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How to Earn in Share Market


I will not reinvent the wheel if I say that today more and more people try to receive streams of passive income in addition to their work at the office; and many want to develop these streams in such a way that in future it would be possible to live on the money that passive sources of income would bring.

There are a lot of ways to generate streams of passive income. At present a great number of people receive passive income online, but I prefer traditional ways, like bank accounts, bonds and rent payments from my real estate. But I also have to say that the most substantial sums of money are provided by shares (also known as stocks or equity), because shares entitle me to vote at a company's Annual General Meeting and to receive a proportion of distributed profit in the form of a divide.

You know, possession of shares provides me with other opportunities as well:

o Price appreciation potential (the price of your shares in future can be much more higher than it is at present);
o Income flow (I mean dividends);
o No income taxes (shares are not tax deductible);
o Liquidity (your shares can be easily converted into cash).

I also want to admit that to own shares is not a very risky thing, because you can always diversify your equity buying shares of different companies. You also have to take into consideration the fact that the share market is rather easy to invest in (shares are easier than other assets, because it is not difficult to buy or sell them).

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