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Discover the Delicious Nutrition Secret that Satisfies Your Carbohydrate Cravings While Supercharging Weight Loss

From: Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS  

I still remember this conversation like it was yesterday.  I had started with this new client who told me he has tried everything and he can’t lose any weight.  He is on all kinds of medications and his doctors told him he is also developing diabetes.  

Then he hit me with this…

“I am afraid I am going to die an early death and I won’t be there for my kids to help them grow up.  It scares me to think they won’t have a dad”

This hit me hard because at the time I had a 2-year-old daughter and I started thinking about her and if I wasn’t there to help her grow up.  

It is the ultimate feeling of guilt thinking that you are going to let your kids down because you are not taking care of your health and you end up leaving them way too early as a result.  

I felt a deep responsibility to Mike and knew from what health issues he was already having that if he didn’t get the weight off and improve his nutrition that his kids would lose their father.  

It took 1 hour teach him the Flexible Carb Cycling principles and then the weight started coming off and coming off.  

This motivated Mike to keep pushing forward.  

He dropped 10 pounds in the first 7 days.

And the weight kept coming off…

All this from just 1 hour and a simple principle called Flexible Carb Cycling.

In the end, he ended up losing…  Well, I will let you read for yourself below and to see a picture of Mike before and after his weight loss. 

“I hit the 100 pounds loss mark this morning, weighing in at 235.  That’s 100 pounds lost since I started with you.  WOW- that’s all I hear, people that haven’t seen me in a while are just amazed and even those I see here and there can’t believe it.”  Next doctor check-in the goal is to be 225 or less, I plan on leaving the remainder of my diabetes medicines with my doctor during this checkup.”

(see updated stats below after Mike had hit the 100 pound mark.)

Mike has been able to maintain this 100+ pound weight loss for years now all without constant dieting.  He has implemented the Flexible Carb Cycling principles into his daily routine and the fat hasn’t come back.  

The reason for this is because he now has healthy fat cells.  They are no longer dysfunctional or “sick” like they were when he was 335 pounds and had tried everything, but couldn’t lose a pound.  

All by implementing a simple principle called Flexible Carb Cycling which helped to fix his “sick” fat cells that shed 20 inches off his waist, over 23% body fat GONE and More Than 100lbs Lost.  

Yes, you can have “sick” fat cells and despite your best efforts to lose weight until you get those fat cells healthy again your success at weight loss is slim.  Just ask Mike…

He has also over the years continued to lose fat while building new lean muscle so his bodyweight is still around 200, but he is leaner and more muscular than ever before all because of 1 hour and a simple principle called Flexible Carb Cycling.   

… and he has done all this without a risky weight loss surgery, additional medicine or drugs, a severe diet or a 7 day exercise routine.  His doctor was in shock when the weight was coming off and he was able to take Mike off some of his medications.

The doctors and drug companies don’t want you to know about this 1 trick that only takes 1 hour that can change the way you look and live your life.  You see Mike was a perfect candidate for those risky weight loss surgeries and more than likely he would have started putting the weight back on much like many who decide to have one of those surgeries.

He proved them all wrong with this simple strategy I call Flexible Carb Cycling.

It starts by breaking your dependency with sugar.  Yes, you can be addicted to sugar, much like a drug addict is addicted to heroin.

When you break that dependency with sugar you will start to repair your existing fat cells.  When your fat cells are sick your body will store more fat than it should and it also burns off less stored fat for energy.

We call that a Double Whammy!

Then to make things worse your body will start sending your pancreas into overdrive and producing more and more insulin because all this free floating fat in your blood is causing your insulin to become less responsive and less effective.

This is called a Triple Whammy!

Now do you see why Mike couldn’t lose any weight even though he was trying every diet imaginable.  He never broke his dependency with sugar nor did you allow his body to repair his fat cells so that the fat would start flying off.

