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“Micro Pig Expert Reveals The Insider Secrets Of Buying, Training
And Living With A Fabulous Micro Pig !

169 Sections Of Micro Pig Information,
Available At Your Fingertips .

“Never Be Lost
For A Micro Pig Answer Again.”

  Everything You Need To Know From Day
One In One Comprehensive ebook.

“The love of a pig is as wonderful and warm as the love that you experience in
your family.” 

“Hi! I’m
Horace, Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Micro Pig Ownership.”

“Owning, Training & Bonding With
Your Micro Pig Is A Rewarding Experience Full Of Fun And Happiness”

“Tea Cup Pigs And Micro Pigs The
Complete Owners Guide.”

Clear Concise Expert Information
and Advice. Some examples :

What is the
difference between a micro pig and a teacup

Despite some reports that they are
different, the micro pig, mini pig and teacup pig are all the same and are actually just different
words to describe them.

Despite the common belief that pigs are dirty, owners of micro
pigs are happy to report that their pets are very clean. They prefer to have an area for toileting and an
area for sleeping and if they are properly trained, a micro pig will avoid going to the bathroom in the home;
which is their sleeping area, and will only go outside in the area that is set up. Remember that
housetraining with any pet rests solely on the shoulders of the owner and the training they do with their

Micro pigs make extremely good
pets. Their small size allows them to live anywhere that a medium sized dog could live and their
intelligence has them as easily trained as even the smartest dog breeds. They are usually very
healthy animals and while it may not seem the case, they are a clean animal. They bond well with
their owners and are the perfect addition to a family.

Looking For Real Information
Wasn’t Easy…….

I’m Elliot Lang and I’m the author
of “Tea Cup Pigs And Micro
Pigs The Complete Owners Guide.”
 Writing this book has been a labour of love and a long
awaited ambition. You see, when I first had an interest in Micro Pigs, I found it extremely
difficult to find true, accurate information about buying a pig and providing it with the
best of homes, once it was part of the family. I searched the Internet and book shops,
looking for a guide that not only had the basic information on how to make that initial,
important decision to become a Micro Pig owner. But also all the information I would need to
provide the pig with the right environment and a loving home .

I searched and searched but wasn’t able to find
what I was looking for. That was some time ago now and since then I’ve become a micro pig owner. Well owner isn’t
quite the right word. You see you don’t really own a Micro Pig, instead it becomes a part of your
family. It all
starts with a pig; at least, that is what anyone who owns a micro pig will tell you. There is something wonderful
about the animal that is very difficult to put your finger on. You could say that it is their sweet little
appearance or their little snorts, or it could be their personality, whatever it is, people who own a micro pig are
hooked as far as pets are concerned.

Over the years I’ve become
known as an expert, having built up my knowledge both by reading, studying and more importantly from my own
experience, of buying and living with these wonderful animals. This is why I embarked on this journey to write the
definitive, but easy to read and access guide to being a Micro pig family member.

I have to say that I’m really
proud of this book and I have to thank my children and my wife for all the help and encouragement they gave me. I
also have to thank the micro pigs for all the love, friendship and enjoyment they have provided over the years. A
friendship and enjoyment I’ll share with you in

“Tea Cup Pigs And
Micro Pigs The Complete Owners Guide.”

 “Everything  You Need To Know To Find
The Perfect Micro Pig For Your Family”.

169 Subjects
Fully Covered.

“Hi! I’m
Horace, Welome To The Wonderful World Of Micro Pig Ownership.”

Subjects Covered In This Ultimate

History Of The Micro

Facts About The Micro

Pros And Cons Of The Micro

Finding A


Setting Up Your Micro Pig’s

Moving Your Micro


  More Subjects Covered In This
Ultimate Guide:-

Introducing Your Micro Pig To Other

Daily Meals For Your Micro

Treats & Snacks For Your
Micro Pig, 


Training To Go

More Subjects Covered In This Ultimate Guide:- 

The Healthy

Common Health

Should You Breed Your

The Information You Need To Buy, Train,

Own And
Love A Micro Pig.”

