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How To Make Money With A Designer Purse Business


Designer purses are an item that’s always in demand. No matter how the dictates of fashion what to wear might evolve, a designer handbag is always an important element on the fashion frontier. If you enjoy being around beautiful designer handbags, why not make a business out of it? There are a variety of ways you can make a respectable part-time or even full-time income in the designer handbag business. Here are some ideas:

Host a designer purse party.

Designer purse parties have become all the rage. They provide an opportunity for fashion conscious women to spend an evening socializing and shopping for designer handbags. All you need to host a designer purse party are a group of stylish friends and a healthy selection of designer handbags and wallets. Set the handbags up in your living room in an eyecatching display and prepare to take orders. Make the evening more memorable and promote your bags by having contests, playing fashion related games, and having fashion shows featuring the designer handbags. Serve some light refreshments and you have a recipe for a successful party. To expand your business, look for other people who want to share in your vision and host their own designer purse parties.

Sell designer handbags on eBay.

High end designer handbags can command astounding prices in the competitive and emotional auction environment. Join in the fun and pick up some profits by selling your own designer handbags on eBay and other online auction sites. Choose your purses carefully to ensure your profit margin is sufficient. Investigate designer handbag companies carefully before purchasing to avoid buying knock off merchandise. Your online reputation and the reputation of your designer purse business could be at stake.

Sell designer handbags through a home showroom.

Convert an empty room into your house into a showcase for designer purses. When the holiday season or other gift giving occasion rolls around, sponsor an open house complete with refreshments and a fashion show to show off your merchandise. Make it a regular event and you’ll attract even more customers. To get the word out, mail postcards with a designer handbag motif on the front listing the date and time of the open house. Be sure to have a book to get the addresses of anyone who attends.

Sell designer handbags in local offices in your area.

There are lots of fashionable women working in business offices all over the country who don’t have time to shop. Work out an arrangement with the office manager at local offices in your area to allow you to display your handbags during lunch hour. This will probably appeal to the management since it means fewer people will leave the office for lunch and come back late. You can even offer to give a portion of the profits from your designer purse business to the office. You can build up quite a loyal following this way.

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