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How Giving Away Free Memberships Or Services Will Build Your Health and Wellness Business


The Free Month Offer

The free month offer is one we have used with considering success, it simply involves giving way a free 1 month membership, significantly stronger than a free visit, or a free week, and also consider riskier, you need to be very confident about your level of service and how you are going to keep track and follow up these people.

Below is how we did it, it's easy to adapt to almost every fitness orientated business.

Firstly we used telemarketing to ring up a data base of prospective customers within a 5 k radius of our center (and we have plenty of competition with 12 fitness businesses within 12 k of us!) Our script was a simple one offer the people a free month of membership (normally valued at $ 150) along with 4 "focus pack" personal training sessions valued at $ 140, with no obligation to join the gym.

After the prospect would show up for their appointment we would do the full "dem" in other word getting them to fill out the "pre assessment questionnaire" and then do a full tour of the facilities. We have by this stage shown the benefits of long term exercise and the benefits that will receive by making a commitment to undertake a few sessions per week ..

We then go into what our normal prices are, in this case it was a joining or set up fee of $ 150 and a weekly commitment of $ 17-95 for a minimum period of 12 months.

Step two is we explain that we do all the paperwork, including getting bank details for the direct debit form BUT they have a full month to use the facilities free of charge and they may cancel at any time during that month with NO penalty, and they will not have paid a cent.

Now this is how we sell the offer, we say IF the decision to stay with us at the end of the month they will not be charged a joining fee, and the will only be committed for a minimum term of 6 months, we let them also know that normally a 6 month direct debit membership is actually $ 22.50 per week so they also save there as well.

The 4 personal training sessions are also include and are half and hour each and composer of the below, the actual cost of these to the gym is $ 30.

1. "Needs analysis" weigh, measure and blood pressure

2. "Program design" a structured routine to help them achieve their goals

3. "Nutrition consultation" the client keeps a 3 day diary of everything that eat and drink, and suggestions are offered, in line of sensible eating tips rather than a "diet"

4. "One on one workout" with their instructor

The key secret here is to not sell this on the basis that they can have a "free month" but to sell it on the benefits of what they want to achieve and how good they will feel if they keep it up.

Yes people will cancel but we have ways of working around that as well. And overall you will if your service is good gain lots of new members by doing something that your opposition would not consider or will be too timid to try

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Source by Kim Martin

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