Once you start using this method as early as tomorrow morning you will won’t have to worry about trying the next fad diet or crazy scheme.  You will be starting the repair process immediately so that your body sheds the excess fat and becomes optimized so that new fat never shows it ugly face again.

That is the good news, but you will want to know the warning signs of “sick” fat cells that I will show you in a couple minutes that will immediately tell you if you are at greater risk for various metabolic diseases and if everything you have tried to lose weight has been a waste of time up to this point.

These telling signs are not all that uncommon as you will see.  What is unusual is that your doctor or any other medical professional for that matter will tell you damaging these signs are.  They could save you from years of agonizing frustrations, increased risk of certain diseases and the inability to lose weight.

Mike had no idea how simple it was to lose weight that started with just 1 hour of his time and it resulted in over 100 pounds of weight loss and 20 inches removed from his waist.

If he had know about this life-changing method sooner he would have never ignored the common warning signs that he was told were just a bad diet, lack of exercise and stress from his job.  In reality he was creating a cycle within his body that was manifesting itself into him never losing weight and actually gaining it faster even though he was “dieting”.

I would bet you have one of these warning signs right now so pay close attention to what I have to say next.

It’s extremely important that you take action today because your long term health status and possibly your life depend on it.  You are going to learn the one critical flaw that is responsible for gaining extra bodyfat and an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

The unscrupulous doctors and drug companies don’t want you to know about this one critical flaw because their profits will plummet.  You won’t need to see the doctor, but once a year for your “healthy” checkup and you won’t need to be padding the pockets of the drug companies with your monthly medications.

Had Mike not stumbled across my technique of shedding fat and healing fat cells he would still be 135 pounds overweight, he would still have high blood pressure and still be taking even more diabetic medication to try and control his out of control blood sugars.

He would be unknowingly putting himself at unnecessary risk of having a heart attack just by walking up a flight of stairs.

Worst case scenario is he wouldn’t even be here with us today or more importantly here for his children.

When you are at the mercy of this one critical flaw you are essentially chasing your tail trying to lose just 1 pound of bodyfat.

This Surprisingly Yet Powerful Technique Can Begin To Transform Your Body And Help To Save Your Own Life…

My name is Jayson Hunter and I’m a Registered Dietitian, Fat Loss & Metabolic Expert

I work with people just like you day in and day out, fixing their “sick” unhealthy fat cells and I’ve been doing it for over 17 years. I’ve read thousands of journals, studied hundreds of textbooks, and mastered the art of rapid fat manipulation through real world “in-the-trenches” field work, with wild success.

I was invited to be one of the first America’s Premier Experts and have co-authored a best-selling book titled Total Body Breakthroughs along with being interviewed and featured on Fox, ABC, and CBS.

To put it plain and simple, I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I figured out what works with my clients…

It’s not ANY of the fat loss gimmicks you see flooding your television and magazine stands. It’s carefully calculated using timed meals that stimulate and prime your body for fat loss…

It doesn’t use magic pills, dangerous fat-burners, or whiz-bang gadgets…

You see, the reason you’re here is that you’ve eaten the wrong foods at the wrong times, and it’s triggered a hormonal response that is causing your body to store fat.

You create a skinny fat syndrome…

And yeah, your hormones are that powerful in deciding if you lose weight or not…  Men, you have these same hormones that decide whether or not you lose weight or not.

Before we get to just how simple this technique is to master here are some testimonials from people just like you who achieved their goals and incredible results.

“Well, today’s a good day for me to give you feedback on how things are going for me: it’s my 54th birthday and I’m more aware than ever before that my body is something to make a priority and to safeguard against many of the preventable aging issues.

I can tell you that after about 10 days of the Flexible Carb Cycling program, I have lost nearly five pounds, feel better and look forward to losing more weight.

