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How Bad is Soda to Your Health?


The state of health in America is in a dangerous place today. We are the most advanced nation on the planet and yet our healthcare ranks 41st. More than half of our people are overweight and almost 1/3 are obese. How did we get this way?

The problem resides in our diet and lifestyle choices. There are other factors like pollution and being overworked but diet and lifestyle are by far the greatest contributors to poor health. The typical American diet consist of large amounts of meat, dairy, high sugar foods, processed foods, soda, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. All of these items are acidic to the body.

Our bodies are designed to function on an alkaline diet and yet each one of these sources of food and drink are acidic. Soda is by far the worst. With a ph of 2.5 it is almost as acidic at nitric acid or hydrochloric acid which has a ph of 1. It is even more acidic and possibly more damaging than alcohol. Our blood needs to stay at a constant ph of 7.365. In order to keep your blood at a constant level your body will move acids away from your blood and organs and store it in your fat cells and tissues. Your body uses alkaline buffers to neutralize acids but when there are no buffers available your body suffers. If you keep adding acids to your body you will ever lower your blood ph to a point of disease and then death.

So what is the easiest way to increase the alkaline ph in the body? For one, stop drinking soda. Then begin replacing some of the acidic foods by adding more raw vegetables to your diet. The simplest thing for most people is to start drinking alkaline water from a water ionizer. A water ionizer creates healthy alkaline water that is also loaded with antioxidants. If a person would replace their soda with alkaline water it will make a dramatic change in their body and health. By drinking 2-4 liters of alkaline ionized water each day you will start removing built up toxins and acids in the body. It can help you lose weight, reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort and even help you look younger. So start drinking alkaline water and feel better today.

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Source by Tom Gosselin

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