Tea Cup And Micro
Pig, The Complete Owner’s

The Must Have Guide For Everyone
 Who Is Passionate About Owning, Breeding or
Raising  Teacup Pigs, Micro Pigs & Mini-Pigs.

“All The Information You
Need To Make The Initial
Decision “Should Your Family Include  A Micro

Without a
doubt, making the decision to have a Micro Pig as part of the family takes some time. Perhaps one of the
reasons for this is your concern about having a Micro Pig as a pet. Over the past couple of years it’s become
a bit of a fad to own a pig and you regularly see celebrities telling the world that they are now Micro Pig

Celebrity Owners

Beckhams, Paris Hilton, Katie Price, Charlotte Church, Rupert
Grint, Jonathan Ross.

I’m sure that
the vast majority of celebrity owners, just like everyone who owns a Micro Pig, fall under the charm of these
amazing animals. They are cute, clean and remarkably intelligent. They are affectionate and can be easily
litter trained. They are sociable and have their own personalities. And of course I shouldn’t
forget, that they love having their bellies

“I Love Having My Belly

“I Provide Both Pros &

I hope that last sentence made you smile, because
smiles and happiness is a major part of living with a Micro Pig. They are charming animals, who bond easily and
very quickly become part of the family. When it comes to children, the micro pig is usually wonderful. They are
generally docile enough not to become aggressive towards children and since many micro pigs can be playful, they
can provide children with a playful companion.

But to make your decision, you need all the facts
and so I’ve included both the pros and cons of buying and owning a Micro Pig. When I was in your position and was
still undecided, I found it very difficult to get real honest information. So as I wrote  this guide, I was
very aware of including all the information you need to make a valid decision. I provide both the Pros And Cons.
However I should say that in my opinion, the Pros far outweigh the Cons, but I’ll admit that I’m biased as I share
my life with a wonderful Micro Pig.

contented owners……..

It has to be said, that when you talk to owners,
who from day one, took the right path to owning a Micro Pig, you will notice that they are happy, contented and
 delighted with their pets. They will be only too pleased to share with you their enthusiasm just as I’m
delighted to share with you my enthusiasm and my experience of the joy my Micro Pig brings to both my life, our
family life and the people we meet. 

You need real information to make a level,
clearly judged decision, we both know that,

You are making a
decision for many years to come.

So it has to be based on fact. As I said earlier,
when I was first in your position I found it difficult to find real information. If I was talking or corresponding
with breeders, I found their advice tended to be very biased. That’s fair enough, after all they have a vested
interest in selling you a Micro Pig.

What I
needed was an expert ………

What I needed was an expert, who had travelled
the path I was about to take. An expert who could give me unbiased information I could use to make my decision.
Sadly I never found it. I won’t hide the fact it was a hard struggle to get everything together. It took both
myself and my wife months to be sure we had enough information to make the decision to own a micro pig. Although it
had taken longer than we would have wanted we knew it was the right decision the moment we took our new family
member home. The only downside was the time we had wasted just because the information we needed wasn’t readily

Today It doesn’t have
to be this way………

Today you can have all the information you need to both buy the Micro Pig of your choice and to
set up and live with the pig in harmony from day one.   

“Tea Cup Pigs And Micro Pigs The
Complete Owners Guide.”

Unbiased Information To Base Your Micro Pig’s Future On……

 “Finding & Buying Your New Family

When it comes to choosing the right breeder for your micro pig,
the best piece of advice I can give you is to go with your gut instinct. If you feel like the breeder is not
ethical or you get a bad feeling from him or her, go with a different breeder, even if it means waiting a
little longer to get the pig of your dreams. It is better to play it safe than to simply purchase from the
first breeder you meet. In my guide I will show you exactly how I and many other owners have dealt with
breeders perfectly. Let me show you how to appear knowledgeable. How to be “picky.” How to be sociable but in
total control. I’ll tell you why you should never
ever, buy a micro pig at a auction.  How by following my advice, advice learnt over
a number of years, you can buy with confidence. 