I have already shared my belief in the Flexible Carb Cycling program because after many jump starts with trying various approaches to diet and exercise, I am convinced this is a very predictable, manageable, nutritional program and it does get results. The keys to success with Flexible Carb Cycling program are: following the plan to the letter at first so that you know you have given yourself the best possible odds for success; planning, planning, planning so you have the food you need; keep your eye on the prize – do NOT hesitate to climb back into the carb rotation plan IMMEDIATELY if you do have a slip, and celebrating the healthy foods you are eating. My dinner plates are colorful, appetizing and I feel good about myself when I look at all the fresh produce or “live” food, as I call it.

I think the thing I’m most excited about with the Flexible Carb Cycling program is that it really feels like a program I can live with for the rest of my life. I don’t feel like I’ve gone into Diet Brain mode where I’m on this plan until I’m off this plan. With the Flexible Carb Cycling program, it’s not a deprivation issue, it’s a planning and focus issue. I can do this! I’m not hungry, there is plenty of healthy, fresh food coming in a few hours, no matter what, and I’m really liking the fact that the pounds are coming off, even with my middle-age, slowing down metabolism. After years of yo-yo dieting and feeling that inevitable sense of failure each time I hit that plateau or re-gain some weight, I have the tools I need to move forward for the long haul and I have the confidence in myself to stay the course.

The ongoing support, Jayson, has been incredible and joining the monthly meal plan option is such a great thing for me because I enjoy trying new recipes and it eliminates the boredom factor. All in all, I would call this program a true success in every sense of the word and I look forward to getting back to you in a month or two when I’ve had more time to accomplish more results.”

Jan Grant
Bloomington, IN
54 years young

“I’ve been following your program for just 2.5 weeks now and I’m already LOVING it. I really thought I would be hungry, but I’m not – at all!

I have noticed some changes already and I’m feeling positive about the future. Plus, your Flexible Carb Cycling makes so much sense and is VERY easy to follow!”

“Before you go any further please listen to what I have to say about America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert Jayson Hunter.

I have also given Jayson my permission to give you my phone number for anyone who wants to talk with me personally about this”

Dieting Is “Misery In A Box”: As much of a craze as low calorie diets have been over the past few years, they are complete and utter misery to follow. If you’ve ever tried, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re allowed almost zero carbs throughout the entire program and very few calories.

First, carbohydrates are the foods that give us energy, help our organs work properly, and fuel our brain. It’s no wonder cutting them out of your diet makes you feel like crap.

Sure, you may be able to lose a bit of weight at first, but is it really worth the pain you endure for weeks on end?  To just gain the weight back when you can’t stick to the program.

Here’s what you have to look forward to with these long-term types of diets:

HeadachesExtremely low energy levels from sun up to sun downIncreased irritabilityLow productivityStresses out immune system and weakens itLower your fat-burning thyroid hormone.

These type of programs should be required to come with warning labels!

Simply put, Low-Calorie Diets are a weight loss solution in disguise, simply water weight shed with severe side effects.

Did you know Dieters gain back 77% of initial weight loss once they are done dieting?1

According to a meta-analysis study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition dieters, long term has only averaged a 3.2% reduction in body weight long term.

The reason this happens is because most diets are nothing more than “traditional” crash dieting.  You lose a lot of valuable muscle, lose water (what you think is weight loss), ruin your metabolism and create the perfect environment to gain back what little bit of fat you lost and most likely even more.   So you end up heavier than when you started.

17 years as a Registered Dietitian working with over 950 clients one-on-one I have discovered a few things that work with regular people who have needed to lose 5 pounds or 200 lbs.

I have discovered through my own experiences along with scientists publishing their research that there is a specific timing to the type of calories you eat that makes fat loss relatively easy.

Essentially you are tricking your brain into believing that it is getting the desires it wants and needs all while forcing it to burn the stored fat on your body, which it doesn’t like to do by the way…

Not only are you going to be eating Carbs and still burning fat, but you are also going to control what scientists call the LH-VTA pathway.  It is a small part of your brain that is linked to reward processing and one of the major reasons why most traditional diets and restricted diets fail.

