successful lawn care business owners that are making a killing – but wait, there is…

“One more thing you can count on…”

“100% Better Than Risk Free Guarantee”

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this opportunity as risk-free as possible (actually better-than-risk-free). So I will completely guarantee your success when you use my strategies with my ironclad guarantee:

If you use any three of my strategies, I personally guarantee that you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your results.

 If you don’t agree that this information is literally worth tens of thousands of dollars to you in future profits, or if you change your mind about the formula for any reason at all…

It can be because you felt it was not worth the money, or
just because you didn’t like the paper it’s printed on…

… You can return it at anytime within the next 8 weeks for a 100% refund of your purchase price.

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally skeptical — not the 1% who’ll take advantage of me. But more important…

Only a handful of customers have reportedly failed to double their profits with my strategies.

… Sure, once in a while there’s a tire kicker who buys my formula, does nothing with it, and sends it back for a refund. But as you can see from my testimonials, students who USE my strategies are wowed by the results, and wouldn’t even think of trading my formula back for a few hundred dollars.

Anyone can offer you a “100% money-back guarantee.” Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back? When you buy my formula, I take all of the risk. If my formula doesn’t deliver, I’m the one who eats his shirt — not you.

“What Do You Have To Lose?”

This is a great question. The reality is — absolutely nothing. Think about it…

Here I am presenting you with the exact formula I use to make money with lawn care. Information that multi-millionaire small business coach Sam Beckford says is authentic and profitable. Not to mention the testimonials from people just like you who are ecstatic about their results from using the Formula. And best of all, you can try The Formula out for yourself and to put it to your own test for RISK FREE. I know what’s out there. I know how much hype, junk, and pure scams are waiting to take advantage of you.There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you go anywhere else, not only will you waste your money, you’ll also waste a real chance to become wealthy with lawn care.

You’ve Waited Long Enough, Act Today!

Daniel Pepper – President

Successful Lawn Business Strategies

Why are using the word “gamble”? If you want to order The Formula, it comes with a 56 day risk-free guarantee plus you get to keep all the 5 FREE Bonuses . You are gambling nothing. Do yourself a favor. Don’t make this difficult. All you have to do is two things. First, honestly examine where you are in life right now. Think about the bills you have to pay. Think about the time you are spending (or wasting) working in whatever job you’re working in, not even making close to what you can make with lawn care.I don’t know you, or what you’re all about. But there isn’t a person on the planet that wants to have a barely-get-by lifestyle. Second, think about what I am saying. I have shown you REAL testimonials and I’ve shown you proven lawn care business tips and tricks that I GUARANTEE will work for you and you can even put my course to your own test and take it for a free test drive with my money-back guarantee. If my lawn
care business formula doesn’t deliver, I’m the one who eats his shirt
— not you.

If you don’t claim a copy of my “Ultimate Lawn
Care Business Formula”, when WILL you start
or grow that lawn care business you’ve been talking about?
OR — how WILL you really get ahead in life if you don’t start making extra money?
If you continue on the same path, will the kind
of successes I’ve shown you on this page be within
your reach? Or will you continue, stuck in a rut,
with the same mediocre lawn care business and lifestyle?
I’ve already helped “real people”, just
like you, make life-changing money with
their very own lawn care businesses.
Let your profits be the proof
that my formula works!
If you’re not convinced that my formula will help
you create a wildly profitable lawn care business
of your very own, you’ve spent nothing but the 60 seconds to order it.
So whether or not you make life-changing
money with your very own profitable lawn
care business is now completely up to you…Click the PayPal button below to order your copy today…

Instant Download Version

*INCOME CLAIM WARNING: Even though we have sworn affidavits on hand for every one of the income claims on this site, these income examples are representative of some of the most successful participants in the program. Some members may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average participants. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions. By using this website you are agreeing to our Legal Income Disclaimer.

By using this site you are agreeing to our: Privacy Policy – Disclaimer – Terms of Use

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