Often you will have had a considerably long waiting time, from the moment you decided to buy a
Micro Pig and that magical moment when the new family member arrives home. I have to admit, both myself and my wife
were as excited as the kids when this happened to us. I’d researched all I could and made all the arrangements I
needed to make the home coming a success. It had taken me weeks to get everything together, because real
information just wasn’t available and I got it about 90% right. Of course if I was doing it today, I’d have it 100%
correct and so can you as I’ve included a step by step guide to Welcoming
Your Micro Pig Home.

Nothing is left to chance. 

Everything is covered in detail to ensure you are totally in

With Your Pig.”

The bonding process is very important to ensure that you have a
good relationship with your pig.      The first thing that I want to stress is that every piglet is
different. They all have different personalities and some may adjust better to humans than others. Each breed
of micro pig or pet pig has a different temperament and they may take less time or more time to

It is important to really take the advice of your piglet’s
breeder. He or she will understand the breed of pig that you are purchasing and can give you many helpful
tips to help the bonding process. The key to bonding with your micro pig is socialization. It is
important to choose a breeder that provides a lot of hands on interaction with the piglets while they are
young to ensure that they are more trusting of humans.  In this guide I’ve provided you with all the
knowledge and information you need to ensure this important part of Micro Pig ownership takes place easily. I
can’t stress too strongly that you need to have all the information from day one to ensure you start and
continue in the best possible way. 

Once the bond is made both with yourself and all of your family
it will be made for life. Bonding with your Micro Pig is a truly magical time. Don’t leave this to
chance. It is far too important. Make sure you have all the information you need and follow in my footsteps.
I guarantee that you will never regret

A Friend For

 From my own personal experience I can assure you
that kids love micro pigs and micro pigs love kids. In the 13 chapters I’ve written in this
guide I’ve attempted to share with you not only the information you need to make owning
a Micro Pig a success, but also to include the happiness and enjoyment these marvelous little
pigs bring to our lives.

Every owner I have ever met has tale upon
tale of the funny antics of their pig. How the whole family bond with this little
personality and how the personality bonds with them.

I’ve included
everything I believe you need….

Right from
the start I was very aware, that peoples’ lives are busy these days, but I was also aware that this guide
should included everything you need to start this new journey. I have written this book to be accurate and
concise. I have edited the content to remove anything that was superfluous , but I’ve also ensured that I
haven’t removed a single piece of information that you need. I’ve also been very careful not to remove the
happiness that Micro Pigs have brought into our lives and I’m sure that they will bring into

We have now reached the moment where you need to make a
Do you want to be in a state of control over seeking, buying and living with your Micro
Pig? YES! Then you need to make your first small investment in your new area of

You need
to purchase your copy of “Tea Cup Pigs And Micro
Pigs The Complete Owners Guide.”

Place your order
NOW and you will have the complete ebook, comprising of 13 Information Filled Chapters loaded
on your computer within the next five minutes. There is no delay waiting for the post.
The whole guide is yours

“What Others Have To Say About
This Ultimate Guide To Micro Pigs.”

Everything you want to know about
Micro Pigs and more……..  GUARANTEED to answer all your
questions about Micro Pigs the guide is a Must Have For Every Micro Pig Fancier Or Owner. This guide covers
the whole subject, from the history of Micro Pigs, though purchasing, housing , bonding, feeding, breeding
and living with your pig. It has been a work of both love and achievement to share with you my
experience and my passion for Micro Pigs.     

Thank you for your

Finally all that’s left to do is welcome you into the fabulous
world of micro pigs. A world full of joy, happiness and wonder. A world that both you and your family can
join. I just like many other Micro Pig owners admit that these little guys have changed our lives. They can
do the same for you. Bring smiles, laughter and happiness into your days. Take the first step now. Place your
order NOW and my secure ordering system will deliver the complete course to your computer within 5 minutes.
Read the guide today and have it at hand as your personal guide over the next weeks and months as you find,
purchase and bond with your new pet . 

 A Final Word From Horace

Hi, I want to
welcome you to my world. A world full of warmth, love and
laughter. I know that the buying of a Micro Pig is not a decision to be taken lightly and you need all the relevant information to make the right
decision. Elliott has produced a guide that is jam packed full of this information. My advice is
place your order now…..

I Wish You Smiles,
Happiness and Of Course

Of Belly


 © Copyright All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer Privacy


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