Want to stop cravings and compulsive behavior to eat junk food then make sure you control this small part of your brain. 

If you’re trying to drop the weight FAST to fit in the business suit you haven’t worn in over a year, to fit in the jeans you bought months ago, or if it’s just to lose weight before you meet up with a group of old friends you haven’t seen in a while chances are, if you follow the popular fads…

You Will Fail Miserably…

And you’ll end up fatter and feeling like more of a failure than you did before you started!

No one wants that, so you’re probably sitting there wondering if that doesn’t work what am I to do?…

“When I first started I weighed 210 lbs and in 8 weeks I got down to 195. My bodyfat also went from 20% down to 12%. I eat healthier, I feel healthier and I want to thank Jayson for creating this great book. I definitely feel better about myself.”

Justin Flynt St. Louis, MO

It’s not a Low Carb Diet

It doesn’t involve Low Calories

It’s not a High Carb Diet

You Won’t Have to Starve Yourself Senseless

You Won’t Get Headaches

You Won’t Feel Like Screaming or Throwing Your Food Through the Window

It Doesn’t Involve Hours and Hours in the Gym Sweating Your Butt Off

In Fact, Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get and What Mike Followed To Lose Over 100 lbs and 20 inches off his waist…

“Hey Jayson In just 20 days I’ve dropped 6 pounds, my clothes are fitting a lot better, and there is a noticeable difference in the mirror! I can feel that my metabolism is speeding up and working like it used to.

Best of all, I am not counting calories. I am really glad that I bought your recommended meals and snacks, because that was a wonderful kick-start and made it a lot easier to get going with the program than it would have been if I had to figure it out on my own. Thank you so much for making this wonderful program available!!!!”

Desiree M.
Age: 49
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

“I’ve lost 53 pounds and 4 complete dress sizes!!!”

“I am not so winded after climbing stairs, I sleep better at night, my old age aches and pains are not so noticeable to me, and I smile much more often now. I wish I had met you years ago. Yours is the only diet program I have ever read that included food that I actually like. Which is why I tried yours in the first place. Other diets are basically the same; cardboard for breakfast, plastic for lunch and a few shrubs and weeds for dinner (only kidding). But yours included foods I like to eat and if I want to eat the same breakfast every day for a week, I do, but you give me more choices and I am not limited to fish and vegetables that I don’t like.

I am a 61 year old great grandmother who has 5 daughters and 16 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and my only motivation was to get out of bed and go back to bed every day until I was introduced to you. You have become family to myself and my family. We are now more connected to being healthy with each other thanks to you

Thanks so much for your encouragement, your interest in helping us, and your concern about how we are doing. I never expected that. I am very pleased I started all of this with you and I am talking others into joining as well.

God Bless you, Jayson, for your caring and concern.”

Barbara A. Kimball
Candia, New Hampshire

WARNING: Jealousy Will Follow.

You’ll Learn How To Eat So Every Piece of Food You Place In Your Mouth Increases The Fat Burning Pace.

You’ll Know Exactly What You’re Putting in Your Body and If It’s a “Fat Burning Food” or a “Fat Storing Food“

You’ll Know What Foods to Eat and In What Intervals, to Ensure Constant Fat Loss Around the Clock

So Here’s The Bottom Line With The Flexible Carb Cycling Program

Image is for visualization purposes only, actual product is digital.

You get instant access that will walk you step-by-step through my entire Revolutionary System that I have used with all my clients from start to finish.

You get all the insider secrets to burning off fat that the experts like to keep a secret so that you can pay them hundreds and hundreds of dollars. You will have the template to repair your “sick” fat cells.  You get the exact insider blueprint you need to lose fat and achieve that total body transformation.

In addition to all the tools and knowledge, I listed above that you will get I am also going to teach you these long-term success strategies.

