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How to Establish Your Own Cake Business


You always get asked by friends and relatives to bake cakes for special occasions. In most cases, you gladly say yes because you know you love the experience of making and designing cakes. Despite being busy with work and many other commitments, you happily spend your free time on the kitchen to work on your latest masterpiece.

If you often find yourself in a similar situation, then it’s almost always a bet that the thought of establishing a cake business has already crossed your mind.

Here’s how you can cross that line from merely doing baking as a hobby to becoming a legitimate entrepreneur.

Learn everything you can about baking

If you are seriously considering entering the industry, you really need master your craft. Your products have to look attractive and taste delicious at the same time. You can take baking classes to take your skills to the next level. You will receive orders for different occasions such as birthdays and weddings. These cakes often come with distinct design elements and you have to know the difference. Also, you may want to expand your products from cakes to many other possible confectionery items such as cupcakes.

Be ready to spend a significant amount of money

Of course, building a business from scratch is never cheap. You need to purchase your own baking tools and equipment to function efficiently on your workspace. Speaking of which, you may eventually want to rent a commercial space so you can have a specific location where you can entertain clients and display your products. Invest on having your own website too so buyers can find you online when they perform searches on the web. Hire a graphic designer to create a logo for you. These things will definitely help you establish a professional image in the industry.

Price your products the right way

One common mistake among newbies in the business is that they sometimes sell themselves short. Remember that you are investing not only on the ingredients but on the time and effort you spend on each cake. You have to consider that as you come up with prices for your cakes. Do some research in the market to compare how much others sell their cakes.

Spread the word about your business

The good news for you is that marketing your cake business doesn’t have to cost you big bucks at all. With the popularity of social media, getting the word out about your products can be done very easily. You can share photos of your cakes on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Be sure to leave your contact details so that interested individuals can get in touch with you.

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