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How to Invite People to Network Marketing


Network marketing is the business of the new people. In network marketing, you can only be new once. You only have one chance to get started right. Otherwise, you will struggle trying to make money. Inviting new people in your business requires you to have good inviting skills set. I want to cover one of the basic way to invite new people to see your business at their house using the telephone. And, your support team may give you a steps by steps action pattern to build your business. Those action patterns usually are:

1. Making a list of names.
2. Contact and book an appointment with the people on your list of names.
3. Show a presentation about your business opportunity.
4. Follow up with them within 48 hours, and
5. Rotate this action pattern over and over.

Those simple basic step have made more millionaire in network marketing than any other industry in the history of planet earth. Learning how to invite is the 2nd most important skill in this action pattern. This is how you would normally invite your friends and family for the first time:

You: Hello (Prospect name), How you're doing? Prospect: Hey (You), I'm doing great. What about you? You: I'm doing great. Everything is getting better and better every day. Did I call you at a bad time? Prospect: Yea, I'm still at work. (If your prospect is busy, DO NOT talk to them about your business? You: When can I call you back? Prospect: Call me back in 1 hour … You: Ok, great.


You: Hello John, How you're doing?
Prospect: Hey Peter, I'm doing great. What about you?
You: I'm doing great. Everything is getting better and better every day. Did I call you at a bad time?
Prospect: Not really. What's up?
You: Great. The reason I'm calling you is I started building my on business and I thought of you. I can not promise you anything, but I would like to get together and discuss the details?
Prospect: What is it?
You (At this point DO NOT explain anything! And always ask questions) Say something like: "Support team name leader" is doing in the home based business industry?
Prospect: No. Who is that? ((or)) sometimes what is it? Can you tell me more about it? You (Always ask a question with a question): …
Prospect (Usually say): No.
You: Well, let's get together and discuss about it more (Date and time)?
Prospect: OK.
(You say: OK, great. Put it in your calendar and see (Date and Time.) ((Or))) This time will not be good for me.
You: What about (Date and Time)?
Prospect: Not Good. Blababla …
You (Last try): OK. What about (Date and Time)?
Prospect: I do not know. Can you call me next week? I may be available.
You: Well (Prospect name). Why do not we leave it there, and call me whenever you ready. Anywhere (Prospect name) I have to go. Say Hi to your (Spouse and Children ((Or)) Particular Person).
Prospect (Say something like): OK (YOU), I will let you know. Say Hi to (Spouse and Children ((Or)) Particular Person). Have a good day.
You: Have a good day.

Now, there are a couple of key points that you need to have in mind. Also, this method of inviting is online applicable to offline strategy.
1. Be excited. Be enthusiastic. Be upbeat.
2. Be clear, short, and direct to the point. Do not try to go around with small talk. Go straight to the point.
3. Practice, practice, practice. Imperfect practice makes perfect. You've got to be bad to be good.
4. Call 20 to 30 leads at once and book appointments for a whole week. Have your date and time availability ready. Also, write your appointments down. Do not book appointments a month from now.
5. Be respectful, but have posture. Watch for the tone of your voice. Believe in what you're doing.
6. There are infinite techniques and ways to invite new people in your business. This inviting script is one of them. So be flexible, because your prospects are different and have different circumstances from one another. If you are calling siblings, just say something like: You: Hey (Prospect Name), I want to meet with you tonight ((or)) tomorrow night. Prospect (Usually say): OK. ((Or)) No problem. You: Great. See you (Date and Time).
7. Be yourself and be relax. It's just a phone call.

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Source by Belange Dulorier

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