How to Conquer Your Emotional Eating Habits

Discover the Secret Calories People Eat that Pack on the Pounds Almost Overnight

Why You Absolutely, Positively MUST Have Help From Your Friends and Family

My 12 Rules for Fat Loss Success

How to Track Your Progress for AMAZING Results

Strategies for Limiting Unhealthy Fat Intake

The Natural Appetite Suppressant Hardly Anyone Gets Enough Of

The Truth About Calories -I Dispel All the Myths!

What You Really Need to Know About “High-Glycemic” Foods

Simple Ways to Plan Meals You’ll Actually Love to Eat

Which Foods to Eat – And How Often – For Optimal Fat Burning

7 Specific Superfoods to Include in Your Diet Every Day

One Beverage You Really Need to Be Drinking to Boost Your Metabolism

Exactly Which Ingredients in Food You Need to Avoid Like the Plague!

Strategies for Buying the Right Foods for Fat Loss

When you purchase the Flexible Carb Cycling Program you also get instant digital download access to my 197 Healthy Recipe library. You get 18 Breakfast recipes, 111 Lunch/Dinner recipes, 57 Vegetarian recipes and 11 dessert recipes. You won’t ever have to wonder what you are going to eat while on this program. Just open up the file and pick out whatever gets your attention.

Image is for visualization purposes only, actual product is digital.

Image is for visualization purposes only, actual product is digital.

Your nutrition is essential to being successful with losing fat, but the proper exercise is a close 2nd. I will show you exercise by exercise and rep by rep exactly what you should be doing for your workout to burn the maximum amount of fat. This program is a 12-week 3-phase program designed to maximize fat loss and also build lean muscle to boost your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is one of the keys to long-term fat loss.

Compare the cost of hiring a personal trainer (12-week training program is a digital download that you can print and take with you to the gym)

Eating out can be one of the most stressful times of any weight loss program.  Many avoid it all together because they are scared they will screw up their diet.

That is why I have included this manual so that you can eat out with confidence and know exactly how much food you are eating and what amounts to a normal portion size.  You won’t ever overeatagain at a restaurant with this guide.

Image is for visualization purposes only, actual product is digital.

As you can see, these bonuses extremely valuable to your success… but they’re yours for FREE when you act now!

Once you place your order on Clickbank’s secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download your Diet manual and all the bonuses to get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

“For Less Than the Cost of One Gym Smoothie After Your Personal Training Session, You Can Now Learn The Inside Information That The World’s Top Experts Have Been Using Themselves For Decades!”

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this program is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you’ve probably wasted on useless fat-burning pills, potions and fad diets that didn’t even work. It’s even less than any good personal trainer would charge for one hour!

Flexible Carb Cycling Works For Everyone…

I know life is busy for everyone of us.  Heck, I even mention it in my interview for America’s Premier Experts at the top of this page.  That is the reason I created this program and why I created it in the way that I did.  I am very busy myself and even though I like cooking I don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen.  I need to be able to make meals and have a meal plan that I can follow while I am on the run taking my girls to all their different activities.  

So rest assured that you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen trying to make complicated meals or figure out what you are going to eat.  I have laid it out in a simple to follow plan that anyone can follow.  Once you know just how easy it is to manipulate your fat burning metabolic furnace and still eat carbs your body will start running like a high octane fat burning machine. 

Here is just a quick peak at what will happen when you reset your metabolism and program it to burn carbs instead of storing them as fat.  

Break your dependency of eating the wrong CARBS

Allow Flexible Carb Cycling to burn off extra fat while you still enjoy healthy CARBS

Improve your Insulin Sensitivity by timing your intake of those CARBS

Maximize your fat burning without dieting or starving

RESET your fat burning metabolic furnace and stop the damage to your fat cells from low fat and low carb dieting

Improve leptin sensitivity and help your brain to send the right signals at the right time so you burn fat faster.6

The best news of all is that the cost of the flexible carb cycling program is absolutely nothing unless the program works wonders for you because…

All Of The Risk Is On Me …

Take A Full 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If the “Flexible Carb Cycling Program” doesn’t show me exactly how to lose fat… if it doesn’t take me by the hand, step-by-step to look better naked… or if it fails to help me get in shape, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so….

