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Honesty in Marketing


I know I write about this a lot, but it really means a lot. Honesty is something that defines a person and sets them apart from others within their respective field.

Corporations place honesty within their code of ethics, and mission statements. This is also very important for us as marketers. We must strive to be honest and truthful. Listen closely. We bear the responsibility of integrity. This means that the things we state or simply the consumer believes.

If however, honesty is not within the forefront of your mind then please listen to my story (about how me and my family became super marketers). My father did not start out self employed. I remember passing by a mill he worked at. Even I myself worked at a similar mill right up the street from there.

Many mills here are nothing more then fossils. Old relics where many dreams were crushed under economic pressure. Imagine 12 hours a day of hard labor with only two 20 minute breaks to fully understand. After the birth of my younger brother he decided it was time for a change and began his own business. It was not easy for him at first, but he made it happen and reaped the rewards of independence.

My father always stated to me that the best money would be made on the internet. This was a strong belief he had and does to this day. He would spend money on the newer things in online business. Many people making many promises that never came true.

I can remember the disappointment he would have after another one of those programs failed. You see, as marketers we have to take responsibility for what we say. But, sadly this is not the case. Many of the programs that were used would not function properly or were only pieces of a larger puzzle that never fully connected.

This taught me a lot about marketing. This taught me what I did not want to be. This taught me what I did not want to do as a marketer. I made up my mind I would never market something I did not believe in. It had to work. If it did not work I would not market it.

Now that I think back not much has changed. People are still making promises and others are still falling for them. Always stand behind the product you push. Always operate in honesty and integrity. The reason I can review products is because I also use the products I review.

I do not want to be responsible for marketing a product I know that does not function the way it was intended. I do not want to be responsible for someone blowing hundreds of dollars and receiving nothing but heartache in return. Now sometimes this is unavoidable (the consumer was not driven enough to see it through). But, for those who are driven enough I want them to have a real product. Something that can help them go to the next level.

I made it happen. I want to make sure through honesty I offer the same opportunity to others.

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Source by Eugene Barber

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