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Home Fitness Problems


Today there are so many choices on how to set up a home fitness gym. Let's take a look at three problems men and women have when setting up a home fitness gym.

# 1 Budget

Money and budget are the two main reasons people are hesitant about setting up their own home fitness gym. You face two dilemmas:

1. Go Cheap – You may not use since you did not invest that much in some dumbbells and exercise DVDs.

2. Go Expensive – By spending a couple thousand dollars on a whole body fitness machine like Bowflex machine you will use more often.

Whichever, way you go cheap or expensive you are still the deciding factor on how much you use the equipment. Logic would say the more I spend I would use it more than some cheap equipment. The other consideration is many people say you can do just as good a workout with dumbbells and your own body weight as compared to an exercise machine.

Any home fitness plan will always come down to how motivated are you to stay on the plan. This leads to point # 2.

# 2 Staying Motivated

When you belong to a gym you have workout buddies you see all the time. If you miss a week or two they always ask where you have been and indirectly help you stay on track.

Here's the problem with a home fitness gym: You do not have any workout buddies asking you why you have not been working out.

You are on your own, which you make like since you do have to wait to get on a machine. However, you can just as easily sit on the couch watching TV at night. To stay motivated and on your plan will take work. The reason being is you are adding a new habit of working out at your house instead of a gym.

We do not want our home fitness gym to become like all gyms at the beginning of a New Year do we? You know at the beginning of a New Year the gyms are packed full of people who are going to lose weight and get in shape this year. Then come February the gym is half empty.

With a home gym this can easily happen if you do not develop the habit of working out daily and staying motivated. Realize staying motivated can be a problem when working out at home.

# 3 Developing a Plan

Creating your own home fitness plan can be challenge. Problem # 3 ties into Problem # 1 because your budget will dictate the plan you create. The first part of a fitness plan is to figure out what you want to accomplish. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want build muscle definition?

If your goal were to lose weight then a treadmill and some workout DVDs would be the way to go. If you want to gain muscle definition then whole body fitness machine would be a better choice. Whatever your goal is you need to make sure you design and purchase the proper fitness equipment. After all you do want the machines to sit around gathering dust?

There you have it three problems men and women will face when the set up their own home fitness gym.

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Source by Tina Danfield

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