So go ahead and click the order button now and you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we’ve talked about here and more! Let’s get started right now!

PLUS All Your Free Bonuses

Jayson Hunter RD, LD, CSCS

P.S. – Every minute you wait is another minute that you don’t lose any weight and continue down that path of unhealthiness. Your health and longevity in life are too important to not make a change. Take action now and get your body back and most importantly your health!

If You Have a Big Event Coming Up, If You Need to Lose Weight Effectively, and You’re Ready to Do it the Right Way, THEN THIS IS IT! This is the Honest and Effective Weight Loss Solution You’ve Been Searching For

If you’re even remotely interested in losing weight and getting that beach-ready body, then you owe it to yourself to at least try the Flexible Carb Cycling Program. If it’s not for you, I’ll understand.  Frankly, this program isn’t for everyone.

95% of the people in this world are going to wait until “Tomorrow,” Next Week, Or Next Year. And they’ll constantly fail because they Never Gave themselves the chance to even Start.

But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were the type of person to give yourself some lame excuse not to start right now.

If you’re one of those special people – one of the top 5% who are ready to take action Today rather than keep pushing it off – then come on board with me and Order Today, because “just thinking about it” never helped anyone lose weight.

P.P.S.  Have A Question?  There’s a good chance we have answered it below.

Q:  Will I have to starve my way through this program?

NO, In fact, you will probably be complaining that you have so much food to eat that you don’t know if you can eat it all.    The design of this program is so that you are eating calories and foods that you enjoy all while training your body and brain to burn off your extra stored fat.

It is strategically set up in a specific way to accelerate your results.

Q:  How do I keep from gaining the weight back after I complete this program?

The most powerful thing about the Flexible Carb Cycling program is the fact that you are boosting your metabolism and making lifestyle changes with the types of foods you eat.  You will have a healthier way of eating and you won’t even realize it.  This is what allows you to have a beach-ready body as long you continue with your healthy lifestyle changes.

You accelerated metabolism will help maintain your beach-ready body along with these nutritional changes.

Q:  Can I use the Flexible Carb Cycling program more than once?

Absolutely Yes!  You may find that during certain parts of the year you want to tighten up that midsection just a little more.  Like maybe around Bathing Suit Season.  😉

If you feel you want to shed a little more fat or show off that washboard stomach in a little more detail then jump right back into the program.  Remember the lifestyle changes you make during this program will make it real easy to tighten up your nutrient consumption and shed away a few pounds of fat when needed. 

Q:  I’m not young like I used to be.  Will this program still work for those of us who are older?

Yes, it works exceptionally well and we know this because most of our clients are 40 and older.  Just take a look again at a few of the success stories listed above and you will see just how much weight you can lose even if you are in your 50’s or 60’s.

It is designed to accelerate your metabolism and burn off stored fat regardless of your age.

Q:  What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you follow the Flexible Carb Cycling program exactly as it is outlined along with the specifically designed fat burning workouts and do not lose weight or you are not happy with the results you are achieving, just contact us and we’ll refund your money.

If you follow the program exactly as it is laid out and you don’t think it helped, you get your money back.  No hassles or hoops to jump through.  Just a prompt, courteous refund.

As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on us—the only thing you need to do is let us prove it to you!

Q:  What is the number reason why diets fail?

The number 1 reason is that you don’t make any lifestyle changes. Most people when they attempt to lose weight think that they can just follow a short term, “I’m going to cut my calories for X number of days, I’m not going to eat any carbs for so many days, and I’m just going lose the weight and then everything’s good and I’ve lost my weight.”

But the problem is the weight comes back on because you didn’t make any lifestyle changes. All you did was follow the short term quick fix and then you went back to your old way of eating which, most likely, is what caused you to get heavy in the first place.

So, you need to make lifestyle changes and these lifestyle changes aren’t things that you are going to hate. It’s not that you have to not eat the foods you love or not eat. You need to eat frequently, you need to eat a lot of good foods and you can also eat the foods you love, it’s just learning to control those which is one of those lifestyle changes.

Q:  When it comes to weight loss support, it’s also helpful to have a coach?

Yes. It is definitely helpful because you still need that expert advice to be able to ask questions, bounce ideas off of, work through struggles. The support system is definitely great but they may not have the expertise or the knowledge to know exactly why your body may be doing this in response to something else and that’s where you need the coach to be able to filter through those things.

Someone who is able to educate you and teach you and make sure you’re leading yourself along that correct path and that if you do get derailed that they’re able to get you back on that path quickly.

Q:  Does the Flexible Carb Cycling program end up influencing the number of calories I eat even though I’m not counting calories?

The Flexible Carb Cycling program does control the calories you consume due to the way the program is laid out. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful weight loss program and calories are one of them. You don’t have to count calories to be able to control them. There are other ways to control you calorie intake. The calorie intake also has a lot to do with what types of calories you are ingesting. This can make a big difference in your weight loss.

Q:  Will I feel hungry on the Flexible Carb Cycling program?

You should not feel hungry on the Flexible Carb Cycling program. You will be eating frequently enough and consuming certain types of foods that provide fullness and satiety so that you don’t have the hunger urge all the time. This isn’t a calorie restriction type of diet where you are starving for food. The best way to increase your metabolism is by feeding it and by exercising. So you will be stoking that metabolic furnace.

Q:  Will I be able to eat the foods I like, or will I have to give them up?

It depends on the quality of the foods you like. If you like McDonalds, donuts, and cakes then yes it is suggested that you give those foods up. For the most part, all foods fit into the program except for those that are just wasted calories and unhealthy for you. If your goal is weight loss then there may have to be some sacrifices made along the way.

Usually, our weight gain is because of lack of activity, poor eating habits, and bad food choices. It really depends on your eating habits and what level of change that needs to be made. For most people you will be able to eat your favorite foods, but maybe just not as frequently as you currently are.

Q:  What one piece of advice would you give to a woman who is frustrated, fed up, and just plain old tired of not seeing results?

Evaluate what you have done in the past, honestly ask yourself if you followed everything you were supposed to, to a tee, start building that foundation of healthy eating and then expand into more detail with your diet from there. If you have not tried rotating your carbs then now is the time because it is very good for melting off the stubborn fat.

Q:  With so much confusing information out there people are going to continue to ask what are good carbs and bad carbs. Are all carbs bad for us?

There are things such as good carbs and bad carbs. You do need to eat carbs. So don’t think that you can go on no-carb diets forever and expect to maintain your weight loss or expect to eat like that long-term. Your body does rely on carbohydrates to function efficiently.

The problem that most people have is we choose the wrong carbohydrate to try to feed our body with. Most of our carbohydrate choices are processed, refined carbs that are just maybe a little more than sugar-type consistency and nutrient value.

Instead we should be focusing on the whole-grain carbs and fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, stuff that has hearty nutrients in it because one of the main things with that is you then control your blood sugar intake and your body utilizes those calories and those nutrients more efficiently than if you were to just wolf down a lot of white rice and white bread.

So you definitely need carbohydrates, it’s just a matter of making sure you choose the right carbohydrates in the right quantities so that you can lose weight if that’s your goal or maintain your weight if that’s your goal.

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Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is.  Your effort will determine your results. There is no such thing as a miracle diet. You have to work at it and you have to make healthy decisions in your nutrition as well as exercise programs. Typical results are what you make of it and those who have voiced their opinion about this program have made the most of their opportunity and worked hard, followed the program and they individually achieved great results.

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